Sometimes there is a lack of some emotions in our lives, that is why people sometimes create things, which are not real but start playing in our lives a particular role. For example, there are numerous fabled creatures, that became peopleโ€™s part of lives, though they were invented by them, but were not true to life. Such creatures are really numerous, but in the particular text, we will discuss with you one only – dragons. A whole holiday is dedicated to them, so here we would like to pay your attention to it and speak on the topic more detailed. We will tell you everything, which we know about this day and will certainly find out, when is National Appreciate a Dragon Day in 2020.


This holiday is known not for all people that is why here we would like to give everybody answers to all the questions. And certainly, as it is mostly unknownto many of you, why and when at all has the holiday began, we will certainly start with the discussion of its history. Right you are and you shouldnโ€™t be surprised, that though this day exists for not so long time, it has its roots and reasons for living. If you havenโ€™t known anything about it by now, then maybe after you catch all the idea, you will join other participants and will love this day too.

Appreciate A Dragon

So, letโ€™s move closer to the very holiday. It began its life not so long ago but in 2004 only. Probably such a day wouldnโ€™t have existed, but the same year women called Mrs. Paul, wrote a book about a dragon and wanted to promote it and pay as much attention to it as possible. She thought, that creating such a thematically oriented holiday would be a success. And she was right. Since that year many people support her ide even by present times, more people join it every year, new traditions and customs appear. We can only say that people love it and understand the idea. They all know well, what day World Appreciate a Dragon Day in 2020 is.

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What does National Appreciate a Dragon Day mean, it will be spoken about further in the paragraphs below. Firstly we would like to give you some general explanations, reasonable it will be that afterward, we will be deeping into the rest of the topic. Actually, only from the name of the article and holiday, you could have already guessed, what is it all about. But still, we want to bring there more concrete facts and make everything fully clear. Certainly, the main hero and reason of this day is a dragon. It is a creature, widely spread in all spheres of art in many countries.

Dragons were described firstly many centuries ago and are a huge part of mythology and philosophy of many countries. Also nowadays they regularly become main heroes in literature โ€“ stories, novels, fantasy stories, and also numerous films for children and adults are shot. That is why these creatures have millions of fans in the whole world, so it is a good reason to gather all these people at one international holiday and dedicate one day a year to all possible activities, connected with dragons. Certainly, it is more a funny holiday, not serious, but still, gives people a good opportunity to have fun and get a good mood.


So, by now the general sense of it all is clear and we will move further to the details and will explain you everything, which you need to know. The sense of the holiday is all about dragons and everything, connected to them. If you are a dragon lover than you can dedicate this whole day to them โ€“ develop the idea, share it with your family, company or other people to get them involved into it all too.

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Actually, during this day, you can meet as many dragons as it is only possible. Everything depends on the area, where it is celebrated, but all in all the sense is practically the same. People organize various shows, activities both in their cities and also just inside the family. Everything during this day is connected with dragons, so you are able to do everything, you wish, just dedicate it to a dragon. Through the time people have already made up a lot of interesting things, so you are free to take their ideas too if you do not have your own. Just know beforehand, when is International Appreciate a Dragon Day 2020.


We would like to dedicate this paragraph to the traditions of the holiday, which are usually mostly appreciated by the participants of this day. Actually, you are free to do any activity, which you love best. Usually, people enjoy reading popular books or watching the popular film, which tells us about dragons and their stories. Certainly, all of these examples are fiction, but this genre forms its own niche among all of the rest and has a huge number of fans in all countries throughout the world.

Giant dragon

Also, there are numerous other things, which people enjoy doing on this day. As an example, puppet shows with dragons are extremely widespread and beloved by the public. Also, it is an interesting activity to search for or create your own dragon and make photos of it in interesting places and locations. If you canโ€™t do your own one, you may just look for it around the city, it is a really interesting thing to entertain yourself or your company. Also, this holiday is a good time spending for families with children โ€“ there are so many things created, where children may take part. So, you too can be involved into it all if you know, what is the date of National Appreciate a Dragon Day 2020.

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International Appreciate A Dragon Day Facts

As this holiday is not that serious, then it is not a day off for people in all countries. That is why during the day many institutions organize their own activities, which are dedicated to the theme of the day. For example, it is a good thing for schools, where teachers try to spread the idea of the holiday and they explain pupils everything on this point and spend their lessons, connected with dragons. Usually, it all is made in a form of projects or some artworks. It is not only interesting for pupils but also cognitive and developing.

Though the holiday is rather young, it becomes more popular among the citizens and not only among children. Adults also love it, as many of grown-ups are fans of dragons and develop this culture too. You may take part in the celebrations at any time if you are interested. And it is not obligatory to do it somewhere with unknown people, you may begin it all just with the members of your family and you can look up, when is Appreciate a Dragon Day in 2020, in the calendar for it. Share your celebrations and ideas in social networks on January 16, as many people do, maybe somebody will like them too. Also there you may find likeminded people and see their interesting ideas too.


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