The United States of America, its government in particular, always think of their people. Every citizen and resident of the States are extremely important for the country and nobody is left without attention. That is why the country holds different holidays, festivals, parades, try to develop every sphere of technology and medicine in order to provide people the best life it only can be. And in this article, we would like to touch upon one important topic in the modern world. The speech will be about heart diseases in women and a holiday, dedicated to this problem, which is called National Wear Red Day. We will go closer to the sense of the day and know, when is National Wear Red Day in 2017.

National Wear Red Day 2017

What does this holiday mean?

Though it may seem strange and unnecessary for some people, it is not like this. Well, first of all, it should be admitted that this is not an official holiday. People don’t have any days off, students still visit schools and universities. Other offices and companies also work as a usual. But at this day people know, that they should wear red clothes and pay attention to each other.

So, the meaning of the holiday is to pay people’s attention to the problem of heart diseases in women in the United States. Nowadays, more and more people know, what day National Wear Red Day in 2017 is. According to the statistics, every couple of minutes a woman dies because of this or that heart disease. There are several things, which activist want to achieve by spending such a day:

  • Making more people, especially women, think about their health and do everything in order to be in good condition. They must know and do not forget how to eat correctly and what to eat, how to keep fit and why do sports regularly and what is important of regular medical tests. Heart diseases, which kill many people, may be diagnosed earlier if people were more careful. In such a way any disease may be not only prevented but treated easily.
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  • Those, who know about this problem – doctors, in particular, closely touch it by trying to explore the reasons for the diseases and methods of its preventing. Also, a lot of clinics and laboratories strongly work on the development of all possible methods of treatments. It is a very expensive work, which needs money, time, people resources and many other things. But for all this they need money, and money doesn’t fall from the sky. When the society is not aware of all this, nobody knows that they can help. But when paying their attention, people will have understanding and opportunity for making help.
  • With the help of such holidays people, living close to each other, change their minds, become more sensitive and take part in the problems of others. Making help towards others and to be not indifferent to the people makes great work for ourselves, firstly.

Hope, that now it became more obvious, why is it important to know, when is National Wear Red Day 2017 and why so many attention is paid towards it.

National Wear Red Day

What is happening during the day

During this day people all over the country wear red clothes. It is a gesture, which shows others, that you are not indifferent to glop\bal problems in your country. Why has the red color been chosen? It is so because red is the color of the heart. The color became a sort of symbol for this holiday.

People wear red at work, in schools, when just walking outside – everywhere. At this day people can donate money to the organizations, which work with women with such like diseases and to the laboratories, which work on the problem and try to develop treatments and methods of treatment.

If you are also interested in the problem and don’t want to be aside and want to take part in all this – find out, what is the date of National Wear Red Day 2017. This year, by the way, it will be September 3d.


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