How many people know, that Ganesh Chaturi is one of the most important fests in this wonderful country. It’s actually celebrated in honor of Lord as his birth anniversary. Many local citizens from regions of Hindu come all together. They start to celebrate this feast over a period of ten days with a great devotion. You must know that this festival is also known as Vinayaka  Chaturthi. This is a second name of Ganesh.

Birthday of Lord this is a really good occasion to celebrate religious festival with family and your beloved once. Lord is known by one hundred eight different names. But the main and important symbol is Lord of wisdom. In this article you will learn about some common fact and traditions about important feast must be celebrated in every family. For all these details we will be guiding you through this holiday and tell when is Ganesh Charthurthi in 2022.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Read and explore most important stories about the Lord of happiness

Popular feast is celebrated according to Gregorian calendar. Celebrating beautiful day in India can bring happiness and joy to many Indians. They come together from all parts of India and stand together to enjoy this popular festival spirit the next upcoming ten days. During this celebration, Indians give different national gifts to each other. You can also learn what type of gift can receive. Well, as the legens goes, this is the birth of the elephant-headed God.

People give each other amazing Ganesha icons, pendants, idols, accessories, apparels, statues and many interesting goodies. Beautiful metal plate, silver kumkum dabbi and roli-chawa accessories are the best gifts to present to each other. Also, Indian clothes are the best gift that brings happiness into each life. Especially, people love to buy latest designs of amazing sarees. If you want to see a smile to your dear once face, you should buy one of this item. All these special silver and gold coins, diamonds you can find in mean streets. Especially, they symbolize the warding off evils bring happiness to every family. In that article you can find what day Ganesh Ghaturthi in 2022 is. That way each of you can learn how people celebrate that annual feast.

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History tells us, that Lord was born during Madhyahna Kala. Preparations for the annual traditional feast are in full swing. That process starts up to 15 days. Sometimes people from different regions prepare for this feast, up to month. Everyone starts to decorate their houses with special idols and items which bring happiness.

Spend your holidays in India

Still wondering what is the date of Ganesh Cnaturthi in 2022 to book a hotel for your travel? The world’s largest holiday is open for many tourists that spend their free time in India to get closer to traditions and Indian culture. The countdown to the birth of the elephant Lord of prosperity has already begun. This actually means that the date will normally fell on 22th of August . This day Indians will bring idols and symbols of Lord to their homes. Ganesh brings people of all religion, creed together.

The Hindu most interesting and religious festival celebration is traditionally held on the second 4th night. Indian families spend these amazing days all together at home, work or public places. In this wonderful day, people don’t go at their work places and have the day off. In public, tourist can see lot’s of images of the Lord and group worship. During the feast, the idols are immersed in a large body of water. Tourists can buy traditional Indian sweets, flowers, coins.

As the story tells us

The public religious festival was introduced in 1892 year. Parvati created a human using such common ingredients as it balm and unguent. That way she gave life to that human figure. After that, Parvati asked him to guard the door. It always happened when she was taking turmeric paste.

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Ganesh Chaturthi

Doing these breath meditations on the mountain, Shiva decided to see his half. But in that case, that man God Parvati got angry and stopped him. Shiva was outraged and in that period Parvati’s son was killed instantly. The Lord had five heads originally. He cut chopped the head. As we know, he was afraid to say that he cut off the fifth head of her son and that way decided to dispatch. After all he wanted to get his head, but received a strong elephant. This way, cut head of Shiva placed onto Ganesha’s body.

And this tale tells us that this elephant got a name God Ganesha and was welcomed into the first family of the Hindu heavens. Today, the popular religious festival is celebrated in different residents in India. Now you know when is Ganesh Chaturthi in 2022, calendar and how could you celebrate this religious festival with many Indians. There are so many various legens about incident between Brahma and Shiva.

Public holiday in India is celebrated during 11 days. That elephant’s head and four arms are the Ganesh of fortune and prosperity. With this symbol every person in India can embark on any type of new journey and get luck.  During this festival, one of the large city like Mumbai offer nice gift in the Siddhivinayak Temple. Some of icons that made for this spiritual feast are carved from chocolate and different ingredients.

Tourist often visit public places in Mumbai where traditionally holy man provides the special service to private individuals by chanting mantras. Knowing when is Ganesh Ghaturthu 2022, you can organize a trip to India that brings lot’s of positive emotions and spiritual energy. If you want to hear lot’s of interesting stories about this wonderful country, just book your trip and participate the world’s largest festival in India.


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