When is National Superhero day in 2020? Do you know the answer to this question? Is it difficult for you as for the most part of contemporary men and women or you can cope with the reply easily and without any difficulties? Frankly speaking, only some people know that the modern calendar contains the special occasion devoted to this direction. And this is an explanation why we are going to investigate the matter today. We are sure that it deserves public attention.


Actually the reply to the question concerning the matter what day Superhero day in 2020 is, is not very easy, because it is almost impossible to discover why it has been proposed to celebrate this holiday on April 28th annually. We have found out that initially the day was established by the representatives of the Marvel Comics Studio and it happened a long time ago, in 1995 to be more exact.ย 

In general, in the middle of the 20th century, superheroes came to this world, starting the Golden Age of comics. Superheroic crazy popularity not coincided with one of the most difficult periods for the whole world. The end of the 30s was extremely famous for many events, among which the most amazing ones are world wars, the Holocaust, nuclear threats, rampant crime and numerous gang fights. It was then that society felt a great need for protection, and this need created new heroes. Batman, Superman, Captain America, Wonder Woman, Iron Man appeared in order to give hope, to protect humanity and to save the society at least on the pages of painted magazines. The time passed away, the threats, as well as the principles and ideals changed. But comics continued to exist in inseparable symbiosis with the outside world in order to fill the need for certain heroes.

Although it was a period of their emergence and formation, the golden age of comics turned out to be quite primitive and cardboard. America created the mythology of its new world from scratch and used it exclusively for propaganda. During World War II, comics came out frantically in order to raise the morale of the nation. Heroes were simple, clearly divided into good and evil. Decades later, a large-scale evolution began. The origin of real comics, which would reflect the problem, rather than manipulated consciousness, was in the 60s.


What does Superhero day mean? All in all, it is difficult to predict whether you would like to celebrate this holiday or not. To give the certain answer we have to know you personally. Under other circumstances it is impossible to succeed. All in all, we canโ€™t but mention that comics, like any other art form, reflect the problems of society and offer their solutions. Nowadays when the society discusses actively feminism and fights against corruption in social networks, the same phenomena can be seen on the pages of comics. Superheroes find their own answers to questions about equality, opposition to total control by the state and homophobia. In fact comics in different years have responded to the main problems and anxieties of public.

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Some people still call comics a children’s fairy tale. But everything is much more complicated. Many global social problems are reflected in comics. Minification of minorities, xenophobia, homophobia, the emergence of feminism, Nazism, terrorism, corruption – comics have always become a mirror for society, revealed defects and problems as vividly as possible.


The question โ€œWhen is International Superhero day 2020?โ€ needs some explanations and clarifications. Talking about large-scale problems, itโ€™s worth starting with the first superhero the world saw. It was a well-known Superman. 1938 was the year, which is almost the end of the Great Depression. America proclaimed a new course and put forward new ideals. However, society was scared of change. And there the superhero came.

But we have to mention that the original Clark Kent was very different from the hero we know now. Once he could only jump long distances, did not disdain to kill, and dealt with everyday quarrels and petty crimes. After a while, the hero was transformed, he began to shoot lasers from his eyes, to fly, to drag buildings and generally save the world, as it should be the right superhero.

Superman became the creation of the Great Depression. He collected all possible positive qualities and became a ray of hope, an activist who could unite disunited people. He was a simple-minded, straightforward, noble defender, who always knew how to do the right thing.

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It is believed that Superman is not just made an alien. America has always been considered a country of immigrants, and Clark Kent himself is an immigrant just like everyone else. During World War II, comic books about his adventures were handed out to American soldiers to set an example of self-sacrifice for a good purpose.

Clark Kent has become a kind of marker of normality, when people lacked hope and confidence in the future. Superman was the universal soldier who could cope with any threat, be it a war, an economic crisis, or a family quarrels.


When is Superhero day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. As it has been already mentioned above the holiday is usually celebrated on April 28th and the date is fixed, that is why there are no problems with memorizing it.

As you perhaps understand there is no any universal way to spend this holiday differently. However, you can devote it to watching your favorite series and discussing them afterwards with you close friends, relatives, family members or even colleagues from work.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that comics reflect the problems of society. This is characteristic of any art, whether it is painting, ballet or literature. But comics make it unique and in their own way. The world of superheroes is not as far as it seems. This is the same land and the same time where we live, just with hyperboles, metaphors and flying people. Comics respond to the demands of society, allow you to take another look at the vices, the problems of mankind and correct them while there is still time.

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National Superhero day Facts

Discussing the matter โ€œWhat is the date of Superhero day in 2020?โ€ in our own surrounding, we came to conclusion that we have to introduce our readers some additional facts devoted to this direction.

In the 21st century, comics have changed. In the X-Men, the leader dies, the forces break down, and they arrange the most real revolution, Batman stably retains his marginality, but finally gets married, the universes destroy and restart to find something that will hook the readers again.

An interesting phenomenon is the invasion of young superheroes. So, young Titans appear in DS, Marvel along with familiar Avengers – Young Avengers, a team of teenagers runaway, famous heroes change – Muslim girl Kamal became the captain Marvel, 15-year-old black-skinned girl from Chicago replaced the Man, and the new Falcon eye became Kate Bishop.

All these stories are about the millenial generation. These are children of the new millennium, who think differently. Otherwise they arrive, understand modern technologies and boldly embody their plans. They are liberals to the bottom of the soul and know for sure how to live in a world which is able to change by leaps and bounds.

Millennials do not have those dogmas and affections that their predecessors had. Most young superheroes have problems in their families, and the company of the Runaway parents has supervillains in general, but this does not prevent them from making their choice. Such heroes, as a rule, are maximalist teenagers who never grow out of this state.


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