Have you’ve ever thought of the importance of a pair of shoes for one’s life? We’re not talking about the common functions such as the foot protection or being an item of fashion. We refer to something more serious, like when your future depends on whether you’re lucky enough to have proper footwear. Sounds almost ridiculous but it really happens that way.

There’s a day in a year, marked principally in the US, which following its name offers people to knock off their boots, heels, whatever, and spend this time enjoying the shoeless experience. However, it actually has a deep meaning that underlies the holiday since its very beginning. It’s connected closely with those parts of the population that are forced to live without shoes. So, when is Go Barefoot Day in 2022 and what’s it about? Read and learn!


The origination of the holiday dates back to 2004 and was caused by the tragic events. As we all remember, a destructive tsunami hit the coasts of the southeastern Asia taking away the lives of 240,000 people and leaving more than million of the inhabitants without a roof over their heads. A great damage to the basic infrastructure of the countries, innumerable victims and a desperate need in reconstruction called for the joint efforts by the whole world.

National Go Barefoot Day

The aid was given not only on the governmental level but also on the initiative of non-profitable and charitable organizations such as, for example, Soles 4 Souls institution. It is them who started the tradition of holding Go Barefoot Day with the purpose of prompting people to donate their neatly used footgear to those affected by the disaster. The project found a broad response among the folks. The contributions flew in such large amounts that the expected numbers were easily surpassed. Thus the members of Soles 4 Souls decided to continue the international collection of the footwear for the developing countries.

Today, they’ve equipped more than 127 states, located mostly in Africa and South America, with a little less than 30,000,000 pairs of shoes! The microenterprise program is being developed as well helping the locals in the needy countries to struggle out of the pit of poverty.

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One short day, launched by Soles 4 Souls organization, annually brings this problem to the attention of many citizens. The activists and volunteers have already begun to promote the idea of when is National Go Barefoot Day 2022, and so can you!


What does Go Barefoot Day mean?

For the uninitiated, it seems to be another wacky holiday, like No Socks Day, calling on us to free our feet from the year-round confinement to the footwear. An apparent reason to celebrate and an extra occasion to have some fun with friends, isn’t it?

In fact, Go Barefoot day is intended to make every human under the sun reflect on the major issue of an abject destitution confronting our society as before. It persuades us to do the good and give hope. It tries to bring to us that even through such minor things as giving away old boots we still can make the world a bit better and kinder.

Answering the question above, we’d say that Go Barefoot Day means compassion, sympathy, and assistance to the people around, regardless of the distance that sets us apart.


What is the date of Go Barefoot Day 2022? It’s set on June 1.

We’d strongly recommend you to seize an opportunity of following the literal sense of the holiday and unchain your toes and ankles. Why? Because it helps your health! Yep, being barefoot is much more beneficial than you could’ve ever imagined.

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The scientific researches proved that the negative ions passed through the ground are able to fine-tune your biological clocks and hormonal fluctuations. Do you remember that all-embracing composure and relaxation spreading through your body when you are standing with your feet exposed to the nature-made surfaces? That’s the point! Then, it’s a common knowledge (since the ancient times, by the way) that walking around in bare feet is the best way to get rid of insomnia. Also in that shoeless case, your lower limbs are subjected to the vigorous stimulation of every little nerve ending located on the soles that starts a reflexology processes and favorably affects the health.

However, don’t forget to make even the smallest contribution to the universal bank of the good things, to show concern for the less fortunate people. At a rough estimate, around one milliard of the globe’s population struggle to live on $1 a day and about three hundred millions of them are children. You might be wondering how the shoe supply can help those developing nations if they pick up a scanty livelihood. See for yourself: if a child has no footwear – they can’t go to school; if an adult has no footwear – they are not able to work; if any human has no footwear – they’re in danger of catching a disease, especially in the insanitary conditions of the poor countries.

Queer as it is, your old sandals can make a person smile. Although you see it as a no longer necessary item, they see it as a rarity that may bring a change into their lives.

National Go Barefoot Day


Having found out what day Go Barefoot Day in 2022 falls on, you have to decide on how to celebrate. Once again, it’s up to your interpretation of the holiday and your aspirations. But who told that you can’t combine these lofty and ordinary activities together?

Here is the plan. Rummage your wardrobe from top to bottom and try to fish out some shoes that you’re not in love with anymore. Pack it up in the box and either deliver it to the drop-offs of Soles 4 Souls or ship it to the collection locations. Consider the option of arranging a charity shoe drive in your neighborhood! The more feet we cover, the more smiles we watch on the face of the earth.

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The more “rebellious” can engage a couple of friends and defy public opinion by going barefoot to the city center with a placard calling on people to raise awareness of Go Barefoot Day.

Dealing with the noble purpose, switch over to cherishing your feet. Make an appointment with the nail master and indulge yourself in a pedicure session. After that, you are close to the most physically pleasant part of the plan. Kick off that pesky footwear and revel in the highly natural experience of what’s under your feet, be it the fine sand, wet ground, soft grass or just a deep pile of the carpet at home. Focus on the massive information flow rushing through the feet to the brain and enjoy this usual yet so wonderful thing of being barefoot.

Go Barefoot Day Facts

  • Soles 4 Souls also promotes the idea of holding Go Barefoot Week annually with the same honorable motive to collect and distribute shoes to the developing countries.
  • There’s a pro tip on how to spend Go barefoot Day: you can join the institution’s travel program and find yourself somewhere in Tanzania on June 7! Helping deliver footwear for the poor is strongly encouraged, however, the project does not provide for covering expenses of the volunteers.

All in all, mark in the calendar, when is National Go Barefoot Day in 2022, and get your closest friends and relatives in the know. Inflame them with this simple way of charity. That will be the biggest contribution to the common good – to embolden as many people as possible to act.


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