What American citizens are known for is the strong sense of community. Otherwise, would the simple call from the pages of a newspaper be heard and widely put into practice if there wasn’t sense of belonging and mutual respect for each other? Unlikely.

When is National Make a Difference Day in 2022 and who encouraged the Americans to perform it?


The society came to its modern point not straight away. It’s evolved for the myriads of years. Yet the most important part is that the development is always a result of the mere people’s actions; people like you or anyone who reads this article. Every one of those “back then” individuals and “today’s” one made something that changed the world, the society, and the neighborhood they lived in for the better. It might have been a grain compared to the huge scale of the worldwide deeds but nevertheless, each of these grains made a contribution to the progress that turned us into who we are now.

Do not think that you can’t make a difference. Only you are the one who is able to do that, actually. What you can do right at this moment, for the common good, would have an effect on the higher levels much later. But it definitely would.

Make A Difference Day

That’s a free interpretation of the motivation that once was resounded from the pages of the USA Weekend magazine. In 1992, it called upon the citizens to try to spend the next day doing something that would improve the lives of the people around. All of a sudden, the proposition got a mass of responses all across the states.

Since then, the event is promoted by the Points of Lights organization that mobilizes people to get involved in the volunteer services. Through the following the years, the suddenly emerged holiday received the support of the hundreds of the celebrities, sportsmen, and other influential persons of the country.

From the simple offer to have an impact on the community Make a Difference thing went all the way up to becoming the national observance that annually gathers more than a million of volunteers! Although the USA Weekend is no longer exists, having joined the USA Today company, its project still lives on. The project that is honored and deserves to be adopted in the other countries, doesn’t it?

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In fact, according to the stats, around three millions of Americans can answer unhesitatingly when is International Make a Difference Day 2022!


What does Make a Difference Day mean? It means to get conscious of every person’s ability to change the world and start to do that with the small deeds aimed at their community’s well-being.

Okay, this may sound a bit grandiose and absurd. But all of us change something daily even if we don’t notice. We change the world of our spouses or children making a breakfast for them. We influence on the morning mood of our neighbors wishing a good luck for the upcoming day. We really have an effect on our colleagues, clients, partners and that woman at the bakery with our smiles, greetings, and courtesy.

Of course, it doesn’t change the politics or the process of seeking a cure for AIDS. But who could say a word against the fact that the virtuous circle really works? Don’t ask yourself whether you did something today that benefited the world because the answer is – yes, you did something that changed the world of the people who surround you. Much more important is to understand what exactly difference you made with those consequences of your actions.

Have you ever thought of the good things being beneficial for your psychological state? It’s obvious, nash, but have you considered the changes that go back to you? When your act makes the life of someone better and easier you prove your significance in your own eyes. Seeing the positive effect you bring, you understand that you’re not that bad motivating yourself on the further noble deeds for others.

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It’s also evident that the process of making good automatically boosts up the mood. The gratitude that emits from those who got your helping hand, bestows you with the mighty flow of the positive energy. Thus, you feel yourself healthier, stronger and livelier.

Isn’t it the thing to strive for every day of the year, regardless of what day Make a Difference in 2022 falls on?


Probably, you’ve already faced the problems and vices of our world that you’d like to change. Yet you are kept from performing that because of the fear to be unable to do that alone. When people are working for something together, the wonders do really happen – that’s what the holiday tells.

How to make a difference? Through the brave and selfless deeds! There are lots of opportunities to make good for your neighborhood, community, province, and, overall, country. The man, who was given a lift from you today, would not be indifferent to the woman that fell on the street tomorrow. The child whom you helped to save the kitty from the tree yesterday would save the little homeless puppy from starving to death bringing it to the animal center today.

Undoubtedly, it’s hard to take the responsibility and work on yourself. But those who chose that way will be awarded the gradually changing world around as like draws to like. If you want to bring the wind of changes, then make a difference yourself. It depends on the person themselves whether they see everything in the darkest hopeless colors or in the brightest ones. The atmosphere that you feel is the direct reflection of your thoughts, emotions, and your deeds. All the events are created by a man. The good example is infectious: you make a difference today, you get the good in return tomorrow, and the world changes the day after tomorrow. That’s how it works!

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Make A Difference Day

Dalai Lama once said the proper words. Only resting upon the goodwill of the people the globe can take the route for being the better place to live in. If we get to respect the man next to us, in spite of the religion, beliefs, ideologies, and nationalities, there wouldn’t be the place for one to suffer. We are the part of the planet community. And that means – we should inspire each other on making a difference regardless of the distances between us.

What is the date of Make a Difference Day 2022? It will take place on October 24.


As we’ve already said, there is a lot you can do for the common good.

  1. Organize the mass event of planting the trees with the name plates in your local park. So everyone will be reminded of their contribution to the neighborhood’s greenery and fresh air.
  2. Be a blood donor. Once you’re in the center, you’ve already saved someone’s life.
  3. Donate the clothing to the orphanages. Rummage in your wardrobe and don’t throw away your old garments. Instead, engage your friends and together bring the no longer used wear to those who need it most – to the orphanages or to the centers for the homeless people.
  4. Become a volunteer for the nursing home. It takes some bravery to visit the place where the abandoned elderly spend the rest of their days. Yet the smiles you can put on their faces after the conversation or the chess game are priceless.
  5. Help the new neighbors to accommodate. Offer your helping hand in carrying the stuff or organize a short journey over the community they’ve just settled in.

National Make a Difference Day Facts

  • There is a kind of prototype of the holiday in several other stated called the Good Deeds Day.

Mark in your calendar, when is Make a Difference Day in 2022, and try to start the chain of making good things for others in your own community.


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