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When is National Missing Children’s Day 2017

The National Missing Children’s Day is the unofficial state holiday, which is expressing in more in observance, than in celebrating in our usual understanding. This day is aimed to pay more society attention to the problem of children’s missing in the United States and all around the world. Firstly this day was organized in 1983 and up to today, it’s celebrated on the 25th of May. So, when is National Missing Children’s Day in 2017 – it’s on Thursday, on the 25th of May.

The deal is, that the problem of children’s missing is really widely spread and according to a statistics such a case are not positively solved by the police agencies. From the countries, where Missing Children’s Day is celebrated on the national level Mexico takes the first place by the number of crimes, connected with children’s missing. Then goes Japan and afterward the USA. Important to mention, that in Japan such a crimes are connected with specifically children’s removal from their country.

National Missing Children's Day 2017

Official support organizations

To support the state’s efforts of paying more attention to the mentioned national problem, there are created special organizations, which units people by the global aim – to facilitate making children’s missing trough out the world less. The list of related to this problem organizations include:

  • International Center for Missing and Exploited Children;
  • US National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

To use effectively modern technologies and to make the process of information sharing quirkier it’s also created a global network, which calls Global Missing Children’s Network. From different sources, this network unites form 23 to 25 countries. The main idea of this network is to create a huge database of missing children’s photos with open access and also the place, where can be held the posters, created by other children and adults to help in advocating of the children’s missing problem in the world.

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The Network successfully works from 1998 and effectively helps to find missing children. Partly with the impact of such a network appeared a specific way of journalism – photojournalism. The photojournalism is a special kind of journalism which helps to express the news and emotions using only photos with text written inside. Such a variant of sharing news keeps more society’s attention, that anything else in this sphere.

And when is National Missing Children’s Day 2017 these organizations will take a wide activity to share the related information with as big as the possible amount of population in the USA and outside its borders.

Actually, it’s also can be marked there, that such a network is also created for missing adults and calls just Missing persons and also provide and effective help trough out the world.

Official symbol

The official symbol of the National Missing Children’s Day is a blue flower. This flower names «Forget me not flower» or scorpion flower.

Common activities

Regarding the fact that the holiday was declared to harmonize the response on the problem on children’s missing, it’s presumed to hold the according to activities.

And what day National Missing Children’s Day in 2017 it’s planned to organize:

  • Posters competition;
  • Programs for parents (2 types – recovering for those, whose children are missing and prevention – for others, with the aim to teach the correct behavior to protect their children);
  • Active participation of state agencies (instructions provisions, involving physical contact, teaching responsibility with children).


It’s important to mention, that the programs can be organized not only for the National Children’s Missing Day but usually, there are stable because the problem appears always and on that day it’s tried just to pay more attention to it.

As far as the National Missing Children’s Day is an unofficial national holiday and it doesn’t presume the day-off, it can be taken even in a usual work day. So, when is National Missing Children’s Day in 2017, calendar for future coming tree celebrations on the 25th of May:

  • In 2017 it will be on Thursday;
  • In 2018 it will be on Friday;
  • In 2019 it will be on Saturday.
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The main thing, which differs children’s missing problem from other kinds of crime – is the social aspect. When we are talking about children we usually feel deeper that victims are some vulnerable and they can be more affected by violence. That push us to feel more responsible, even if the deal is not with our personal children. People usually feel as a part of this huge process of helping to destroy such a crime from our lives. That is why the National Missing Children’s Day becomes more and more popular and widely spread in the world.

National Missing Children's Day

It’s more and more often created new gadgets, programs, and devices to make children’s life more safety and parent more aware of children’s location at the moment. For instance, in the USA in 2011 was created special Kinder-ID card, which is for quick access in parent’s smartphones. Such an ID card include main information about kinder, it’s health characteristics, updated phono and all other info, which can be used by police agencies, which receive such a card quickly from special mobile app. That helps police to start searching for missing child immediately.

Another example – is smart watch for children, which are like usual modern smart watch, but costs cheaper, has classic design and limited functions, related with quick call to 3 numbers – it can parents or babysitter, clock, GPS marker, which synchronize with parent’s smartphone and the most important function – lock, which child can’t open itself or parents will be informed about it immediately. That is created for the situations, when, for example, children are taken by kidnapper and he tries to take it off. The GPS on it will immediately show to parents what is going on and where to search for child.

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So, as at the conclusion – the National Children’s missing day is the specific day of nation’s observance of the problem of Children’s missing. And when is National Missing Children’s Day 2017 it’s organized to push people to be more aware of their children’s behavior, habits, and timetable and to be always informed, where their children are to provide them with the most safety environment and prevent their missing. This Day is also organized to help those families, who lost their children to recover.

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