Space is one of the most mysterious spheres of knowledge. People have been trying to get as many facts about the space, stars and planets as they could during their existence. In ancient times tribes made a whole system of supervision watching the stars and the Sun. The discovery of new planets was always a special occasion in the people’s lives and science. The topic of the Universe was always very disputable. In the Middle Ages the question of the Earth’s position in the Universe was even forbidden. One of the most interesting questions concerns Pluto. It raises lots of debates during the scientific meetings. The society even created a special holiday devoted to the planet. When is National Pluto Day in 2020? How can the community spend the day?


The start of the history of Pluto in the science started in the 40s of the 19th century. It was discovered that a planet existed near Uranus. The discovery was made by U.Verrier. The fact was a mistake because the new planet was Neptune.

Later another stellar object was discovered. It was beyond Neptune. The method of searching objects led to the conclusion that Uranus had several objects on its orbit. Later expectations speculated the information about a strange invader of Uranus’ space.

The interest to the unknown object was great in the beginning of the 20th century. The researches continued with the help of a woman from Boston who created an observatory in Arizona. P.Lowell named an unknown new planet as “Planet X” and started searching it beyond Neptune. More than 10 different researches were made in the beginning of the 20th century. The case even had a legal battle for the rights of the research.


The discovery of the real planet was made by C.Tombaugh. He was a 23-year old man who started working in the observatory in 1929. He made images using a blink comparator. It let to discover an object in winter 1930. Thus, the confirmation of the discovery took place in 1930, on the 13th of March. It was sent to the Harvard College, to the Observatory.

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Nowadays Pluto is observed by NASA with the help of telescopes. The planet is very far away, that’s why photos are very fuzzy even when they’re taken by the most powerful telescopes. A new spacecraft was sent to the planet in 2006. It took him 10 years to reach Pluto. The spacecraft’s name is New Horizons. It helps researchers get new information about the planet. It also helps research the moons.

People proposed celebrating the month when the main researches for discovering the planet were fulfilled. “What day Pluto Day in 2020?” It is on the 18th of February.


What does Pluto Day mean for every researcher and ordinary people? The question of space is very interesting for children and adults. The observance is a good reason to attend a local planetarium or just watch a movie devoted to the topic.

The holiday isn’t an official holiday accepted on the federal level. It is a holiday which isn’t a day-off if it falls on the week-day. Establishments and shops are open on the day. The occasion is supported mainly on the scientific level. Different educational and governmental programs are held during the observance.

Some states consider the holiday a fun event. It isn’t paid much attention to, though there are many event initiated by devoted people and organizations. Due to the spread of the Internet, the occasion is supported by many ungovernmental establishments. Lots of educational movies are presented on the day.

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The researchers have a chance to get a financial support to their researches on the day. They may get a sponsors’ help which would give an opportunity to push their researching works forward to the success. The day is a very useful event that helps to create a positive way of thinking about the space, planets and other stellar objects.

The event is held with the help of organizations throughout the world. When is International Pluto Day 2020? It’s set on the 18th of February.


When researchers affirmed this discovery, there were lots of suggestions devoted to the future name of the planet. People sent more than a thousand names for the discovery. The number of names for that new planet was various. People proposed Constance, Percival, Zeus, Zymal and Atlas. All variants were inappropriate. They weren’t accepted by the researchers.

A small girl who was very interested in the mythology proposed her own variant. A schoolgirl asked researchers to give the new object the name Pluto. According to mythology, it was the God of the Underworld. An 11–year-old girl proposed the name to the new planet to her grandfather. He had worked in a library at the Oxford University before that. The man passed that variant to H.H.Turner who was a professor of astronomy in the university. At least, the list of names consisted of 3 names: Pluto, Cronus and Minerva. The members of the Lowell Observatory voted for the best variant. It was a surprise that the first variant was accepted by everybody. The girl received a small reward for her proposition. The name of the planet was announced in 1930, on the 1st of May.

Later the name was caught up. It was used as the name of the cartoon personage and a new chemical element. Transliterations are used in the world literature. The collision is that people hearing the title of the holiday don’t know exactly what they should celebrate. They may think that the holiday concerns the famous cartoon character. What is the date of Pluto Day 2020? It’s held on the 18th of February.

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Pluto landscape


There’re lots of variants of celebrating the occasion. People can attend any program devoted to the space in the local observance. The organizers usually propose special films and exhibitions on the day. Teachers of astronomy and other sciences must also be ready to present the theme to their children. They are to find materials about the Solar system and Pluto as well. If they feel difficulties with the topic, they should welcome professors of astronomy and other scientists at their classes.

People can find TV-programs or even find the information in the Internet. They can spend the whole evening and night watching stars. Every action will be romantic and exciting. If you are a curious person, find the information in newspapers and journals. The best way is to visit a library. Read biographies of great researchers, especially of C.Tombaugh. You can read a science fiction literature and propose an appropriate variant to a child. Read about the Solar system and planets which form the system.

You can find quizzes about the space and the stellar bodies. Let your children be creative and be creative yourself. Try to make the Solar system with the help of molded paperboard and other materials. The help of parents and other adult relatives is necessary. When is Pluto Day, calendar of events? It’s on the 18th of February.

National Pluto Day Facts

  • The discovery happened in 1930.
  • It has been considered as the smallest planet till 2006 when reclassification happened.
  • It is a dwarf planet.
  • It’s almost 6 billion km from the Sun.
  • It’s 1/3 less in diameter than the Earth.
  • The planet’s trip around the Sun takes almost 250 years.
  • It has got 5 moons.


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