When is National Pretzel Day in 2020? If you are asked by somebody from your surroundings, are you ready to answer this question? We are almost sure that only a small part of our readers can do it without any hesitations. The explanation is not difficult in fact. Not all people have already heard about the existence of this special occasion in the calendar. In order to clarify the situation, today we are going to tell our readers about this occasion as much as we can.


Talking about the matter what day Pretzel Day in 2020 is we are going to represent our reader some facts concerning the historical background of the event.

There are interesting legends about creating this kind of bakery. The most beautiful story tells that this pretzel was invented by a talented baker who was very guilty in front of the Bavarian king. The governor told him to invent bread, through which it would be possible to look at the sun three times.

Another interesting story is told about this amazing national snack. Allegedly, the monks invented a pretzel in gratitude to the Lord. In fact, if you are attentive, you have already admitted that the shape of the items resembles arms crossed in prayer. Also, sometimes the appearance of this bread product is associated with the prohibition of the clergy on the “pagan breads”, resembling the form of the sun.


Actually the history of the dish is closely connected with the history of Germany itself. This kind of bakery has become the visiting card of the German bakeries since the XIV century. Then the bread product was considered an elite pastry, the right to make it had to be earned.

The amazing thing that the bakerโ€™, which makes the best things in the world appeared in 1919. It is called โ€œThe Ditsch bakeryโ€ and has had the same reputation up to the present moment.

Many holidays are associated with this item in Germany. At the famous Oktoberfest in Bavaria, it must be served to the foamy drink. In July, a carnival procession along the Rhine is organized in honor of this bread. And in the city of Mainz they choose the queen of this bakery every year.

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What does Pretzel Day mean? Well, to celebrate this holiday or not it is only up to you to decide. We canโ€™t tell you about it and are not able to predict your reaction. All in all, this snack is a type of Northern European bakery. In Germany and the Nordic countries are often depicted as emblems on the signs of bread shops and bakeries. It is considered to be a beer snack. In general it is the same integral part of Germany, as well as all known sausages. Today there are many varieties of this dish.

Butter pretzel is a traditional breakfast dish for residents of southern Germany. However, many contemporary men and women enjoy eating crunchy pretzels with cheese, ham, sausage or pate.

Lovers of sweet dishes give preference to the items with jam. Salted pretzel is a popular snack for beer and German sausages. Up to the present moment in other regions of Germany, breakfast is not complete without these tasty things. It is often served with butter, and with green tea without sugar. The perfect additions to sauces and fatty broths will be small things without butter. And the pretzel can be also drunk with milk. It is really very tasty.


The question โ€œWhen is International Pretzel Day 2020?โ€ seems to be no as easy as it may seem at the first glance. It requires the representation of some additional facts and pieces of information.

This snack is considered to be the national German bakery item in whose honor the holidays are arranged. It is eaten for breakfast, consumed with beer, served with broth and meat. The classic recipe does not imply any special products in the composition. As it has been already mentioned above, the method of preparation is also very simple.

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The only feature is the soda solution, in which raw preparations are dipped. However, today there are many varieties of this delicious baking. The snacks can be salty and sweet. They are made from yeast and puff pastry. They are used to make powders. They are made with different fillings.


When is Pretzel Day in 2020, calendar will remind you. As a rule, there are no problems with this matter. If you are lucky to live or to stay in Germany on April 26th, you will get a chance to be involved into unusual and very funny celebration. In that country usually there are a lot of competitions and contests, devoted to this event. You can buy any sort of it going along the city streets or even organize a real tasting with your relatives, colleagues from work or friends.

The traditional recipe is very simple: flour, yeast, water and malt. As you can see, the religious context is also traced here – products are not prohibited for use in fasting. Immediately before baking, the product must be dipped in soda solution. For the preparation of this solution you will need 1 liter of water and 1 tablespoon of soda. It should be brought to a boil, after that it is necessary to reduce heat and to boil each item separately in it for 30 seconds.

Here is the classic recipe for salted things, which can be prepared by any person without any exceptions. Even the beginners will be able to cope.

Pretzels on the table

For 250 g of flour, you will need 125 ml of water, 1 tsp. dry yeast and some malt. In addition, we have to mention that the baking should be salted well. Knead the dough out of all the ingredients and set it into a warm place for 1.5-2 hours. Also sprinkle the future bakery with coarse salt on top.

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As you can see, there is nothing difficult with this dish. And you are able to cope with the task without any problems. Some people prefer to have huge parties this day. People bake various items with different tastes and eat them together.

National Pretzel Day Facts

Discovering the answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of Pretzel Day in 2020?โ€ we found some amazing pieces of information devoted to this occasion. The most amazing thing that there are some holidays with the same name and devoted to the same dish. As it has been already mentioned above, the first one is celebrated in Germany, while the second belongs to holidays appreciated to the residents of Luxemburg.

On the fourth Sunday of Great Lent, Luxembourg celebrates Bretzel (the second name of this dish) Day. This national holiday marks the middle of the fasting. It can fall on any day between March 1 and April 4.

The fourth Sunday of Lent is usually called Laetare, which means โ€œhave funโ€ in Latin. The introit of this day begins with this word – the entrance chants of the mass. In some countries, special holidays are celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. So, in Great Britain, Mother’s Day is celebrated, and in Luxembourg there is a folk tradition known as Bretsel Day.

In this region Bretsel (or Bretzel) is a kind of pretzel baking, popular in Germany, Alsace, Austria, German-speaking parts of Switzerland and Luxembourg. On Bretzel Day, Luxembourgish boys give sweet brecels to sympathetic girls. If a girl wants to reciprocate the boy, on Easter she gives him a chocolate egg.

It is believed that the more tasty pretzel is, the stronger the feeling the person has. In leap years, the tradition changes slightly: girls give boys pretzels in the middle of the fast, and boys respond with chocolate eggs for Easter. This long tradition is followed even by many married Luxembourgers.


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