They are wonderful, interesting, colorful and joyful. They bring happiness and laugh. They have many fans among adults and children. If you have an opportunity to spend free time with them, you wonโ€™t refuse. Every person likes kites. There are many championships when people of all ages participate in kite flying. The Year schedule proposes several holidays when people glide kites in the year. One of these holidays takes place in January. If you want to follow the traditions, donโ€™t miss the holiday. When is National Kite Day in 2020?


The holiday was started in the state of Gujarat in India. The territory is famous for many festivals which take place annually. The holiday became a real show for tourists. The local residents of the state start making kites several months before the festival. They make a great amount of these colored flying things. The festival is so great and beautiful that Gujarat is visited by many thousands of foreigners and Indians. The local inhabitants name the holiday Uttarayan. It is a Hindi word.

Kites were made in the 5th century B.C. it is the Chinese invention. The start of producing the flying things is connected with the symbolic reflection of leaves which are given a lift by the wind. Another version of the symbol is that this thing reflects hats which can be blown from the head. The shipsโ€™ sails also have familiar features with kites.


There are many evidences that the inhabitants of the South Sea Islands also used these flying things in the 5th century. Their aim was to fish. The first frames were made from sturdy reeds and bamboo. It was a very strong construction. People also used paper, silk, leaves to make the sails. Tether or lines were produced from fibers which were previously braided and vines.

The function of such production was mainly ceremonial, though it was also used for getting fish. Some ethnic groups used them to communicate with Gods. It was thought that those things could pass messages to Gods. Kites were very symbolic at those ancient times. The Indian culture have a tradition to celebrate the holiday when winter ends. It is symbolizes the nature which awakens from the winter sleep.

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For many years the festivals was the competition as well as other kinds of sport. It was available only for wealthy people or the representatives of the royal family. Later other people got the possibility to participate in the occasion.

โ€œWhat day World Kite Day in 2020?โ€Itโ€™s celebrated on the 14th of January.


What does National Kite Day mean for participants and tourists? According to the tradition, the Indians continue observing the day as the symbol of spring coming. They paint their kites into bright colors and have fun and joy. The religious meaning is also taken into account. The organization of the show helps participants to feel themselves closer to Gods and heavens.

As the festival is nowadays available to every person, it can be visited by every family. Every person can always take part in the celebration. Indians are very hospitable people, thatโ€™s why the festival is interesting for many people from other territories of India and other countries of the world. The Brazilians, the Americans, the French, the Chinese, the Japanese, the English and other nationalities visit the state of Gujarat during the holiday to watch it and take part in it. The state gets a large income on the period due to the wide celebration.

Spectators can get real joy while watching the show. They usually feel something like freedom and great happiness. Every adult feels himself a child. The process of launching kites is very funny. It can be used by whole families. A person can feel liberation when his kite flies high into the sky. The colors can be chosen according to the mood and will of the creator. The only demand they are to be bright. When is International Kite Day 2020? Itโ€™s set on the 14th of January.

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The word is used from the 12th century. It was originally used in the German language. The wide use led it to the English language. Nowadays many dictionaries propose many definitions for one word. According to the vocabularies the term has the following meanings.

The most frequently the term is defined as a thing which is made of plastic, cloth or paper. It usually has a tail. The thing is produced with the ability to fly highly in the air. People control it due to a string. The wind helps to direct a kite in a concrete side. It is also a hawk which has got a notched tail and narrow wings. It is a kind of geometric figure.

Banking system uses the term to explain a check which is usually given from mock funds which havenโ€™t been collected. If an individual have a subject of prayer, he is named a kite. Another usage of the term is for the light sail.

The definition of the holiday makes people to participate in the celebration. It is obvious from the title of the festival that the main idea is to make a kite and make fly. People and especially fathers try to follow the observance when they hear about it. There is no need to explain the aim of the holiday. What is the date of National Kite Day 2020? The observance is annually on the 14th of January.

Kite Competition


The kites are extremely popular on the day and for the whole year. Thousands of people try to follow the observance themselves. A great way to celebrate the holiday is to go to the state of Gujarat and participate in the festival. The impression will be marvelous. The day will be in the memory forever. Bright colors, happy people and great joy will make the unforgettable impression on the person.

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The range of kites is impressive. It can be a simple figure. Complicated examples are also used very often. The choice of the variant is made according to natural conditions and a personal income.

Nowadays many competitions are made on the holiday and during the whole year. Thereโ€™re many sport models. Theyโ€™re sold throughout the world. The aim of such example isnโ€™t always set in the height of the flight. It is important to make the flight very dramatic for spectators.

You can make the observance a real family tradition. Father can propose his children to make a kite at home. It is a good chance to spend time with children and to develop their imagination and creative skills.

If there isnโ€™t a competition in the nearby territories, it is a great possibility to initiate it. It is important to find fellows who are also ready to participate in such event. The occasion may become an annual event with barbeque and other entertainments.

โ€œWhen is Kite Day in 2020, calendar of competitions?โ€ The events can be found on the 14th of January.

International Kite Day Facts

  • The most rapidly developing kind of sport is kite flying. 50 million kites are annually sold n the US territories.
  • Thereโ€™s a theory that the first examples were made of leaves 3 thousand years ago.
  • More than 10 people try to fly on these things and die in accidents every year.
  • Fen Zheng is the Chinese word for the thing.
  • The longest flight lasted for 5 days. The record of the speed was more than 190km/h.


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