Do you know the answer to the question “When is Lemonade Day in 2022?” – Unfortunately, in most cases the reply will be negative, as only a few people know this information exactly. But we can’t say the same about this tasty drink itself, as lemonade has been drunk for a long time and all over the world.

But what about the holiday? – At the very beginning we would like to tell our readers that this unusual day is celebrated every year on August 20 and the date is fixed. It is interesting to mention that the event was invented in American Texas by a small girl, who began to sell lemonade in order to save some money and to buy a puppy.

But let’s start from the very beginning.

Lemonade Day 2017

Lemons and lemonade

The difference between a lemon and lemonade can be caught even by a child. Yellow fruit has a sour taste, and when we are even thinking about it, our face usually starts to screw up.

Lemonade is a sweet lemon drink with pleasant flavor and aroma.

This drink appearance

Before answering the question “When is Lemonade Day 2022?”, we would like to tell about the appearance of this amazing drink. – According to the historians’ point of view, the earliest written evidence of lemonade is dated from around 1000 BC and was found in distant Egypt. Lemons were brought to the Middle East, to Iran and Egypt, in particular, from Asia. It happened in about 700 BC. It is necessary to say that initially a lemon tree was only a decorative plant in the eastern gardens. About this fact we can read in the notes of well-known Persian traveler and poet Nasir Khosrow (1003-1061). But at the beginning of X century of lemon as a crop was mentioned in A Rumi’s writings. At the end of the century XII, the successful physician of that time called I.Jami in his work “Treatise on lemon” wrote that the trading with lemon juice was already very lively.

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Nowadays it’s hard to say exactly when the peasants began to mix the lemon juice and honey in the Arab countries. By the way the resulting mixture was called wine. Today the resulting drink had another name, qatarmizat, and you can still try it in Egypt, Syria and Israel. Modern taste of the drink is flavored with the fresh mint, which also brings us back to the lemonade past. In the XIV century there was also another recipe that called kashkab. It was prepared from brew fermented barley, citrus leaves, mint and rue (fragrant plant) and black pepper. There was a drink made from lemon juice, honey and dates. It turns out that a modern lemonade has a great amount of different variants.

The drink prototypes

Frankly speaking, we can’t answer the question “What is the date of Lemonade Day 2022?” without mentioning all the drink prototypes. The historians discovered that the first image of fruit, reminding a lemon, was preserved on the frescoes and mosaics of Pompeii and Carthage. Perhaps the artists saw the fruits during their eastern traveling, or perhaps they were imported from other countries. Generally the specialists haven’t known yet whether lemon in pre-Christian era was. However, in the XIII century Spaniards tried eastern lemonade for the first time and they began to prepare it as a soft drink. Sometimes that ancient lemonade was used for wide dilution. At the same time there is a belief that it became fashionable in Europe, being introduced by French king Louis I the Pious, who ruled in 814-840 years.

The history of unusual holiday

As it has been already mentioned above, the question about when is Lemonade Day in 2022, calendar will tell you without any problems. But it has been possible only since 2007. Geographically the birthplace of lemonade is in Houston, Texas. Every year this holiday is organized not only to enjoy the different flavors of your favorite refreshing drink, but also to give the children the opportunity to think about the business and earnings. This idea appeared when the little girl wanted to get a pet, but his father refused to give her any money. Small lady decided to sell lemonade and bought a pet.

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The main goal of the festival

In the US this day children are invited to make their own stands of lemonade selling. The chief goal is to show children the value of money and to make them understand how to earn it. Is your child also dreaming about one special thing? Offer him/her the opportunity to earn money by selling lemonade during adults’ anniversary, a family holiday, a garden party or other small events. Make a small stand together and put a large poster, which shows the type of lemonade and its price. And, of course, help the children to invite a delicious drink!

Lemonade Day

All in all many parents are sure that the selling own lemonade is a good old American method to give their children the opportunity to earn money on their own purchases. This is often done by scout girls, when they want to get some money for a variety of activities and trips. And, of course, it is not prohibited to prepare some lemonade at home, to put it on the street in front of house and to sell, pouring the drink into plastic cups, As a rule, other people are glad to stop and to buy a glass or two, why not?

By the way, in the local sense lemonade is not a carbonated beverage. It is a perfect mixture of water, fresh lemon juice and sugar. Taking into account what day Lemonade Day in 2022 is, you may understand that in May it may be a perfect idea to get some refreshing drink.

National Day of lemonade is usually organized on May 18 and it needs some preparations. All participants always receive an information brochure in advance. There you can find some instructions for parents, as well as training rules, main aims, supposed budget and a few recipes. This is done with one special aim to teach children the basics of doing business, including the business plan. Many participants usually donate at least half of earnings for charity.

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Interesting facts about the drink

In 2012 in the Lebanese city of Batroun it was prepared a huge amount of lemonade: 5543 liters! It was poured into the cup, the circumference of which was 140 cm and a height of 285 m.

According to legend, the lemonade appeared by accident, and no one worked hard to create a recipe., as if there was a mistake when the barrels with lemon juice and wine were mixed. As a result, not water but a lemon juice was diluted.


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