When is National Tweed Day in 2020? – Could you answer this question, please? Well, to tell you the truth we are almost sure that your reply will be negative. All in all, fabric is an elastic kind of wool fabric, which has a small pile. Usually it obtains a linen or diagonal weave. This material is really soft and rather pleasant to the touch. It has been the item of Scotland’s national pride for many years, and even nowadays it is chosen by the representatives of the British royal court, as well as by many celebrities and ordinary people with great pleasure.


Frankly speaking, it is almost impossible to discover what day Tweed Day in 2020 is without mentioning the historical background of this amazing event.

In general this fabric comes from Harris, which is the southern part of the island of Lewis in Scotland, and is made from sheep’s wool, which is wound in thick threads.

Traditionally, these threads are given the color of peat, bog or moss and woven into the so-called “crow’s feet” pattern. The clothing of this type excellently protects against cold, strong wind and even rain. It is worth noting that just some years ago fabric was manufactured using local raw materials and in accordance with national technology.


Initially, this material was called Twil, and the modern name was received quite occasionally. In the 19th century, a merchant from London received a letter in which he was talking about Twilight. But probably not understanding the word, the merchant thought that it was a trademark named Tweed (in honor of the Tweed River).

Actually, there are some different explanations, why we are celebrating this holiday on April 3rd exactly. The most typical version is that the holiday was established in order to recognize such famous person as senator William “Boss” Tweed, who was born exactly on this day but 1823. At those times the man was among the wealthiest and most powerful politicians.


What does Tweed Day mean? Frankly speaking, are you really sure that we are able to reply this question instead of you? You see, it is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate something or to forget completely about its existence.

To tell you the truth we don’t see any reasons not to celebrate this special occasion. Why not? – It is going to be something really amazing.

Do not forget that it is not only warm, but also stylish stuff. Tweed products are extremely modern today, because they make it possible to create a unique and compelling image. Remember that the items are not only comfort and coziness, but also exquisite style.

Tweed is ideal for making clothes that are always very elegant and even sophisticated. Here is the list of the most appreciated ones:

  • clothes for riding and hunting;
  • demi-season and warm coats;
  • dresses;
  • jackets of classic and sports cut;
  • men’s and women’s suits;
  • pants;
  • poncho;
  • skirts;
  • sundresses;
  • waistcoats;
  • warm shorts and breeches.


Certainly, the question “When is International Tweed Day 2020?” needs some additional clarifications. Thus, we can’t but mention that this fabric serves as a standard of unchanging quality and fine work of weavers.

In fact it is a very strong material and almost does not crumple due to special twill weaving. Now there have been many kinds of it: in addition to classical, there have been enough modern fabric variants with exotic yarn, original texture and color.

In general in order to get some fabric, you need to make a lot of effort. First of all, you have to shear the sheep, after which the wool passes through several stages of processing – from cleaning to painting.

Any kind of this product has hardly noticeable color impregnations, regardless of the pattern. Typically, it’s red and blue on a beige background or green on a brown. There are ancient instructions for mixing colors, which are always guided by weavers. They comb the sheep’s wool and gently mix different shades with thin iron cogs.

Threads are weaved by hand with the help of special hand-held machines, and the fabric itself is also made. To make the things softer, it is recommended to soak them in soapy water. This process has a special name and it is called waulking.


When is Tweed Day in 2020, calendar will remind you, if you ask it about this unusual holiday. However, as you can perhaps understand this special occasion is not an official one that is why there is no reason to wait for any events, organized on a state level. But, of course, it is not a problem for people with good imagination, as they are always free to invent the entertainment for their own taste.

Tweed jacket

Some people prefer to devote April 3rd not only to tweed clothes wearing, but also to putting their old things into order. Fortunately, under these conditions proper care does not require much effort:

  • As it is a woolen fabric, it is best to wash tweed products manually, without any first soaking. For washing tweed, it is recommended to use special products intended specifically for wool;
  • If you still decide to wash the clothes in the washing machine, do not forget that for this washing it is recommended a low temperature, because of the heat your things can become small;
  • Dry the products in a horizontal position in order to avoid their deformation;
  • To iron things out is necessary only from the wrong side;
  • It is best to clean the tweed coat or jacket with a dry method. Dry cleaning will provide your favorite clothes a long and happy life.

National Tweed Day Facts

So you have already got the answer to the question “What is the date of Tweed Day in 2020?”, however, we want to give you some amazing pieces of information as well.

All in all not everybody knows that there are some different species of this material and here is our list:

  • Shepherd’s square is a fairly dense, coarse cloth of classical color. This variety has become fashionable since the 19th century and has been keeping its mark ever since;
  • Tweed Donegal, as a rule, is most suitable for vests and jackets. This delicate fabric of gray tones is often used for tailoring costumes for everyday wearing. In addition, we should mention that from this material and silk thread the contemporary ties are made;
  • Harris or English sort has excellent durability and is available in a wide range of colors. This material is especially good for warm jackets and perfectly matches with jeans or velvet pants;
  • Fishbone stitch is a classic drawing for jackets, which is very popular among Americans and continental Europeans. Typical colors are gray, green, brown and even blue. As a rule, such a fabric goes well with classic shirt and trousers;
  • Houndstooth is a fairly rich pattern, which is available in different colors. In fact, it is not very popular and is considered traditional for coats and jackets;
  • Cheviot is really coarse and very dense fabric, which owes its name to the Cheviot sheep breed. In the United Kingdom, this type of tweed is used to tailor sports suits;
  • The covert is another kind of material, which is usually used for riding jackets and coats. Initially, it was the covert that was widely spread in the countryside of Scotland. This fabric is produced in brown and green colors;
  • Bedford-cord, mainly, goes to sewing hunting clothes. This heavy and warm fabric differs from others with a wavy pattern.


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