Well, to tell you the truth we know quite well that the most part of our readers is not able to answer the question โ€œWhen is National Star Trek First Contact Day in 2020?โ€ We are ready for negative reply. Frankly speaking, there are several explanations to our confidence. However, the main one is that this holiday is known well in definite circles, but not everywhere. You see, this series was popular a long time ago and the contemporary youth watches only the latest versions. Today we are going to discover the holiday in details. Are you with us?


The explanation of the matter what day World Star Trek First Contact Day in 2020 is seems impossible without the demonstration of the historical background of the event.

The special occasion is usually held by fans of the famous series. These people celebrate April 5 as a happy moment, which has to happen in 2063. In accordance with the establishers, this day the humans are going to make their first contact with the representatives of the another race called the Vulcans.

Star Trek First Contact


What does Star Trek First Contact Day mean? Frankly speaking, it is up to you to define, whether this special occasion is important for you or not. We canโ€™t predict it, as we know nothing about you, your age and your preferences in movies and books.

All in all initially the idea of the “Star Trek” creation was born in the imagination of Gene Roddenberry. It happened under the influence of film “Master of the World”, appeared on the screen in 1961. Based on the works of the famous writer Jules Verne, the movie tells about the gifted scientist Robur, who was wandering along the flying vessel called “Albatross” and fighting for peaceful living throughout the planet.

However, at that period Roddenberry was busier with the series he had invented about World War II, among the main characters of which was Captain Philip Pike. It happened that the channels refused to screen the idea, and the show has never been demonstrated to public. The ideas as well as the materials of the failed series formed the basis for the “Star Trek” concept.

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Roddenberry tried to sell the scripted application “Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer”, CBS and finally, NBC, where he was finally lucky.


Talking about the question “When is International Star Trek First Contact Day 2020?” we are really glad to introduce our followers something amazing about this sensation in the cinema circles of the previous century.

Initially it is necessary to mention that in accordance with the film makers’ points of view, the plot of the series takes place in 2264-2269. After the nuclear disaster that occurred in the 21st century, humanity was on the verge of extinction and the only way out to save our race was the exploration of outer space. The first attempts were not very successful, but, thanks to them, people met with the civilization of the Vulcans, who, over the next hundred years, helped them improve the technology of interstellar flights.


This situation led to the fact that by the 23rd century, people were able to create their own community, numbering hundreds of settlements in space. The movie tells about the flight of the spaceship called Enterprise, the crew members of which, under the command of Captain Kirk, for five years was searching for new civilizations and exploration of the most remote corners of the Galaxy.


When is Star Trek First Contact Day in 2020, calendar is ready to remind you. And this is not a serious problem actually. It will happen on April 5th as usually.

Of course, as you can perhaps understand, the special occasion is not celebrated on the state level that is why if you want to be involved you have to organize something special by yourself. Today we are going to give you some recommendations.

  • What about have a so-called Star Trek special evening. You can invite your family members, friends or even colleagues from work there. And, please, propose your visitors to get dressed in a special way to remind their favorite characters. We are almost sure it will be a great evening!
  • Have you already chosen the treatment for the whole company? – Cheese pierogis will be a great idea by the way. Do you remember that they were in the list of the dishes cooked by movie heroes when they were holding the day on the show?
  • As a rule, on April 5th various nightclubs organize the parties, devoted to this direction. Attend one of them and get in touch with other fans of a Star Trek.
  • The contemporary social networks like to organize various online marathons. You can participate, watch your favorite movie all day long and discuss it.
  • And finally we want to introduce you a very amazing way to entertain yourself. Try to greet all people you meet this day with the so-called Vulcan salute. Do you remember how to do it properly? โ€“ Just raise your hands up, turn your palm to the front. Mind that your thumb has to be away from the other part of your hand. After that arrange your middle and ring fingers too tight.
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International Star Trek First Contact Day Facts

The question โ€œWhat is the date of National Star Trek First Contact Day in 2020?โ€ requires a lot of various clarifications. The matter is thought to be very amazing, that is why it is not a great surprise that we want to demonstrate our readers a plenty of terrific pieces of information. Are you ready? โ€“ Here is our list:

  • When in 1966 the popular series “Star Trek” were actively advertised in magazines, “NBC” carefully hid the eyebrows and ears of Spock. Why? – The staff was afraid to fear a potential audience because of his supposed similarity with the real devil. However, all these fears were in vain, as Spock entered the list of the most popular heroes and even became a sex symbol for young spectators. These things were expected neither by the authors, nor by the actors.
  • Not many people know that at the very beginning of the millennium, to be more exact in 2000, the film entered in the “Guinness Book of Records”. It was marked as a franchise that has the largest amount of spinoffs, which include feature movies and serials.
  • According to their own desires and wills, the ashes of of two men G. Roddenberry and J. Duen (who played a role of Scotty) were sent into space with the help of a special capsule on the Pegasus rocket. It happened in 1997.
  • The makeup of L. Nimoy was of somewhat green shade. It was explained quite easily. – In accordance with the scenario, the Vulcan planet inhabitants have the blood of this coloration. However, at those times it was really difficult to obtain the proper makeup. For this purpose it was necessary to mix everything by hand and every time. That is the reason why the hint in different series turned out to be more or less noticeable. In fact at many shots (especially close-ups) it was completely invisible.
  • James Duane’s son recently tried to purchase a statue of his full-length father. He even took part in the auction organized by the Hollywood Wax Museum. But he didn’t succeed, as a fan of Star Trek, who wished to remain anonymous, paid a higher price.
  • The glow of the surrounding of a working transporter device was achieved in the following way: the ordinary industrial fan raised an aluminum powder into the air, and after that light of powerful soffits was directed to it.
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