What is the Foundation Day of Buddhism? It is Asahi Puja, the holiday in honor Buddha’s first sermon for his first five disciples, yogis, ascetics. Those who love to travel, explore new cultures and unfamiliar, especially, like to relax in hot countries, they may already have heard about this holiday. In this article you can read when the Asalha Puja is in 2022 and start planning your next trip.

This Buddhist festival is celebrated on the same day according the lunar calendar in Thailand everywhere. This year it will be on Saturday, the 4th of July.

Asahi Puja Day is revered as the foundation day of Buddhism, not only as one of the biggest Buddhist Thailand holidays, but also a public holiday and takes place at the state level. Almost 60 years ago, as it was first held in 1958, when it became a national holiday.

Asalha Puja

2500 years ago the Buddha announced shortly that there will be a guiding light for all people at any time on earth. The Buddha expounds his view of the world in this his first sermon – Benaror the Mount Sermon, in which he talks about the Four Noble Truths. The preaching of this set in motion the Wheel of Dharma – the wheel of the Cosmic Law.

The main topic includes the Four Noble Truths:

  • Suffering;
  • The causes of suffering;
  • The end of suffering;
  • A way to avoid suffering.


If you remember, what dayAsalha Puja land in 2022, you can visit Thailand and seethe morning ceremony begins in Pattaya to respect the Three Gems. The three jewels, do you know what this is?

Their three essences are physically presented to people on that day is a large gold Buddha statue on a single platform is the essence of the philosophy of Buddhism. A large yellow candle decorated with flowers – it is the essence of knowledge, awareness and knowledge of the world. An old monk in deep meditation is as the essence of man in this world. Next to it there are the young monks, they sprinkle water, to give thanks for the offerings.

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What is the date of Asalha Puja in 2022? It is always a different date of July in the Gregorian calendar. This is a kind celebration, the whole situation in Thailand is relaxed, devoid of pathos and pomposity.

Buddhists bring their meditation candles, incense sticks and various care products, gifts and all that is needed for the monks living in the next three months of their future post.

This festival takes place on the eve of a three-month post. The 4th day of July is when Asalha Puja is in 2022, the faithful people, Buddhists from across the country go to the temple in the morning to bring the monks food and other essentials. On this day, the monks spend it on obedience. All religious ceremonies are held by respected monks and abbots. They help in the selection of text for the prayers. In the moments of rituals, the monks are made to follow the rules of conduct, to meditate on the profound meaning of the mantras, and singing sacred mantras.

Teachers with classes in the schools build exhibitions, prepare posters and colorful illustrations for this holiday. These preparations help them better to understand the doctrine and also to make decisions to improve their behavior. The people in educational institutions can talk about what the Buddha said to the monks, for example, also about the extremes that lead to suffering. The first extreme is a penchant for sensual pleasures. The second extreme is a tendency to mortification and self-torture.

Asalha Puja

2500 years ago, the first words of the Buddha’s preaching etched in people’s minds. The Buddha gave his main sermon. He explained the world order in his understanding after finding enlightenment. His speech was brief and full of meaning. Since then, the words of the Buddha became important for billions of people.

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It is a quiet, family holiday. The main rituals of this day are held in temples. People on the streets do not conduct the noisy celebrations or views. Alcoholic beverages will not be sold in stores and in most of the cafes and restaurants on this day. This Holiday is a good reason to be alone with yourself, for example, on the beach. Write when is Asalha Puja in 2022 on your calendar: this 15th day of July. There are friendly faces, orange clothes, positive energy and sun What else do you need to relax and avoid thinking about the hectic day of work, but about something much more important.

The day after the rainy season begins. At this time, people fertilize the fields, and the earth is gaining strength and fertility. During this period, the first shoots appear. And that man did not damage by the feet these first weak shoots, Buddha bequeathed these days to try to stay in one place. Therefore, during the three months the monks make a retreat and do not leave the monasteries. Only in case of urgent need, they can leave the walls of their sanctuary, and before sunset they must return. The tradition is to clean the house, hang out flags, and honor the statue in the altar of the house. The house is the place to discuss all the problems, guard against sin, refuse from demolition, and even quit smoking.


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