Would you say that Americans are one of the most religious nations? Not likely. Meanwhile, they are the ones who created the holiday that should be looked at as an example for the other countries in the world.

When is National Day of Prayer in 2022? Read on!


Even the individuals that pose themselves far away from the spiritual life and are used to rely only on their own powers sometimes feel the urge of appealing to someone much wiser and higher than any of us. Usually, it happens in the times of the sorrows, when the person clearly sees the boundaries of their strength and responsibilities and feels that they canโ€™t cope with that anymore. Then they address to God asking for help, protection,and comfort.

Before the start of the holiday:

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Itโ€™s not the true conception of the prayer yet the Lord does not condemn that act. Jesus taught the people to go after him for the consolation. He ordered to ask the Father for anything that they need, and Heโ€™d bestow them with the desirable.

People Praying

In fact, the origin of the holiday dates back to the times when the United States of America was born. The very first call for the common appeal resounded in the end of the 18th century from the founders of the country. They called upon the population to pray for the future greatness and well-being of their homelands, for the health and wisdom of the rulers, and for the flourishing of the brave folks of America.

Since then, the noble call is heard annually from the Presidents of the US. With time, the special organization was established with a purpose of popularizing the date, staging the theme events, and motivating people to partake in the day of the common pledge to God. Last year, all of the fifty states supported the date with lots of activities and festivals.

When is International Day of Prayer 2022? Any American will answer you in a wink!


What does National Day of Prayer mean? It means taking your time and addressing your thought to God.

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Nevertheless, there are some moments that you should consider before absorbing into the sincere conversation with the Higher Power. He can give us what ever we want. But when we treat Him as something non-living or as the machine that bestows the gifts on us, we offense Him. First, we should set the relationships based on love; we should let Him understand that we love Him as the greatest person on this Earth. We also are ought to embrace the idea that everything around us is going on according to His will. He is the source of the happiness. If such relationships come from the bottom of our heart, He likes that.

Yes, the real connection between the people and the Heavens is like the process of giving love up there and down here. And no one thinks of the benefits theyโ€™d receive for their action. God gives us happiness. Yet hardly any of us understand that itโ€™s bestowed on us, not from the money or cars or houses. No, it doesnโ€™t workin that way. As the source of the joy is the one who created us, so the happiness is given through the opportunity to think and remember of Him, to talk about and praise Him, to listen to Him.

Sometimes, we voluntarily give up on that gift. Instead, we begin to demand the fulfillment of our wishes which often cause us to suffer. No wonder, that they are not that quick to come true. In such a way, the Heavens protect us from our own mistakes and misconceptions. But alas, we insistently try to reach out to there until all that we ask for we get. Itโ€™s like the loving parent gives the toy to the spoiled child.

We say the flaming prayers to God asking for the help for our near and dear ones. But once again, He is the source of love, and even without our pledge, He lets them have everything they want. He is the absolute love, the infinite love. He canโ€™t be more or less compassionate as he is not a human. God is the sun and His rays are directed strictly on us. Yet how we receive that rays? Often by drawing the curtain and sinking into the total darkness.

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What is the prayer? Itโ€™s the most sincere wish to change oneself. In oneโ€™s aspiration to God, they are willing for something and they are confessing. The latter means that they are changing and make themselves open to those divine rays. Thatโ€™s why we should pray. Pray and change.

Regardless of what day World Day of Prayer in 2022 falls on, remember that the bigger part of the humanโ€™s life consists of the confession and the desire to be self-changed. Without the appeal to God, there is no religion. The prayer is the switch, you turn it on and the light is everywhere. You turnt hat off, and the light has gone. Only during this sincere act of talking with the Lord, our soul becomes capable of connecting to the Great Spirit. And right at this moment, we can get all the good from our Father which we need most. Thatโ€™s why we must pray.


The prayer is the address of the ordinary believer to the Lord. We can pray in our own language, even with our own words, not following the traditional texts and phrases. It can contain any asks, thanks, and praises of His greatness. Every believer, no matter their religion, considers their God to be their Father, one and only.

Every human, who believes in God, should pray not on the holidays, but on the daily basis, as the prayer is the foundation of our lives. It is a dialogue with Him and this is the meaning of the action. Of course, the prayer, being the part of the worship, has its own rules and principles that are the following. The communication with the Lord means the sincere belief of the human in their Savior. The person should embrace their sinful state and the impossibility of coming out of it with their own efforts. Another important point is giving up on their sins and accepting the hope of being forgiven by forming the strong belief and daily exercising of it. It is obvious that this belief should also enter the everyday life of the person, their thoughts, and acts. The unselfish aspiration to fulfill the will of God and to praise Him, together with the purity of intentions and sincerity of the words, are also the essential elements of the prayer as the heartfelt motive.

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Woman Praying

The sacred books tell us that the appeal to God can solve any of the problems we face. Yet the real problem is in our hopes of the solution being exactly like we think of it. Meanwhile, itโ€™s a doubt. Itโ€™s not that easy to see what is the purpose of the things that the Lord places in every situation in our lives.

What is the date of National Day of Prayer 2022? It annually occurs on May 7th.


What is the way to celebrate the holiday? Well, itโ€™s quite universal for all of us, no matter where we live and how old we are. Just bend your knees in the face of the Greater Powers and start the heartfelt conversation to the one who bestowed you with the life. It can be made at home, in total solitude. Or, you can always visit the church, or the mosque, or the synagogue.

Spread the word about the holiday among your friends, relatives, and colleagues and spend the time together with the celebratory dinner at the end of the day.

International Day of Prayer Facts

  • The official support of the observance came in the middle of the 20th century when President Truman signed the decree of the holidayโ€™s proclamation.

Mark in your calendar, when is Day of Prayer in 2022, and if you are a true believer, pray sincerely and ardently.


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