When is National Sub Day in 2022? This is the question, the answer to which can be given only by some contemporary people, the most part of which is involved into this direction, like drivers, mechanics or administrators. We have found this fact to be rather unfair.


Certainly, we understand that it’s almost impossible to give a wide reply to โ€œWhat is the date of National Sub Day 2022?โ€ without mentioning the amazing historic background of this event.

The first metro line 6 km long was built in London. It was launched on 01/10, 1863. The construction was carried out by the company Metropolitan Underground. From this name there was actually the word, which is used now in many countries.

Initially, the first line in London was operated on steam traction, which since 1890 was replaced by an electric one.

The second subway was opened in New York in 1868 as overground, but unfortunately, these first above ground sites havenโ€™t been preserved and the most part of them was subsequently replaced by underground ones (the first underground line was opened in 1904).

Underground subway

June 6, 1892 – opened the first overground line of the Chicago subway on steam traction.

On the European continent, the oldest metro stations are in Budapest (1896), Glasgow (1896), Paris (1900), Berlin (1902) and Hamburg (1912).

Sometimes the Istanbul “Tunnel” (European part of the city, 1875) is considered to be one of the oldest subways in Europe, despite the definition that it is, in fact, an underground funicular (the full-fledged Istanbul underground was opened only in 2000), and the Athens underground, which, however at the time of the discovery (1869), it was an ordinary city train; in 1904 the line was electrified using the third rail, from that moment it can somehow be counted as metro. Also not among the oldest and the Vienna Metro: in 1898 in Vienna, launched the city railway, and in 1966 – an underground tram, only in the 1970s became the basis of a full-fledged metro.


What does National Sub Day mean? Oh, frankly speaking it is up to you to decide, what the role of this special occasion in your life is. It’s not easy to imagine, but among the representatives of the contemporary society there are a lot of those, who have never travelled underground.

In settlements with existing buildings, subway lines are usually laid underground and only occasionally reach the surface or overpasses. The dimensions and mass of the rolling stock can reach railway standards, although they are usually inferior to them.

Metro trains have, as a rule, 4-8 wagons. The diameter of the tunnels reaches 4-7 meters (but in many systems there are also narrower tunnels (for example, in Berlin the width of narrow-gauge tunnels is only 2.3 meters)), the deviations are greater than on general railways, but less than on tram, the minimum radii of curvature are much larger than tramways.

Platforms at stations usually have a length of 100-165 m and a width of 5-20 m. Subway lines usually pass along the city-forming axes and are the framework of the urban passenger transport system.


The cost of building a metro depends heavily on the environmental conditions and the construction technologies used. The typical cost of a kilometer of a shallow underground line is about $ 30 million (excluding the cost of building stations).

In different countries, the performance and parameters of subways can vary (for example, almost completely terrestrial systems), but the distinguishing features of the subway are: the use of electric traction, high intensity and speed of trains and large passenger traffic capacity and, naturally, complete isolation from other urban traffic.

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The answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Sub Day 2022?โ€ sounds like โ€œOn May 15โ€ and this fact has been already discussed in our article. But we would like to give our readers a definition of this transportation line.

In general, the metro is any additional passenger transportation system. The going in the system is regular, in accordance with the traffic table. It’s characterized by relatively fast speed and capacity of carrying. Metro lines are able to be laid in tunnels, along the surface.

A wide variety of systems of out-of-town high-speed urban and suburban transport makes it difficult to unambiguously classify them. All definitions of the subway are conditional. With respect to many transport systems, it can be said with certainty that they are (or, conversely, are not) underground, but at the same time there are a number of “border” and “hybrid” transport systems.

The final decision on whether to assign a particular transport system to subways or not, depends on the adopted definition or can be done empirically. For example, in Zerfaus and Novy Afon there are underground railways, which have some similarities with the underground metro lines and therefore informally so often called, but if the metro is considered to be a metro sign in the city, then they are not subways.


When is Sub Day in 2022, calendar will definitely remind you and this isn’t a problem in fact. However, the matter is that people usually donโ€™t know how to celebrate this special occasion, as there are no any special customs and rules for this date spending.

Underground train

But donโ€™t worry, as we are going to help you now. The best idea will be, of course, to travel on May 15, only by underground: to work, to school, to institute, to shopping.

If you canโ€™t do it, for example, if there is no any metro stations in your town in general or near your house in particular, devote this day to discovering something new. You can watch a plenty of films, read books or discuss the situation in this sphere with your friends, relatives or colleagues from work.

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Some people prefer to visit some transport museums, the workers of which are usually really glad to see you, to tell about some amazing pieces of information or show the exhibits as well as some attractive posters.

International Sub Day Facts

Taking into account all the information mentioned above, we would like to admit that the subject concerning the matter, what day World Sub Day in 2022 is, needs some more clarifications.

For a typical urban resident, a morning trip to work in any country seems to be rather routine. But you do not have to rush into the office, walking around New York or Naples. Therefore, you can appreciate what the local people see every day and do not pay attention. Do not take a taxi, ride the subway. Almost every major city has its own underground “pearl”.

Although the Germans have never differed by their creatively, and they meet worthy creations. To see this, it’s enough to visit the Bockenheimer Warte station in Frankfurt am Main. It represents a car that goes into the ground. The thing looks simply, but symbolically and brilliantly at the same time.

There’s a common knowledge that in strange cities you are able to simply get lost underground. But in this transport system of Stockholm, it’s easy to look around and completely forget about your trip. The stations here are real works of art. Often in the vestibules hold exhibitions and festivals. T-Central, a station opened in 1975, brings together all three subway lines. The lobby is cut through the rock and the builders did not artificially level the walls, giving the opportunity to rule the ball to nature itself. They have just painted everything brightly ad unusually.


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