Traditional holidays are very understandable for people. They carry their idea through several decades or even several centuries. Modern festivals and occasions are usually carried to catch people’s eyes on different problems. One of the occasions is Emergency Medical Services for Children Day. Its system exists for many years but a lot of people haven’t heard about the day. Its main aim is to tell the US nation about the system and to involve more help and concern. What can people do to partake the holiday? When is Emergency Medical Services for Children Day in 2017?

Some main facts about the date

This occasion isn’t public though it’s recognized in many US states as a very important day, as a national occasion. It was initiated by the US government.

Emergency Medical Services for Children Day

The occasion isn’t just the only day. It’s a part of the EMS Week. It is an annual tradition to catch communities’ eyes on the problems of medicine. Annually many communities and social groups join celebrations. The EMS Week usually takes place in spring. The penultimate period of May is a festive one. Wednesday is a time for EMSC Day.

This date even has its own symbol “Benny the Bearamedic”. It’s used on different professional items, clothes and utensils. This symbol is printed also in professional brochures and magazines. Nowadays almost every American knows that a picture of a little bear concerns little children and their need of care.

The partners don’t work on the problem alone. They involve different charitable organizations and the US College of Emergency Physicians. Annually they cooperate to make special occasions on that day. This year it’s on May, 24th. This information is given for the question “What is the date of Emergency Medical Services for Children Day 2017”?

Occasions of the date

The main events are held in the US capital. The heart of the program is the National Medical Center for children. Its nurses and doctors participate in different celebrations and events. It also involves different organizations and communities into a problem of effectiveness of emergent help for children.

Educational establishments organize collecting funds and things for children that need medical help. Different lectures are held at schools and universities on this date. Media takes active care in occasions and festivals. Television and radio prepare programs for people. They are to create the awareness of people about children’s need of care and urgent medical help in different dangerous situations. Newspapers and magazines publish articles and interviews concerned emergent medical help for little children.

Special programs are dedicated to the problem of parents’ awareness of emergency cases. In every American city there are lots of trainings for parents and close relatives. People are taught to give first aid to their children in case of emergency. Interested persons can visit the medical centers which propose training programs.

Different organizations provide medical centers with equipment and technique needed to give children an emergent aid. If you want to participate in the occasion, you should make an internet request “What day Emergency Medical Services for Children Day in 2017”.

Ways of involving

Every mother or father of a child or just an interested person can actively participate in the proposed events on Wednesday. Ideas can be taken from charity organizations or on the website of EMSC. If you aren’t a doctor or a nurse, you can help children that need care.

Emergency Medical Services for Children Day

Participation in the occasion can be held through the following actions:

  1. Helping raising funds. Individual financial help can be useful in cheap aims. Serious equipment needs big funds. An initiative person can form a group of volunteers and start gathering funds for medical equipment. Money can be used for buying goods for babies and toddlers.
  2. Expressing gratitude to medical staff in the local hospitals. The ways of saying “Thanks” are different. Initiators can send special festive cards to medical professionals or make a festive program. The simplest way to express gratitude is to visit specialists personally.
  3. Increasing people’s awareness concerning the EMSC Day. Interested persons can spread information. The request “When is Emergency Medical Services for Children Day 2017” won’t stay unanswered. People can make specialized groups to provide information about urgent medical help for children to youth. Not only parents and close relatives must know how to help their children in case of emergency. Such information is useful for people who don’t have children. Another way of making public aware about the problem is posting the information in social nets.
  4. Educating children. The first task for every parent is to provide safety information to his son and daughter. They must be careful to their own health, understand the importance of healthy style of life. Children must have good habits, so a possibility of health problems and disasters can be lessened.
  5. Cooking some food for medical personnel. Volunteers may bake different cakes and cookies for a medical staff working at a local hospital.

People can always participate in the occasion. They are to think over the special ways of celebration and then prepare for the date. They can involve into the celebration on the exact day. The information can be got in the internet due to the published question “When is Emergency Medical Services for Children Day in 2017, calendar of events”.


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