When is National English Language Day in 2021? โ€“ Unfortunately, only a small amount of people can give us a definite definition for this interesting direction and this is a strange thing indeed, as it is thought to be among the most popular ones all around the planet. And neither guys nor ladies know for sure about the holiday, devoted to it.


We know quite well that the theme what day English Language Day in 2021 is, isn’t as easy as it may seem at the first sight. Why? โ€“ The explanation to this matter may be quite simple. – The event has a stable background. Initially, this holiday, like any other day, devoted to other official languages established by the United Nations, was held in 2010. So as you can see, this event is thought to be relatively young. The idea to invent and after that to establish some dates for the main working means of the well-known organization was suggested by the PR department.

As you, perhaps, see the event of April 23 was chosen not occasionally. It was the day of birth of William Shakespeare, who is thought to be in the compound list of the greatest English poets, writers, as well as the most popular play writers of the Earth. It’s been already calculated that in general Shakespeare created five poems, 10 chronicles, 11 tragedies, 17 comedies and more than 150 sonnets. Among his works there are well-known to any civilized resident of the planet. Because of the widespread using of the Representative language, a plenty of fans of this gifted person prefer to read his books in original.



What does English Language Day mean? To be honest, up to now we aren’t sure that it’s possible to give you a definite answer to this amazing question. The only person, who can give you the certain reply, is you personally. We donโ€™t find out, whether the holiday like this may be interesting for you or not. In the 21st century many people like many various things and they are curious in different directions.

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In general, the main task of the established event is to firm the customs of multilingualism, existed in the planet. To sum up, today the UNO has had six holidays for every the official language.

Of course, in the world there are a lot of contemporary means of modern and global communication. For every person his or her mother one is the greatest. But not all of them are represented in the compound list of the official instruments of the popular international organization.

Also we’d like to mention that Representative has occupied an honorable place in the culture of many modern countries. It’s used not only by companies with international cooperation experience, but even by children who learn it from an early age, beginning from kindergartens and primary schools.


Investigating the set direction, concerning direction โ€œWhen is International English Language Day 2021?โ€ we found out that the theme needs required clarifications and explanations. Today we’re going to share something interesting with you.

In practice, English is thought to be a so-called โ€œworld languageโ€. Why? – It’s used by a billion people in several dozen states. The countries, which are associated with this language on the first turn, are situated in different parts of the planet. In Northern America there are the USA and Canada, in Europe in Ireland and Malta. We shouldn’t also forget about distant Australia and New Zealand. In addition, it is taken as official in a few parts of Asia and Africa.

Have you known that some modern people who use it are called Anglophones? We can’t but inform the followers that there is a so-called Standard English. Are you surprised? – It is represented by a clear London dialect, which in the course of time has undergone many changes in different regions. It’s an explanation why it is often not easy for an Englishman to clarify an English-speaking Americans or far-living Australians.

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English, along with French, is thought to be the working way of the UN Secretariat. Besides it, it is also among the main six official languages of the organization mentioned above. It is supposed that on April 23rd different events should take place. For example, round tables, scientific conferences, lingual contests, popular science shows, amazing exhibitions and language lessons. These events allow everyone to get acquainted with English and culture.


When is English Language Day in 2021, calendar will tell you without any problem. In fact, there are no reasons for being worried as to this direction. As we’ve already mentioned above the date of this holiday was chosen not occasionally. On April 23rd, but many years ago, the famous Englishman called William Shakespeare was born.

You may celebrate this day in two ways: either officially or unofficially. Today we’re going to represent you both variants. First of all, we canโ€™t but mention that on this day, the UN Secretariat organizes internecine events, namely, round tables, international conferences. Cultural events are organized all over the world on this day. For everyone, open English lessons and personal meetings with native speakers of the given language are held for friendly communication. What about visiting one? All in all the purpose of organized events is to introduce the population of all countries to the study of English and its cultural characteristics.

Under the condition, you aren’t able to take part in public events, but want to participate, we are ready to introduce you another way. Just devote your April 23rd for discovering the new things about this sort of speaking. You can organize a small party, inviting your friends, relatives or even colleagues from work. Watch documentaries, read books and recite the poems. We are sure you will be amazed.

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learning english

National English Language Day Facts

Talking about the matter โ€œWhat is the date of English Language Day in 2021?โ€ we canโ€™t but represent our readers some amazing facts concerning this unusual direction.

Initially, we want to remind our followers that the holiday was appointed with the aim of strengthening the customs of multilingualism around the planet. Days devoted to it are especially actively celebrated in schools and universities. The special occasion is dedicated to a variety of activities and competitions in it. Why do the contemporary people require them? – The answer is quite predictable and at the same time simple. – From the very beginning the establishers were going to reveal the value as well as the significance of English for the whole planet and for the modern, educated person in particular.

To sum up, this means is thought to be very versatile and extremely amazing. Today we’re going to represent our dearest followers some amazing facts concerning this matter. Here is our list:

  • Not many people know that there are practically more words in the discovered direction than in any other one on the planet.
  • No other speaking matter has as many synonyms as there are in it.
  • Well, have you ever found out that the longest word in it consists of 1909 letters and refers to a separate part of the DNA.
  • In fact, nobody is able to find out a single word, which rhymes with “orange” as a fruit, “purple” as a color, “month” as a time or “silver” as a material. Well, you can try to do it, if you don’t believe us.
  • The most frequently used letter is the letter โ€œEโ€, and the rarest letter to use is the letter โ€œQโ€.

Learn English, and you will never regret the time spent!


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