When is National Purple Heart Day in 2020? โ€“ This question seems to be rather important for the contemporary society, however, only some people are ready to answer it without any prompt given from our side. We have found this situation to be an unfair one and that is the main reason why we are going to investigate the holiday in details.


Discovering the direction what day Purple Heart Day in 2020 is, we would like to explain our followers the history of this items appearance. The matter is that the historical background of this event is rather amazing indeed.

Nowadays, this is of common knowledge that the special sign called “Purple Heart” was initially established by famous American President George Washington a long time ago. It happened about 240 years ago, in 1782.

Officially, only three such items were awarded and until 1861 it was no longer used. Originally, the sample was made simply of silk fabric, which was stretched on a silver brace. The thing reminded the shape of an attractive heart.

purple heart

In 1861, the US Congress decided to establish another kind under the title “Medal of Honor”, which became, therefore, the highest distinction in the country only because there were no any corresponding medals in the US in those times. The medal was made of gold in the form of a five-pointed star with a trefoil at the ends of its rays. In view of this “Purple Heart”, which has been mentioned above, was in second place in importance.

The modern medal under the title “Purple Heart” received a new life in the 20th century. To be more exact it happened on February 22, 1932. The decision was made in accordance with the special directive signed by the US Army Chief of Staff, named Douglas MacArthur. That solution was not spontaneous. The establishment was made in honor of the 200th anniversary of the American President, G. Washington’s birth. It was stamped out of tin, covered with lilac enamel.

Until 1942, the medal was given to the representatives of the US Army only. Initially, the award was made for military service. Since 1943, the medal has been received solely for military injuries. However, after two severe wars in Korea and Vietnam, the “Purple Heart” began to be received by everyone seriously injured without a special solemnity, just on the corresponding hospital lists.

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What does Purple Heart Day mean? Frankly speaking, we are not ready to answer this question instead of you. It is only up to you to decide whether to celebrate this holiday or to forget completely about its existence.

We are sure that August 7th is the date, which should be memorized. Nevertheless, of course, it can be important only for people who are living in the USA or those who have struggled in the army of this country.

It would be quite silly to expect that the event, devoted to the national American kind of award is going to become international one day. In fact, we are almost sure that, for example, in France, in Russia or in Australia locals have never heard about it. Moreover, this direction could be interested only among the men and the women, who are amazed in this trend.ย  Some particular American medals and awards of this kind are usually appreciated by collectors and, as the practice shows, some of them know about the holiday created for the Purple Heart.


Investigating the question โ€œWhen is International Purple Heart Day 2020?โ€ we would like to represent our followers a lot of amazing pieces of information.

Up to the present moment, the award “Purple Heart” can be awarded to any soldiers from the US Armed Forces who died or were injured as a result of enemy forces. Since 1984, the medal has also been awarded to staff, which was killed or wounded at terrorist actions that did not occur during the course of hostilities.

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Thus, the criterion of reward does not include wounded or dead in non-combat incidents, self-harassment and so-called “friendly fire”. However, it should be noted that for various reasons, not all soldiers who received military injuries were awarded this medal.

By the way, there are precedents when a medal was given to a foreigner. On July 29, 1989, Vladimir Kuts, a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, was awarded the Purple Heart medal: he was taken for forced labor into Germany. In March-April 1945, this person was working as a machine gunner of the reconnaissance of the 4th Infantry Division. During his visit to the US, he was given a medal by his colleague Thomas Stotler. The order was signed by Colonel of the US Marine Corps John Barr.


When is Purple Heart Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. It will happen on August 7th as usually. If you are going to celebrate, just remember this date. It is fixed, so you are free to join any year you like or would love too.

Firstly, we want to mention that the holiday has three names. Some people prefer you call it The National Purple Heart Day, others know it under the title Purple Heart Appreciation Day. However, there are those, who have already got used to celebrate Purple Heart Recognition Day.

As you, perhaps, understand Purple Heart Day is an unofficial event. It means that you shouldnโ€™t expect that some private companies, administration, state offices as well as public transport wonโ€™t work on August 7th.

military man

However, various kinds of veteran and military organizations have special meetings in order to remember the people, who were killed during the wars. The representatives of definite societies and circles gather in clubs, in cafes or even at homes. They talk about people and thank those, who have this award.

Many Americans like flying the national flags at their private houses or businesses. In such a way, they want to demonstrate the solidarity with the various troops.

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On August 7th, there are different donations to suffered people or organizations which works the medal recipients as well as with their families.

The representatives also encourage other men and women to listen to brave military people (both men and women) and strong veterans. Frankly speaking, it is always interesting to discover more about their army or personal life as well as, of course, about their military service.

If you are going to be involved, just try to discover the matter in details or join the corresponding organization and its representatives will surely help you to do everything properly.

National Purple Heart Day Facts

Discovering the question โ€œWhat is the date of Purple Heart Day in 2020?โ€ we paid attention to the fact that there are many pieces of information, we would like to share with our readers.

For example, not everybody knows then when the solder is been re-awarded with this military award, he isn’t given the second award badge (medal). In accordance with American law, the second and all the subsequent awards are expressed by additional award badges (represented by oak leaves). They are usually worn just on the medal or on the special reward bar.

It has been already assumed that the war person should be awarded for every military injury. In history, there have been a soldier who had nine, and six soldiers, who had eight awards of this kind. Also, we can’t but mention that nine items were received by Albert Irland (five sample he obtained in the Second World War and the rest four during the Korean one). Eight ones were given by Robert Frederick in World War II. The famous David Hackworth has had three for the Korean and the rest five for the Vietnam War. Other three people, Joe Hooper, Robert Howard and William Waugh got everything in the Vietnam War.


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