The United States are formed of 50 states, but the situation like this hasnโ€™t existed from the very beginning. Every state joined the previous one and their number became bigger and bigger. There were reasons for every joining state to the Union to do that. And it is a really good feeling when the state knows, that it is a part of a huge country, that is why the day, when a state has been affirmed, is a great holiday and a part of history. In this article, we would like to speak about one of the states and a holiday, which is celebrated by its citizens. The speech will about California. We will discuss its holiday and closer to the end will know, when is California Admission Day in 2020.

California Admission Day

History and background of California State

Si, to begin with, we will admit the main facts. California has become a 31st American state. It all happened about 170 years ago in fat 1850 year. A year before it Californian people declared their own constitution of the state where the main laws and rights of its citizens were written. The same year this constitution has been approved by the government. So, by the middle of the next year, a session began, where it has been made a decision, that California becomes one of the United State of America. It all happened on September 9th, and from that time this day became a holiday for all, who lived in California.

Now all its citizens know, what day California Admission Day in 2020 is and celebrate it with pleasure. It is a great day not only for them all but for the USA too because this is one of the events, which changed the history. And certainly, for every citizen, it is important not to forget about this day and remember about times when their native place struggled for better life and managed to do it.

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It is an interesting fact, that certainly California, as any independent state, has its own flag. A big brown bear is pictured there, symbolizing the nation. It is only their flag of one state and it hangs on the buildings at days, when there are some important holidays, concerning the state itself. It is a kind of symbol of the state and people also treat it carefully and respect. When some well-known holidays take place, both flags of the state and flag of the country are hanging together and all people know, what each of them means. And it is a very good practice because it shows not only the level of knowledge of people, who live there but shows their respectful attitude towards their native country and place where they live, in particular.

Traditions, celebrations, and other holidayย  details

Though this holiday is very important for the place and country on the whole, certainly other states do not celebrate it. In California, people know and love this day, but officially it is not a holiday. That is why many or practically all people work, others study and visit their universities and schools. But nevertheless, some of the offices, usually those, which are not governmental, let their workers have a day off. Also during the day some festivals and other entertainments take place. But as some people work, not everybody has an opportunity to visit them all.

But those who have a day off are really lucky, they can have a rest, relax a bit, visit some places โ€“ go to the country, to spend time on fresh air or just walk around the city and visit entertainments, which are organized for them by the state. They are not so wide and loud, as it can be on more popular and important holidays, but nevertheless, people can have fun, which is also really good.

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California Admission Day

People know, when is California Admission Day 2020, that is why they can make their plans beforehand. Every year this day is always the same and this year it will also be celebrated on September 9th, which goes for Saturday. Thatโ€™s a pity, but this year people will not have one more day off and will celebrate it together with usual weekends.

By the way, not all people know that California state also has its history and at early ages, it was not like it is now. Firstly, people came there because they were traveling and wondering the country while searching for a better place for living. They were looking for the conditions, to suit their needs better โ€“ weather, landscape, places from making homes, economic situation, etc. Finally, they found this place โ€“ California. Though this place has its minuses and disadvantages, people liked that place and didnโ€™t want to change it more. That is why nowadays California is full off people of totally different nationalities. They all mixed with each other but life-friendly at one area.

Also, there is an interesting fact, which may also need to be mentioned. It concerns the capital of California. When people have just come there, they chose San Jose as the capital city. But then they saw the landscape and conditions, in which they will have to build homes, and changed their opinion. The previous place became not suitable for the normal peopleโ€™s life, though firstly they didnโ€™t pay attention to such factors.

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Certainly, California faced a range of problems while being formed. It is a usual path for every little or big country or government, which wants to have rights for existence. Nevertheless, people could force all the difficulties, go through the years of history together and now exist as a friendly and solid state. And every its citizen knows rather well, what is the date of California Admission Day 2020 and at other years like any other state also knows this.


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