When is Deepavali in 2019? – That is a rather frequent question nowadays. Have you ever thought why so many guys and ladies are interested in the information like that? Or what is the proper reason of the popularity? And is special occasion really worth to be visited? โ€“ Are you fascinated? – This article is going to tell a lot of interesting facts about amazing and unique oriental holiday.

As a rule, every year this holiday is celebrated for 5 days in succession. The 3rd day is the most expected one, as this is the very period, when the famous and so desirable Lights Festival is always held.

During this period of time we can see and hear a large amount of loud, bright, amazing, so colorful and terrific fireworks. Local people together with numerous tourists prefer to light the traditional lamps everywhere. These items are going to attract the famous goddess of wealth and prosperity called Lakshmi.


But before answering the main set question what day Deepavali is in 2019, we’d like to mention that throughout India local people find it to be one of the largest traditional and deeply cultural Hindu festivals, which is always kept with great inspiration.

What does this holiday mean?

According to the experienced specialistsโ€™ point of view, the contemporary Deepavali has been always filled with interesting or even terrific legends and fairy-tales. The greatest part of these stories is related to the old Hindu religious writings. They can be very difficult for ordinary people, but the main theme in most cases symbolizes the absolute winning over the demon forces.

Deepavali also marks the long-expected finishing of the rainy season and the start of the more comfortable winter. It is interesting to mention that in the previous times all the farmers had completed harvesting and traders had prepared for onward travel before this period.

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The contemporary and delighted Deepavali lamp lighting is of great importance in India and all over the world. This fact has a quite simple explanation. – All in all for contemporary Hindus darkness in general represents ignorance, while light is, on the contrary, a well-known metaphor for deep knowledge.

Holly days of Deepavali

As it has been already mentioned above, this special occasion takes five days, each of which is filled with different amazing traditions.

Let’s discuss them in details.

  • Day 1: Dhanvantari Trayodashi

The well-known legend tells that this is the time when the god called Dhanvantari was born from the ocean to bring the unique knowledge of Ayurveda.

Every year at sunset, contemporary Hindus have to bathe thoroughly and to give a lighted lamp with the special prasad to God Yamaraja, who is considered to be the lord of Death. But that isnโ€™t everything. โ€“ People shouldnโ€™t forget to pray for their untimely death protection. The procedure should be done at a tree called Tulasi or other sacred plant, which can be grown in the garden or yard.

Modern people usually buy jewelry and different utensils.

  • Day 2: Naraka Chaturdasi (Chota-Diwali)

When the second day comes, local people always celebrate a very important occasion – the Lord Krishnaโ€™s victory over the very evil demon called Narakasura. The world should be released from fear that is why people start to play fireworks.

  • Day 3: Deepavali – Lakshmi Puja

Are you still interested in question โ€œWhen is Deepavali in 2019โ€? โ€“ We will satisfy your curiosity! In general the answer is quite banal. As usual: on 3rd day of the holiday, of course! โ€“ But you should remember that this is the most important period, as mother Lakshmi should be worshiped.

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Deepavali lights

Up to that period the dwelling has to be cleaned perfectly. The local people are sure the goddess likes cleanliness.

Different lanterns and tiny lamps are usually lit in the darkness. They should attract Lakshimi and make her way and coming more comfortable.

Wandering near numerous temples, youโ€™ll hear the merry sounds of various bells and special drums.

  • Day 4: Govardhan Puja

During the whole festival day people worship Govardhana Hill and the King of Bali Maharaja much. As the amazing legend says, this is the period when Lord Krishna took Govardhan Parvat out. This creature should protect the Gokula people from Indraโ€™s anger.

In the temples the keepers make a milk bath for the gods, who are dressed in shining garments decorated with sparkling precious stones.

  • Day 5: Yama-bhai Dvitiya or Dugi

The day is used for the relationship and love between two categories of relatives: brothers and sisters. The tradition says that the ladies, who receive many gifts, have to cook something special and pray deeply for their brothersโ€™ health, success and long life.

Deepavali festival

The very nearest dates for celebration

Nowadays people are always interested in the question “What is the date of Deepavali in 2019?” – It is really easy to be answered. You will be able to celebrate this special occasion on October 27 this year. But, please, mind that the dates change every year. Why? – The matter is that these days depend on the lunar calendar.

Taking into account the information mentioned above, we can come to the conclusion that the next dates will be the following:

  • October 27 – 2019;
  • November 14 – 2020.
  • November 4 – 2021
  • October 24 – 2022
  • November 7 – 2023

Deepavali customs and traditions

Some customs and traditions of this holiday are really rather interesting or even terrific. Now we are going to tell about the most fascinating ones.

  • Different lanterns and various lamps
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The most recognizable festival tradition is the lighting of a large number of tiny clay lamps filled up with special oil. These things have a special name diya.

  • Rangoli

It is always represented by special picture-prayer, the ornament, which is applied to house floor and walls. In order to create these drawings ordinary flour, bright colored powders and cereals are used.


  • Funny fireworks and merry firecrackers

This tradition on Deepavali doesn’t have a very old and long history, but itโ€™s already become a necessary part of the lights festival. Local people as well as many tourists from all over the world are sure that the fireworks frighten the evil off.

  • Gaming

Gambling appreciation is a rather curious customs. This unusual leisure activity is especially popular in the northern part of India. According to the interesting legend, just on this day the goddess Parvati was playing with her beloved husband Shiva. During the game she told that anyone who bets on Deepavali night would be rich and successful the following year. The followers have believed in this fact since then.

  • Gift sharing

In this case the presents may be quite different, but the most requested ones are sweets, religious paraphernalia, diya lamps, silver and gold things or even jewelry, designer clothes as well as handmade greeting cards.

  • Cleansing bath

On the 2nd day just before sunrise it is necessary to take a bath prepared beforehand with oil and special paste Ubtao, which consists of nuts, flour, milled herbs and oils. Are you really going to visit a special corner and to celebrate the holiday this year keeping all the traditions? – To the question when is Deepavali in 2019, calendar gives the immediate answer: on October 27, which is Saturday, by the way, so don’t forget to clean yourself thoroughly on Sunday.


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