Anant Chaturdashi is a Hindu religion annual holiday that is also commonly observed by Jain. Celebration includes massive festival with thousands of participants that bring idols and dance with them. This vastly important and beloved festival holds a very special place in Jain calendar due to its significance in those two religions.

So what is it all about? Lord Vishnu or, simply put, Lord of Lords in Hindu religion, came to Earth in various guises during the history of mankind. These appearances always changed the course of history. They also played an important role in developing of modern Indian society. Pretty often Vishnu was given different names and was remembered as different persons.

Thus, Anant Chaturdashi is a holiday that is designed to commemorate one of such appearances. To be precise, this day goal is to honor his visit in so-called Anant form, which given its name to the festival itself. That leads us to fairly important question that has a lot of significance to worshippers of Vishnu, but also worth noting by casual inhabitants of Earth that respect other confessions and beliefs.

Anant Chaturdashi

When is Anant Chaturdashi in 2022? This festival usually occurs ten days after another famous Hindu observance Ganesh Chaturthi. This can be explained by the fact that the names of holidays can be translated into fourteenth and fourth respectively. But that does not help to understand the exact date. So, we need to provide some calculation for those who are unfamiliar with Hindu Moon calendar and prefer casual and common Gregorian calendar.

Without further boring and unimportant explanations, it is time to announce the exact date and move on to the next topic. In 2022 such festival as Anant Chaturdashi will be observed on 1st of September. So, when September 1st comes, everyone who has a desire to take a part in celebration can attend to it. Remember that in different regions it can be celebrated differently either as religious festival or cultural tradition.

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The importance of holiday

Hinduism plays an important role in global image of Indian culture. Even those who do not consider themselves worshippers of this religion do participate in its observances and respect the contributions of Hindus in social and cultural life of their sacred country.

In its turn, Anant Chaturdashi plays an important role in Hinduism, as this feast was designed to worship and honor the almighty Lord of Lords, the incomparable and unmatchable Lord Vishnu. To be more specific, this feast’s purpose is to reverence only one of numerous appearances of this deity, but that does not make this date less important to Hindus. This may be only particular event, but it is still a significant part of greater history.

So, the question of what day Anant Chaturdashi in 2022 is essential for both religious people and atheists. And while first attend to celebration as to holy rituals of worshipping the Lord Vishnu, the rest of Indian people simply rejoice and have fun with their relatives and friends.

How it is being celebrated

After answering the question of when is Anant Chaturdashi 2022 and speaking of its importance, it is good time to take a closer look at the festival itself. With so many people that attend to the feasting, the celebration must be really grandiose and spectacular.

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And that is absolutely true. First of all, this festival lasts for whole long ten days, filled with joy and happiness. Thousands of people take their idols, which are depicting Lord Ganesha, from their houses and special places where those are being stored to the closest water and leave them there for a pretty long time on the last day of feasting. Of course, they take them back after a few months, but this event is still very significant and meaningful.

So, all these people, who gathered together to settle a huge festival, dance and sing, praising the Lord and paying their respect, while having fun and celebrating one of the most important events of the year.

The Story of festival

The story began with the birth of Sushilia. When her mother passed away, her father, although he was filled with incomparable grief, married another woman. Sushilia suffered from massive pressure and humiliation that came from her stepmother, so, once she fell in love with beautiful man and managed to marry him, she left the house fain.

Anant Chaturdashi

During the very beginning of their journey they passed near the river. While her husband was taking some kind of bath, Sushilia had a conversation with group of women that worshipped the Anant. They told her about the vastly important vow that they made in past. It promised them wealth and good health, but they had the responsibility of bringing a lot of offers to the riverside.

So, Sushilia decided to take a vow herself to gain money and power. Soon after this, her husband really became wealthy and powerful, but when he discovered that she took the vow, he fought with her, proclaiming that he gained everything only by his own abilities and efforts. During the fight he threw special bracelet into fire and called the anger of spirits upon themselves.

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So, this slowly leads us to the importance of such questions as what is the date of Anant Chaturdashi 2022. Very soon, the story will unfold fully.

So, as a punishment for this action, her husband and, by extension, Sushilia herself started to generally fail in life, losing their money, power and respect. The understandings of reasoning behind this fair chain of suffer and demise finally led husband of Sushilia to go in search of God.

Long story short, after numerous months of suffers and poverty, he succeeded.

That is why it is important to know the answer for such questions as when is Anant Chaturdashi in 2022 and mark them in your calendar. It does not matter if you are follower of Hindu religion or simply interested in its rituals and traditions. Either way, you might want to see this magnificent festival for yourself. And you probably need to remember that if you are bragging about things that you achieved then you will suffer.


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