We are used to singing the praises of Pumpkin the Orangeness officially once in a year, on All Hallowsโ€™ Eve. In fact, there is one more date for us to indulge in this autumn food.

You want to know when is National Pumpkin Day in 2022 and learn all the details of the veggieโ€™s story? Then read on!


The origin of the squash (another term for this vegetable) dates back to the end of the 4th millennia BC on the lands of whatโ€™s known today as Central America. The numerous excavations of those places and uncoverings of the tombs revealed the seeds, stems, and peel of the vegetable. It is considered to be the most ancient veggie in America.

Maya believed that the squash cured people and prolonged their life. In 3000 BC, according to the archeological finds, it was one of the crops and grown just like all the others vegetables. American scientists assume that the combination of the maize, beans, and pumpkin was one of the bases of the flourishing Aztecs and Inca civilizations. From the territories of Mexico, the squash began its entry to the Old World.

Halloween Pumpkin

First, it was brought to the Ancient Rome and Egypt. The prominent philosophers of those times related about the veggie. Once taken to the new countries, it got much-loved and used. Thus, the berry (youโ€™ll learn why later) wasnโ€™t just eaten but also harnessed to build the small baths for children. Moreover, in the south-eastern Asia, the locals honored and respected the squash. For some of them, it was a progenitress who gave birth to the nationalities.

Europe got to know the seeds of the vegetable after Columbus discovered America. Yet the all-embracing popularity came a bit later โ€“ only in the 19th century.

Today, the pumpkin is a typical guest on the fields in all agriculture areas of the world. Interestingly, itโ€™s not the US or Latin America that produces the biggest numbers of the food. China wins laurels in that field with India following. The US is just on the fourth place in that squash farming hierarchy.

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So, when is International Pumpkin Day 2022? Very close to Halloween!


What does National Pumpkin Day mean? It means celebrating the veggie, cooking the veggie, and eating the veggie!

However, thereโ€™s much more what you can do with this thing after the example of the ancestors. Its sorts were divided into the โ€œtechnicalโ€ โ€“ used for making the containers and even instruments โ€“ and โ€œeatableโ€ ones.

Thus, the Indians cut out the cookware, rugs, bath sponges, hats. The thickest ones went for the washing tubes, bottles for wine and water, and tuns. Itโ€™s also good forโ€ฆ catching the monkeys! The folks drill the thing and pour some seeds inside. The curious animals slipped their paw into the veggie and are taken unawares as they canโ€™t pull out the clenched limb.

In the Central Asia, the squash is known for making the decent buckets, spoons, and rattles for scaring away the sparrows from the crops; besides, itโ€™s suitable for storing the grain and cereals. Africans used to shove their clothes into the fruit if the rain was coming, and make the harps out of it. On top of that, the famous tomtoms come out of the vegetable.

By the way, the glorious Sherlock Holmes smoked the pipe made solely of the squash. The theme shop on Baker Street still sells that kind of the pipes.

The pumpkin is the essential part of Halloween festivity. Do you know why? It symbolizes the ends of the harvesting, the evil spirit, and the fire that frightens it off at the same time! The jack-o-lanterns โ€“ those easily recognized autumn decorations โ€“ are lighted annually in the myriads of the houses. This thing with the eyes, nose, and mouth came from the ancient Irish legend. The man called Jack managed to fool the Devil himself two times in a row and therefore got the promise that he wouldnโ€™t possess his soul. Yet, for the sins he made on the earth, Jack wasnโ€™t allowed to the heaven. The Devil granted him the smoldering coals which the man put into the lantern cut out of the pumpkin. So waiting for the doomsday, he roams about the world, lighting the way with this thing.

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Regardless of what day World Pumpkin Day in 2022 falls on, donโ€™t underestimate the mystic and everyday power of the veggie!


The pumpkin is the vegetable of the Cucurbitaceae family which is characterized by the yellow or orange colors and big round fruits. Up to these days, the scientists canโ€™t define whether it is a vegetable orโ€ฆ a berry (just like the watermelon and โ€“ what a surprise โ€“ the cucumber).

It is no doubt that the squash is beneficial for our health. It contains the decent amounts of the microelements such as the iron, carotene, vitamins T, C, B, and E. The pulp is rich in the phosphorus and copper that influence on the processes of the blood regeneration. Eating half a slice of the berry, or veggie, helps cure the cholecyst, liver, and alimentary tract diseases; prevents diabetes and keep the organism vigorous and energetic. Vitamin E, hiding in the orange berry, precludes the precocious aging.

The seeds of the squash are good for making the oil. Itโ€™s highly valued as the product of the prophylactic diet. It has a positive effect on the liver functioning, helps the suffering from prostatitis, and gets cholesterol out of the organism.

What is the date of National Pumpkin Day 2022? It occurs on October 26!



There are various ways of how to celebrate the holiday. Thus, you can eat the raw pumpkin, enjoy the baked veggie, and revel in the pumpkin soup or even cocktail!

However, we suggest you to spend this day eating up the classic American pumpkin pie with cinnamon. Need a recipe?

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For that case, you need not any squash from the bed but of the oblong shape. Plus, 400 grams of the flour, 250 grams of the unsalted butter, 3 eggs, 200 grams of sugar, and 200 milliliters of the cream. In a nutshell, combine the flour and the pinch of salt in the large bowl and blend it with butter with your hands. Add the slightly whipped egg and knead the dough. Wrap it in the food wrap and leave in the fridge for an hour.

Meanwhile, there is a pumpkin to deal with. Peel it and remove the seeds; cut into cubes and put into the pan with a bit of water. Stew it till the pulp is soft and the liquid evaporates. Blend it properly and rub through the sieve. Roll out the paste on the surface slightly covered with flour and put it into the round form. Place the baking paper over the dough and pour the beans as it helps the base to get baked evenly. Send it into the oven for about 15 minutes. Whip the veggieโ€™s puree with two eggs, sugar, cream, and salt. Pour the mixture onto the base and bake for an hour.

Let it get cold in the oven and meanwhile invite the friends and throw the pumpkin party! Or, a cozy warm family meeting in the evening. On top of that, you can make it the day before and treat your colleagues to this delicacy the next morning.

However, if you do not want to share this yummy orange squash experience, you are allowed to eat it up alone, washing it down with coffee, or tea, or whatever you prefer.

International Pumpkin Day Facts

  • 90% of the vegetableโ€™s mass is โ€ฆ water
  • The biggest berry was grown in Switzerland and weighed 1050 kilograms
  • The leader of the squash farming in the US is Illinois

All in all, make a firm fixture in your calendar, when is Pumpkin Day in 2022, and try to pick the best one to celebrate this holiday.


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