In the modern calendar there is a great amount of various holidays. Some of them are known quite well, others are forgotten nowadays. Many contemporary people prefer to turn back to the traditions and to renovate the things which were appreciated a long time ago. Today we are going to discuss the Names Day. Have you ever heard about it? – We are almost sure you have! But do you celebrate it properly?

We are going to teach you how to do everything in a good way. The holiday is rather old and it is worth to be remembered and kept in the world as much as it is possible. Are you ready for this? – We are starting.


Thinking of Fun Facts About Names Day we would like to represent our readers a great amount of various pieces of information, but it is not so easy as it may seem at the first sight. First of all we want to remind you that this holiday is believed to be religious that it the reason why the manners of its celebration can be changed from country to country.

At the very beginning we want to tell that unlike many other Orthodox holidays, this one has been in oblivion for a long time. But the holiday hasn’t given up so easily. It is considered to be special, as it is connected with the sacrament of baptism and with the names worn by our heavenly patrons-namesake.


Especially magnificently celebrated the royal name-day, which was considered a public holiday. On this day, the boyars and courtiers in Russia came to the royal court in order to present gifts and participate in a festive meal. Sometimes the king personally distributed pies. The people were carrying huge birthday rolls. Later, other traditions appeared: military parades, fireworks, illuminations, shields with imperial monograms.

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There is a tradition that has come from a long time: on the birthday of a person, people were singing a song about a loaf that was baked on the name-day. On the day of the holiday, the birthday man/woman went to church with his/her relatives and ordered a public prayer for his/her health. In the afternoon, birthday cakes were delivered to friends and relatives, and often the filling and size of the cake had a special meaning, determined by the nature of the relationship and the family. In the evening a festive meal was arranged.

As a rule this holiday is associated with huge meals or modest celebrations. Some people prefer to invite a lot of friends and relatives to their homes, others like warm and hearty family parties. In both cases you will need to cook something for your guests.

In Poland, the high celebration of this event is considered to be popular. In most cases it is associated with the so called Christian calendar. In Poland, popular names can have two or more analogues in the year. In such cases it is customary to hold the nearest day after the birthday, but this is not necessary. Therefore, if you want to congratulate somebody or to be involved it is advisable to ask the person when he/she usually celebrates it.

The holiday is considered to be an old one. Therefore, thinking through the menu and serving the table, let’s turn to the ancient traditions. To tell you the truth this special occasion is not celebrated magnificently. – Only relatives and closest friends are invited. It means that it is necessary to organize the special mood for a cozy homecoming with a leisurely conversation: muffle the light, place the lighted candles in the form of angels and prepare traditional birthday meals.

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What things to buy

This question is not so easy, as many people are sure. Of course, everybody tries to bring something special to this party. But what should it be exactly? Let’s discover some points in details.

  • In the USA as well as in some European countries there is a tradition to give something special for people, who are coming to share this day with you. Have you ever thought about a mug with the names of guests? To tell you the truth, everyone will be pleased to drink tea from them and to take them home after all.
  • Think about a beautiful book of names. It will entertain you between first dishes and dessert. By the way it would be a perfect chance for your guests to know something special about their own angel’s day.
  • A personal amulet made of stone or wood. It may be of any form or shape or even handmade one. This carefully about this thing it should be unusual in any way.
  • Nowadays many manufacturers offer a soft toy with a recorded voice greeting, for example: “Hooray! Name day for Christina!” It sounds terrific and will surely improve your mood.
  • Candles in the form of angels. Up to the present moment there is a great amount of them. It is up to you to choose. They can be colorful or monochrome, small or large, with scent or quite odorless.
  • The etymology of the name, made on the skin, is also appreciated. Choose the style you like and think carefully about this idea.
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donuts with names

Amazing pieces of various facts

Have you ever heard that common Finnish kids, as a rule, spend the first two months of life without any official name? Officially their parents are given about two months for the child’s name registration at the Population Registration Center. Frankly speaking, many men and women prefer not to rush to select the right name for the new born family member. The Helsinki University’s calendars office stresses the possible connection of this tradition with the fact that earlier people living in remote places among the forests needed enough time to get to the city for the child’s baptism.

The main dish on this holiday has always been and remains a festive loaf. It is known that earlier on the royal days of the angel the king went out “to the public” and cut the dish personally and handed out baked goods to the simple people. If you want to try to keep the tradition and keep the main quality of the pie in our day, you should prepare it very large.

To create it properly, knead some fresh sweet dough and make two cakes from it. On the first put a layer of mashed potatoes with milk, butter and fried onions, then chopped the fillets of your favorite fish and close the other cake. Carefully stick the edges of the pie, smash it with an egg and always make a hole for the steam exit with a toothpick or fork. Then bake until ready at 220-230 C.


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