Walking along the street at night and looking forward to being tucked in the comfiest bed, have you ever paid attention to the ever-glowing windows of convenience stores, hospitals or bakeries? Of course, our crazy lively world does not stop its dynamic pace when the sun goes down. It just calms down a little, but always moves along.

People who provide a 24-hour functioning of the globe account for around 2% of every country’s population. You’d hardly see them as they perform their duties while you’re deep in sleep and catch on their own sleep while you’re awake. However, it’s exactly them who are honored with a special date in the calendar. When is Third Shift Workers’ Day in 2022? You’re just about to find out!

Third Shift Workers' Day 2017


A third shift worker is also known as a night shift worker. They come when others are anticipating the end of the working day and put the burden of nocturnal toil on their shoulders. Their life is turned upside down and biological clock is wholly messed up.

Nevertheless, the third shift is rather demanded. It entails the extra pay and appears to be a decent schedule for the “night owls” or students desperately needed in a side job. Still, the majority of people work nontraditional hours because they chose the jobs that have to be covered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

In fact, there are numerous jobs that run without interruption and involve obligatory graveyard shifts. Starting with the vital ones:

  • Who cares about our safety at nights and always there to protect us from the criminal individuals? The police, obviously. Their night watch and round-the-clock patrol ensure that they can quickly react to the emergency calls and save us from the robbery or anything worse.
  • What service is concerned with the fire safety? The fire stations. We can’t have the fire squads dismissed for the night basically because we will be wild exposed to the risk of uncontrollable inflammation.
  • Who swore solemnly to see to it that we can always rely on being cured and fixed in emergency situations? No society can function without a twenty-four-hour medical assistance.
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Knowing when is National Third Shift Workers’ Day 2022, we can also send our greetings to the often-overlooked group of the night shifters:

  • Lots of people enjoy a freshly baked bun with a coffee from the nearest bakery early in the morning on their way to the office. The word «freshly» gently hints that someone (a baker, natch) kneads dough and produces your favorite croissants well before your alarm goes off.
  • The morning routine is usually accompanied by the muffled voice from the TV that reports the latest news, weather forecast or just amuses with lively tunes and songs. One can easily guess that the working process on the television studios starts somewhere after 12 am while the news round-ups are written deep at nights.
  • If you decide to drop in the supermarket right after its opening, you reasonably expect to see a cleared-up shop with nicely arranged shelves full of fresh products. Maintenance of order and cleanliness as well as the shelves stocking depends entirely on the night crew of those who toil in retail.

The list can go on and on: the third shifters work in restaurants and fast-food chains, make their living as deliverymen and haulers and keep the factories and plants operational 27/7. You’re probably asking, what is the date of Third Shift Workers’ Day 2022, to show the esteem for their tedious labor? It’ll be May 13, as the holiday is always observed on the second Wednesday of May.


Every job is respectable. But work through the night significantly increases the level of load on the person. First of all, the third shift affects the health condition. With circadian rhythm disturbed, the worker suffers from the lack of sleep. It’s wildly known that the night shifters sleep 1-2 hours less than day shifters wreaking immune system, digestion, and cardiovascular system. Isn’t it a too big sacrifice for the common (nighttime) good?

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Third Shift Workers' Day

On top of that, people who toil while others getting a good shut-eye are frequently deprived of the proper family time. They come home when the spouse is off to work, children are at school, and confine themselves to meeting the beloved ones only in the evenings, several hours before the shift. They barely find the time to visit the offspring’s debut performance, not to mention getting together with friends. Besides, the depressive mood threatens more in winter time with the darkness hovering above both when they travel to and from work.


The main point here is to show respect to those who keep our world alive round-the-clock. We bet you certainly know someone working through the long nights, so you may prepare a surprise.

If they are a member of your family or close friend, think of something cheerful to brighten up the routine. An important remark: it shouldn’t matter what day Third Shift Workers’ Day in 2022 falls on, as the everyday support for your relatives is necessary. However, if you organize an unexpected home party, invite for a warm evening at the movie or just give a small handmade card on their special date, they’ll be all smiles.

Remember of your neighbors toiling at nights as well. You may express your sincere gratitude or, if you are not into words, just turn down the usual morning track that helps you get prepared for work and put off the lawn mowing to the next day.

In case you haven’t the fellows who burn the midnight oil, you can always go to the twenty-four-hour store late at night and give big thanks to the staff!

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With all that said, take a pan, tick off in the calendar, when is National Third Shift Workers’ Day in 2022, and pay a share of deference to your closest night shifter! Make a nice pie and cookies or simply make a call but please, don’t forget to schedule all celebratory activities for the afternoon time. The surprise will be more pleasant if you consider this little feature of their life.


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