The food for the latest times became the whole religion if it could be called so. There are plenty of dishes, cooks, people invented food-courts and many other things. Cooks from all over the world gather for master classes, teach each other, share their experience, strengthen their skills and they all call their work an art! And for many people, it is really so. We eat every day and we rarely think about things or people, who stand behind all this process. But still have dishes, which we enjoy most of all. This article is dedicated to one of such dishes, which is loved by many and is very simple to do. People, itโ€™s fans and lovers, created a simple and fun holiday, dedicated to this dish. We will speak closer about it in todayโ€™s article and will know, when is National Bagel Day in 2020.


Right you are, this food has its own holiday, which is widely celebrated! We would like to tell you a lot of details and facts about it in order to broaden your knowledge and even to interest you in something extremely new for you. Thatโ€™s is why we will move further โ€“ we have many things to discuss, but before it all, we will begin our speech with a short piece of history, concerning the holiday, because without it nothing has the sense to be described.

Bagel Day

We will try to tell you all the facts on this point, which we managed to find. As the holiday is not that serious, as many others, there are no plenty of historical facts about it. So, the holiday has also the second name โ€“ Bagel and Lox Day, so do not be surprised, if you meet both of these names. Lox means salmon from Yiddish, and Bagel comes from Latin, which means a cushion. Actually, this dish was brought to the United States from Jewish immigrants, who came there. So, we may say thank you to these people. Without them, we would never taste it and never knew, what day World Bagel Day in 2020 is.

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What does National Bagel Day mean, we will have time to discuss while the further paragraphs. We are going to explain this question to you together with other details, which may concern the holiday and really make sense. It is very important not to miss any of the details because without them our explanations and stories will be not full enough and you will not get the information correctly as a reader and also as a person, who came here to read about such a holiday. That is why letโ€™s not lose our time and will go further and make its meaning clear to you.

So, the Bagel Day, which also has one more name, came to us from the United States. Their people tasted this dish for the first time and after it all, it became a very tasty and popular food among all the layers of the society and all ages. This product is not hard to cook so that even a child is able to do it by itself, and also it is very available so that you will not have problems if you go to any shop near you and buy this product. Moreover, it is very cheap, so every person with any level of earning can afford it. If you like the dish, its taste, and shape, you can also find out, when is International Bagel Day.


Have you understood the main thing about the holiday, which we are speaking about after you have read previous paragraphs? We hope that you really have, because yes, it is not very difficult. Also even before our explanations, you could easily have guesses about the sense from the name of the article because it speaks for itself. The bit in order to be sure that all of you understood everything for sure, we will dedicate one more paragraph to give you a broader definition of this holiday, its sense and add a couple of facts, which will make this definition more concrete and unique.

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So, to define the holiday well here, we should say that this is a holiday, which is most popular in such countries, as the United Kingdom and Canada, except the United States. For the recent times, the citizens enjoy celebrating it once every year. The holiday reminds people of such type of food, a bagel. As it has one more name, which we mentioned a couple of paragraphs earlier, usually bagel is made with cream cheese and salmon. But there are also a lot of tastes and additives to the very bagels, that is why you are free to choose your best taste if you celebrate this holiday too and know, what is the date of National Bagel Day 2020.


Calmly we have moved to one more topic, which is quite useful and interesting for those all, who take part already or just plan and want to be a part of this holiday and its celebrations. We mean traditions, which are made or worked out for this day. Still, they could hardly be called traditions, because at such not very serious holidays people do not create and do not want to follow some strict rules โ€“ they just want to feel free to do the things on the topic, which is close to them and which they appreciate. That is why we will just tell you in brief, what do usually people do during this holiday.


So, as the day is dedicated to the bagels of all tastes and colors, you need just to spend the whole day, or at least, as much time as it is only possible, tasting, eating or cooking bagels. You may do it at home, with friends or alone, during your tea or coffee break โ€“ it all is just up to you and you are free to bring your ideas if you have such, true to life. What else people do is that they share their ideas or their realizations in social networks with special hashtags on the topic. It is always interesting and even funny to see, what people create, what new can be done. It is also a chance to spread your own idea worldwide or catch some idea from others and repeat it.

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International Bagel Day Facts

And right now we came closer to the end of the article, after discussing all the key moments, which concerned the given holiday. Here it is time for us all to make conclusions and find out some moments, which we could probably, have forgotten if there are any. But mainly we tried to give you this information, so you must be aware of it all and there is no need for you to search for it in other different sources.

But still here is one more moment, which is not less important, or even we can say that it is very important, are we speak about the holiday. We have forgotten to mention the very date of it all so that you could look it up and get ready for it and create your own plans. So, this year and all the future years the holiday is planned o be celebrated on January 15. To be sure you can look up, when is Bagel Day in 2020, on the calendar and even mark it there. It will be very convenient for you โ€“ in such a way it would be easier to remember this information and not to miss this day when it suddenly and unexpectedly comes. So, prepare now and you will always be ready to take part in any of the holidays of the sort and will never lose such a chance!


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