Traveling by train is a special way of getting to know the surrounding world better. It’s romantic and inspiring, interesting, and informative. Of course, some contemporary people prefer going by the plane, finding this way of movement quicker and more comfortable. Perhaps they are right, but doing like this they unfortunately lose a significant part of the impressions and positive emotions. If you are fond of railway transport as much as we are, you will answer to the question โ€œWhen is Train Day in 2022?โ€ immediately.ย  Have you forgotten? โ€“ That is not a big problem. We will remind you and discuss this matter in details and from the very beginning.


Of course, when is Train Day in 2022, calendar will tell you without any problems, but the historical background can help you to understand the importance of this matter as well as all the advantages of this kind of traveling.

This holiday was established by well-known company called โ€œAmtrakโ€. It happened in 2008. Doing this, the management had one special aim. It wanted to draw as much attention to this kind of movement and cargo transportation as possible.

Train Day 2017

In general this carrier is considered to be a monopolist in the USA. It serviced the most part of all the ways in the country and is donated by the US Government. Besides the trains, it has the aviation and some ships used mostly for cargo carrying.

In 2015 the Amtrak authorities announced that since then their famous and appreciated community program, which was called like National Train Day, should be replaced by the similar event with another name. Since that National Train Day has been called officially Amtrak Train Days.

But it is not everything that has been already changed. The previous format, represented by a great amount of various events performed on a very single day in different cities and towns, to some definite occasions, that can be visited in spring, summer and, of course, in fall.


What does Train Day mean? As it has been already mentioned above, this special occasion was started as a successful method to tell the locals as well as to the numerous guests of the country about the advantages of the traveling by American trains. It is an annual event, but isnโ€™t date is not fixed. As a rule, it is held on any Saturday, which is close to May 10. This year it will be on May 9.

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Why was this day chosen? โ€“ Frankly speaking, the explanation is quite simple. โ€“ That is the date, when the first transcontinental railway was completed. Nowadays it has become wide, of course, but it comes within the whole territory of the USA. The initial station was located in Golden spike, which is in Promontory (Utah).

Nowadays “Amtrak” serves all continental states, except for Wyoming and South Dakota. There are railways in these states, but unfortunately there is no huge passenger traffic on them. For example, in Alaska, there is an isolated railroad of rather great length. Passenger trains run along it very often, but they have nothing to do with Amtrak. In Hawaii, railway transport is represented by a single short narrow gauge railroad, which also doesnโ€™t belong to Amtrak.

The most loaded direction of “Amtrak” is the North-East corridor between Washington and Boston. The north-eastern corridor is electrified now, as well as the Philadelphia-Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) section.

On all other routes, Amtrak uses diesel locomotives.


In 2008 the biggest non-profit American rail organization, working under the name The National Association of Railroad Passengers, officially announced that all its members were going to celebrate their 1st Train Day on the national level. At that time it was something new and believed to be an attractive way to draw the public attention that is why a great amount of other non-profits wanted to participate regionally.

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If you know what day Train Day in 2022 is and are going to visit or even to participate in this even, we recommend you to go to Los Angeles, CA,ย  Philadelphia, PA, Washington, D.C. or Chicago, IL. Why should these destinations be chosen? โ€“ The matter is that the most impressive events are usually organized there. So you will enjoy every point of this special occasion in full.

We canโ€™t but mention that contemporary business of “Amtrak” routes varies really greatly. If trains run several times per hour in the Northeast Corridor, the Sunset Limited train from LA to New Orleans only runs 3 times weekly.

The interesting thing is that all trains of this company have their own names.

Unfortunately, despite the growth in popularity in recent years (the number of passengers “Amtrak” has been growing steadily since 2002), outside the Northeast Corridor the company does not play an important role in passenger transportation.

In addition to railways, Amtrak operates a system of bus routes linking railway stations to areas that do not have a railway (often also having a railway, but not having passenger traffic on it).

Train Day


Frankly speaking, there are no any stable traditions for this holiday. The company management tries to organize something new every year in order to attract and to involve as much people as it is possible.

As a rule, all the events are held at subordinate stations all over the country in almost every US state. But sometimes you can visit the specialized railway museums and to listen to very interesting lecture about this kind of transport or even watch the performance.

The company has a great number of decorated passenger cars and various modeled layouts for displaying.

It is said that the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of Train Day 2022?โ€ may be remembered for a long time if you take an active part in the celebration of this event. Every year city authorities and local organizations try to compile an interesting program for citizens. But as a rule annual celebration canโ€™t do without train ridings, amazing excursions, face paintings, inflatables and various crafts both for children and for adults.

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Train Day Facts

Knowing the answer to the question โ€œWhen is Train Day 2022?โ€ well, you may be interested in the company, what established this event for all surrounding world.

That is why we should mention that to date the company has 2,142 wagons, of which 168 sleeping, 760 seating, 126 business wagons, 66 service ones, 225 wagon-cafes, only 1 review and 92 dining means of transport. On their common routes that serve the American western part, two-story “super-liner” cars are mainly taken. They may be sedentary, sleeping, restaurants, and others. These cars are also used on some eastern routes, but more often one-story Amfleet wagons of a barrel type are used here. They also have a different layout. Along with sleeping wagons “Velioner”, which are higher than “Amfleet”, in the east of the country it is impossible to use two-story cars because of the presence of tunnels and the height of the suspension of the contact network on the “Northeast Corridor”

Nowadays “Amtrak” employs about 20 thousand people. And the total length of its routes is 21 200 miles. Its trains serve 500 different destinations, which are located in 46 US states as well as in three Canadian provinces. But we canโ€™t but mention that now “Amtrak” is the owner of more than 1,200 km of railways.

According to the official statistics, some years ago, in 2011, Amtrak transported 30.2 million people, reaching an absolute record high for the entire corporation history. As a result the company earned $ 2.71 billion.


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