Language is the mirror of every nation. It portrays all changes that happen with people, holds its cultural heritage, customs, and habits. The nation could not exist without its mother tongue. Moreover, its hereditary code, the desires, the aspirations, and goals are detained in the speech of the nationality. Scientists sometimes call it the memory of the race where tiny particles build a bid linguistic structure that is the language.

Every parlance is rich and abundant of idioms, phraseological locutions, homonyms, confused words, and other cherries on the cake. The tongue twisters are not the exception. Being purely the part of verbal folklore, these oral locutions are widely spread among old and young. It is interesting to discover now when is International Tongue Twister Day in 2022. Why did Americans begin to celebrate this holiday? What is the reason for their popularity in the society?


Tongue twister are phrases and words combinations which are difficult to pronounce. They appear in every language in the world, and have various semantic and stylistic structure. They do not have an author because they are folk oral sayings, they were bandied from one generation to another. That is why the sayings touched the big historical and economic events and changes in the existing society. For example, Slavonic family of languages is full of expressions about Mongolian and Turkish nations because the territories of Eastern Europe were encaptured by the aggressors in XIII-XIV centuries. The Slaves who suffered from the wars, hunger, and misery memorized those sinister times in their speech pattern.

Tongue Twister Day Card

Concerning what day National Tongue Twister Day is in 2022, it is always commemorated on the second Wednesday of November. The feast can be named also a linguistic one, it presents a huge material for philological studies. As an example, one English rapid saying “Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers” has a real prototype. It was a French pirate Pierre Poivre. It is interesting to underline that in French, poivre is pepper though here we see a combination of two cultures in one sputter. Furthermore, this man lived in XVIII century and became famous by his mad love toward hot spices. As a result, his name entered a worldwide heritage and immortalized him forever.

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What does National Tongue Twister Day mean for Americans? Well, the coin has two sides. These expressions remain funny and amusing by their nature still they play an important part in the education process. The children and adults adore them while practicing the language, competition in small patters and having fun. Besides,ย tongue twisters are used in the teaching area and aim:

  • To correct the pronunciation, make it better or to improve the style of speaking
  • To develop the language skills
  • To improve the way of speaking of singers, artists, TV and radio presenters
  • To simplify the phonetics for young children, to get them ready for school
  • To ameliorate the work of human brain, the operations of memorizing

So, if you do not have any plans for November 8 this year in your calendars, make it known when is Tongue Twister Day in 2022 and establish a joyful party in your house. The day is not only dedicated to the difficult locutions in the pronunciation. It is the holiday of English language, its development, its rich funds and treasures.


As it was mentioned before, tongue-twisters consist of word combinations which are mispronounced because of their similar affixes and radicals. They belong to word games. There are several rules which could teach us how to master the sputter. It is very useful now while we are commemorating their occasional day. First of all, you should say the expression very slow and in loud voice. It is important to make your own rhythm and then accelerate. Secondly, accentuate on the ending of the phrase and try to do it in one breath. Thirdly, it is good to practice them moving, jumping, walking down the street, laying on the sofa, and sitting in the park. And at last, sing the sputters, use your creativity and originality.


We all used to honor Christmas, Easter or Thanksgiving but what about the feast when is International Tongue Twister Day in 2022? How can we share the traditions of the festival? Above all, if you did not try to pronounce difficult word locutions correctly, it is worth to do it. Check how good are your abilities in your mother tongue and discover how beautiful is your native language. Provide a small or big whatever you decide between people you know. Ask them to speak fast and enjoy this great time together. Another step in the holiday celebration is to find old and archaic vocal warm-up. Visit your grandmas and grandpas, share some sweet memories from their lives and learn their favorite sayings. Then, if you are not satisfied with the found information, go to the library or surf on the Internet. Dig in the richness of books and you will surely discover the hidden diamonds of folk oral art. This holiday has also one important purpose. It is to make us closer through our way of speaking, to get people more aware about their history, culture, and mentality. We have to understand our language, to know its development, modifications, and changes. The way we communicate is the manner we live.

10 Popular Tongue Twisters

You may create your own rapid speech. Invite your children, involve them in this mode of playing. The teachers complain very often that children cannot develop or defend the opinion they have, they sometimes miss expressions and word combinations. The today celebration may probably get them interested in English. It will raise the level of the spoken language, make it clear, abundant, and pure.

International Tongue Twister Facts

  • These expressions have their place in the Guinness Book of Records. The last one testifies the most difficult English saying to pronounce is “The sixth sick sheik’s sixth sheep sick”.
  • The British songwriter Terry Sullivan wrote an interesting sputter “She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore”. The man was inspired by the life of Mary Anning.
  • The linguists say that the rapid speech was invented to make people laugh and to make fun. It was their predominant role. Some time ago, there was no television, neither radio nor the internet. Men and women were passing their free time saying patterns and having fun. That is the reason why these speech combinations have conserved the spirit of the past time.
  • The communicative skills and abilities are the most wanted in some prestigious world companies. If you want to work at, they may ask you… to articulate the tongue-twister. Be ready to pass such a weird interview.
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Now you know what is the date of World Tongue Twister Day 2022. You needn’t spend any money, set up big parties. All you need is a good mood. Especially if you have decided to honor it in the circle of family. Fill your mouth with nuts, chocolate or water and try to articulate the tongue-twisters. Keep doing it jumping on the trampoline. And do not forget to videotape these unforgettable moments. The tongue twisters will not only improve the manner you speak, they will raise your mood, bring positive emotions, and make you happier.


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