Well, it seems like the question “When is National New Beer’s Eve in 2019?” can be answered only in definite circles of contemporary society. Tastes differ and we know quite well that there are people, who hate this drink. That is why they are not going to celebrate, of course, and it is not a surprise. So, as you can understand, our current discussion is for those, who are in theme.


We understand quite well that the matter what day World New Beer’s Eve in 2019 is needs many additions and explanations. As a rule, the followers of our site are curious people, who want to know everything about everything and the historical background is of special demand. The date when a person first thought of creating this drink has been lost in the depths of centuries. But some historians are sure that our distant ancestors initially began to grow wheat not in order to bake bread, but for the purpose of making beer. Up to the present moment, beer has virtually no competitors in its “niche” of low-alcohol beverages.

Therefore, it is quite a natural thing that sooner or later someone would come up with the idea to establish a special holiday for beer.

New Beer’s Eve

“The founding father” of the holiday was Jess Anheuser-Busch, the owner of a bar in the American town of Santa Cruz. It was he who came up with such a successful marketing decision. Initially he did it in order to attract as many visitors to his pub as it was possible.

For the first time it was held more than 10 years ago, in 2007. The idea of this American was supported happily by beer lovers in other parts of the world. In 5 years it was celebrated in 50 countries.


What does National New Beer’s Eve mean? Here is an amazing question, however, the only person, who is able to answer it is you. You see, in the modern society every person should decide which holidays to celebrate and which ones can be forgotten.

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Millions of this drink fans live in all corners of the world. A significant amount of them is even in some Muslim countries where alcohol is traditionally banned, as beer is usually allowed to be sold.

As you know, Americans like to give their provincial holidays and small town parties a title of international. This is how the various international days of the biggest hamburger, eating cranberry pie and the similar ones have already appeared. But the holiday mentioned in this article is appreciated almost everywhere. By the way, not everybody know that the same events there have been in Iceland, Great Britain and Germany as well. The locals of these countries have their own beer festivals, the dates of which are usually various, but the direction is more or less the same.


Discovering the question “When is International New Beer’s Eve 2019?” we came to the conclusion that the followers need a lot of amazing pieces of information.

All in all, the main goal of this holiday is to gather all friends and acquaintances at the same table and enjoy the incredible taste of fresh beer, as well as to express congratulations to everyone who has anything to do with creating or serving a drink.

Traditionally, the celebrations are held in the pubs and beer restaurants of cities and towns. There the drinkers can try new varieties of beer from different world famous producing countries. All establishments on this day are open before lunch, because the meaning of the holiday is to contain as much of the intoxicating liquor as it is possible, in order to try as many varieties as available and to have fun as much as probable.

In the United States of America parties, games and competitions are held. In all of them this high-quality beverage is drunk.

Let’s note by the way, that the American Day of beer is a holiday, and not a day of profit, therefore almost in all cases there beer either free of charge, or at very substantial discounts.

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Beer in the contemporary sense of word appeared in about the 13th century. It was then when the manufacturers started to add hops to it. Breweries began to appear in Iceland, Germany, England and other European countries, and each had its own secrets of making this drink. The beverage was made according to different family recipes, which were passed from father to son and kept in strictest confidence.

It is believed that the tradition to organize a festive celebration in honor of the drink came from Iceland, which is the birthplace of the Vikings. And then these traditions were picked up in other countries. Today, as before, the main goal of all these holidays is to get together with friends and to enjoy the taste of the favorite beer, to greet and to thank everyone who is in one way or another connected with the production and serving of this drink.


When is New Beer’s Eve in 2019, calendar will tell you as usually and as in any other cases. It will be celebrated on April 7th. The date of its celebration is fixed, so it is rather convenient to be involved any year you would like to do it.

As you can understand there are no any traditions, rules or customs, organized annually on the state level that is why we shouldn’t expect anything created by the local authorities.

However, you are always free to establish something really new and merry in your own surrounding. What about friendly party, accompanied with degustation? – We are sure it will be a great fun actually.

beer shots

By the way, this unofficial holiday has a definite informal tradition. Since the special occasion is celebrated all over the world, it is considered good custom to taste during the holiday not only the national beers, but also give preference to the foreign counterparts. In such a way, the participants of the event show solidarity with the foreign “colleagues. It sounds terrific, doesn’t it?

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The celebration of this day comes in different way in America and in Europe. The US citizens organize parties and funny tasting evenings, where they try new or very rare types of beer. There you can take part in various competitions, for example, for high-speed and bulk beer consumption, or just to play beer-pong, etc.

International New Beer’s Eve Facts

As you can perhaps understand the question “What is the date of National New Beer’s Eve in 2019?” the demonstration of some amazing pieces of information. Well, on April 7, when the national day of world famous drink is celebrated in the United States, let’s discuss the most unusual or even strange sorts of beverage.

Here is our list:

  • Mevime Brewing Company, established in England, creates beer with the help of genetic profile data obtained from the client’s DNA. It sounds really terrific, doesn’t it? It means that every customer is free to order the drink with a unique taste. There are no two in common.
  • The brewery with such a difficult name “The PangPang” is arranged in Sweden. Usually it offers its customers the sample that can both be drunk and used as a shower gel. Well, are you really ready to try it? Is it safe for our organism? – Well, frankly speaking, we don’t know about it for sure. That is only up to you to decide in fact.
  • Australian Robe Town Brewery offers its dearest customers the special opportunity to try the beverage, which has been brewed with the help of the natural whale ambergris, which is an exclusive substance, produced by sperm of the whales. By the way, you will be really surprised to find out that this substance is often used in perfumery.


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