Protection of the surrounding biosphere is a necessary and noble cause. Everybody is ready to admit it. However, are you ready to reply the matter โ€œWhen is National Bird Day in 2020?โ€ without any serious thinking or surfing the net?

Unfortunately, some biological species have been in danger, in particular, birds, which make up a significant part of the terrestrial fauna. Many thousands have been exterminated by humans, and although this process has slowed down, but has not stopped. And a lot of species are under real threat of complete extinction even now. Therefore, any measures taken to preserve the maximum diversity of life on the planet should only be welcomed by society, as well as the date discussed, today.


Certainly, it is impossible to rise the subject โ€œWhat is the date of National Bird Day 2020?โ€ without mentioning the past of this important holiday.

Initially this event, as a mass children’s holiday, began to be conducted in the USA. In 1894, the occasion was organized by a teacher from the town of Oile called Chaples Babcock. The pedagogue was supported by the popular periodicals “Pittsburgh Telegraphic Chronicle” that began to popularize Bird Days, making it very active.

Moreover, the edition organized a special club institution represented by museum aimed to the protection of feathered creatures . The institution was created especially for kids.


After a while the event began to be widely conducted, as a national holiday, in all states, countries, and a little later in many countries of the Old and New World, already as the International Day of Feathered creatures. Approximate at the same time it was written the first book on the acquisition under the title “Universal Protection of Birds”. Up to the present moment this work has been translated into many languages.


What does National Bird Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking, it would be quite difficult for us to answer this question, if you demand us to do it. Why? โ€“ The matter is that the reply seems to be rather individual or even personal.

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You see, among the representatives of the contemporary society there is a great amount of those guys and ladies, who are indifferent as to these creatures. That is why it is not a surprise that they are not going to celebrate this holiday in practice.

However, the role of feathered creatures in nature is very significant due to the diversity of their activities and very large numbers. It is estimated that about 100 billion of them live on the globe. All of them eat a large amount of plant and animal food, thus having a significant impact on the living nature. Particularly important is the importance in regulating the number of insects and small rodents. Sometimes they themselves serve as food to other animals. Thus, birds are an important link in the feeding chains of living organisms.

Great importance is also in the spread of seeds. Biting juicy fruits of mountain ash, elderberry, cowberry, bird cherry, blueberry and many other plants, they fly from place to place and throw away the undamaged seeds together with the droppings. It is due to their activity that the heavy fruits of oak – acorns – are far from the tree on which they grew. Jays and others that feed on acorns carry them far away and often lose. Flowers of some tropical plants are pollinated by feathered creatures ย of hummingbirds and nectar, which, like many insects, feed on floral nectar.


Trying to represent the matter what day World Bird Day in 2020 is, in bright colors and to show its importance, we would also like to remind you about another important special occasion, which has been organized every second Saturday in May, at the request of the ornithologists of the Cornell Laboratory. The United States has been celebrating the World Day of Migratory Bird since 1993. And, although this holiday is considered international, mostly events related to this day are held in North America. The purpose of the holiday is to address the public’s attention to global environmental changes, which destroy the ecosystems of the range (winter and summer) of migratory creatures, as well as the return of natural conditions habitual to the kinds of migratory birds for reproduction, flight, and hatching eggs.

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They inhabit all the continents and most of the islands of the globe. They live wherever there are plants and animals suitable for food: forests, mountains, meadows and swamps, steppes, tundras and deserts. There are birds that spend most of their life in the open sea. Currently, more than 9,000 species are known in the world fauna. They are most diverse in the tropical forests, and in the harsh conditions of the Arctic and the Antarctic, bird species are few, but they are represented by a large number of individuals.


When is Bird Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. The only thing you should mind is when April 1 comes. It is not difficult, isnโ€™t it?

Today, the celebration of this day has gained new dimensions. Every year on the first day of April, adults together with their children of various ages are engaged in the improvement of places where they live, hanging new feeders and nests for birds.

The time of celebration is chosen just at the time when these creatures return from warm countries and are looking for new habitats. A month and a half later, another holiday is celebrated – World Migratory Bird Day. It is quite logical, isnโ€™t it?

Birds singing

These holidays are very symbolic, because annually, in spring, migratory birds show an example of love for their motherland, overcoming thousands of kilometers they carry news of the spring from the warmer edges. How can you be indifferent to such bird patriotism?

Do you know the ways of this special occasion celebration? โ€“ It is quite easy in fact. You can even stay at home and devote this day to this even. โ€“ Nowadays there are a lot of movies and books mentioning this topic. โ€“ Watch something interesting or read amazing articles together with your children, friends or relatives.

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Some people prefer to visit zoos. Here there is a possibility or opportunity to listen to something interesting from the specialists, who are working there.

International Bird Day Facts

So, you have got the reply to โ€œWhen is International Bird Day 2020?โ€ but would you like to find out something more about this matter? We are going to amaze you now. Are you ready?

It is difficult to believe in these facts but since 1600 about 100 species have disappeared all around the planet. Most of them were represented by small populations and lived on the sea islands. Often incapable of flying, like the dodo, and almost not afraid of humans as well as the small predators, which were brought by people, they turned to be quite an easy prey. Currently, many species are also on the verge of extinction.

Nowadays many countries have laws and participate in international agreements for the protection of migratory birds. However, a more serious threat does not come from hunters, but from completely “peaceful” types of human activity. Skyscrapers, TV towers and other high-rise buildings are deadly obstacles for migratory birds. Feathery creatures are knocked down and crushed by cars.

The spills of oil in the sea destroy a lot of water ones. No less serious threat is caused by environmental pollution.

Artificial pollutants are chemicals that are virtually absent in the virgin nature. To stop the man’s interference into the world of birds is unlikely to succeed; the only hope is to slow it down. One of the measures may be more strict responsibility for the destruction of natural habitats and pollution of the environment. Another measure is an increase the borders of the natural reserves in order to preserve some natural communities, which are in danger.


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