Those times, when the kitchen and cooking lay solely on the shoulders of a woman, have already passed. Nowadays there are a lot of culinary shows and competitions, video lessons on the Internet, which will help you to reach the perfect results in the case of necessity. However, could you answer the question โ€œWhen is National Cooking Day in 2022?โ€ immediately or perhaps you need some time for thinking?

As a rule, people are not able to do it properly even after giving them a few minutes for recollecting, and that is the main reason, why we have made a decision to discover this matter in details.


Certainly, we understand that it would be rather difficult to explain, what day World Cooking Day in 2022 is, without discovering the historical background of this special occasion.

A lot of people in the world like to spend their free time, doing cooking. Culinary art has a lot of opportunities for realizing creative possibilities, and it also allows you to combine business with pleasure. Needless to say, the history of cooking is many centuries and millennia.

National Cooking Day 2017

According to the specialistsโ€™ point of view, the birthplace of the art of cooking is Ancient Greece. This is where the art originated, but the Spanish masters continued to bring it to mind for a long time, so what you see today in the form of Spanish traditional cuisine is a huge evolutionary leap from ancient Greece in our days.

Unfortunately, we havenโ€™t been managed to discover, who the establisher of this special occasion was, as well as why September 25 was chosen for its celebration.


What does National Cooking Day mean? Frankly speaking it is up to you to decide how to reply this question. You see, in the surrounding reality there are even such men and women, who neither like the process of food preparation nor have heard about this holiday existence. So they wonโ€™t celebrate September 25 for sure.

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Usually the passion for cooking comes gradually in an effort to perfect the cooking process of simple dishes. Experiment for experiment, attempt and mistakes make wonderful culinary masterpieces, often created by people who do not even have a special education. If you want to be a specialist in this area, you need only time, desire and a little patience.

Undoubtedly, men and women have different attitudes toward cooking. In addition we should mention that all people can be divided into two categories. One half of people love to eat, and the second just does not understand the meaning of life without a kitchen and adores cooking in general. That’s just completely unclear why people have such different thoughts about this direction. And here there are no patterns, because the position does not depend on the age of a person, nor on his/her nationality nor on gender.

Cooking is perhaps the most useful and productive hobby for brain development. According to the specialistsโ€™ point of view, you are completely focused on the culinary process. You need to plan each stage separately, calculate the time of product preparation and processing as well as to calculate the optimal ratio of necessary ingredients. Perhaps that is the secret of its popularity: both men and women are happy to forget about hustle and bustle of contemporary world for some time.


So, you have already got the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Cooking Day 2022?โ€ but are you able to give the definition to this hobby?

All in all cooking is a part of everyone’s life, but for someone standing in the kitchen at the stove is considered to be something monotonous and irritating, while for others, there is no better moments than the time spent cutting, stirring and smelling the wonderful flavors from the saucepan.

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Inspiration of the last category of people, mentioned above, can be seen from everywhere.ย  As a rule, they have many cookbooks, magazines, old mother’s or grandmother’s notebooks with recipes. All these things help them in creating wonderful dishes. Of course, for these men and women cooking is not just food preparation process, but the real works of art creation, which it is impossible without a piece of the soul using.

As you can understand, in the process of cooking, every detail is important: the quality of the products used, the proportions, the dishes, the temperature, the cooking time – each element is able to influence the taste of the future dish. Any person, who is going to learn culinary art, should never forget about it. For this reason it is important to learn how to responsibly approach the preparatory stage, to know that each product requires special treatment, and be able to use this knowledge.


What is Cooking Day in 2022, calendar will definitely help you not to forget, but are you ready to celebrate this special occasion properly?

Do you enjoy cooking? โ€“ If yes, devote September 25 to your favorite hobby, if no, try to prepare a simple dish, or at least visit the nearby restaurant to order something special.

There are people, who usually organize the so-called culinary battles this day.

Many home cooks are crazy about making sweets, such as gingerbread, lollipops, marshmallows and others. They can even treat you if you visit them on September 25. These dishes are among the most popular ones nowadays.

National Cooking Day

But besides sweets there is a huge mass of fine dishes. Some people canโ€™t even hesitate, if they are offered a delicious with an amazing crispy crust chicken for dinner. There are people who love Japanese cuisine and canโ€™t help licking themselves when they come to rolls. But these lovers of delicious food do not necessarily have the desire and the ability to cook, so it will be a rather silly thing to demand something from them.

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There is also a class of people who like the process of cooking itself. It was these people who proposed to cook chicken with pineapple.

Also there is a type of contemporary men and women who like to eat delicious dishes, and can cook almost everything. They know how to choose the right products to create an incredible taste, as well as how to eat this dish properly and how to wash it down. You can learn something special from them on September 25.

Cooking Day Facts

Trying to get the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Cooking Day 2022?โ€ people usually prefer to find something interesting about the discovering matter. So we are going to amaze you by some pieces of information.

In addition to the taste of food, its appearance plays a very useful role. The ability to decorate a dish after it is cooked is very important. Why? โ€“ The matter is that only very few people will want to eat incomprehensible mixture, somehow laid out on a plate. Nowadays, there is a variety of tools come to the aid of the chef, allowing to give the dish the right look. The most popular items are:

  • knives with figured blades;
  • confectionery syringes;
  • various types of molds.

But when the products are arranged carefully on a beautiful plate and decorated with a twig of parsley, the dish takes on a completely different, more attractive appearance.

This type of people most often includes women. After all, only they know all the subtleties of cooking, they know how to feed properly and eat. So for many women cooking is a hobby, because they get pleasure from it and are distracted from life’s problems and fuss.


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