When is National Milkshake Day in 2024? That is the question, the answer to which is known only by some people, the most part of whom are either barmen or cafรฉ owners. Unfortunately, as a rule, people do not celebrate this special occasion as they know nothing about its existence in the calendar.

That is the reason, why we are going to meet you, our readers, with this event. Why not to be involved into something amazing, unusual and tasty?


Of course, talking about the matter devoted to the theme โ€œWhen is International Milkshake Day 2024?โ€ we should talk about the history of this occasion. However, unfortunately, we havenโ€™t managed to find out any information available about the establishers as well as concerning the reasons to sped this date merrily on September 12 annually.

All in all the first written references to a milkshake date back to 1885. It was then that one of the British newspapers wrote about the milk liquid as a tasty and healthy drink that included milk, eggs and whiskey. Whiskey was taken blended, milk – cow, both – chilled. The composition of the milk shake resembled a recipe for an egg nogg, represented by mix popular in the 1880s.

According to one version, this milky-egg cocktail with the addition of a small amount of alcohol (whiskey or brandy) was invented by the British. Quite quickly, the egg-nogg was appreciated by Europeans and Americans.


However, Europeans decided that with hot milk the cocktail would taste better, and Americans, in their turn, replaced whiskey and brandy with rum. Although, of course, nothing prevented to add to the drink rum, whiskey and brandy at the same time.

The cocktail was cooked in large vessels and served at social parties, on holidays, at a family table for Christmas. I must say that at that time the ingredients for the egg-nogg were not cheap, because the cocktail could not be called popular.


What does National Milkshake Day mean? Frankly speaking, we are not ready to answer this question for you, as we find it to be rather individual. You see, we are not sure that you love milkshakes. Perhaps, you have all drinks on the base of milk, or you are on a diet now. Who knows? So, please, do it in your own way.

In our turn, we are going to give you some recommendations. Believe you or not, but there are products, which shouldnโ€™t be put into this type of drink.

And here is our list for you.

  • Chocolate

If you melt the tile, and then add it to the milkshake, it will instantly cool down and turn into solid pieces that will stick inside straw. It will be better to grate chocolate on a fine grater and sprinkle a drink on top. Just do not take the black bitter, as it can cause allergy in combination with milk.

  • Cocoa

Powder is generally not worth to be pouring into a treat. What is the explanation? โ€“ You see, cocoa swells in cold milk, pops up and gets stuck inside and outside a straw.

  • Nuts

If you throw nuts into the mixer, they will block the straw. Therefore, it is better to fry them, grind and decorate a cocktail from above. But remember: the most allergenic are walnuts, so it would be better not to give them to your children.


Trying to give the wide answer to the question โ€œWhat is the date of National Milkshake Day 2024?โ€ we would like to tell our readers that

Frankly speaking, it is unknown, who exactly invented and produced the first milkshake. Unfortunately, the modern history has lost this fact, but it can be confidently mentioned that it happened in the 1920s in America during the Great Depression and the dry law.

Whether this drink was a production of a bored bartender or a small encouragement for the finicky son of a Chicago gangster, we canโ€™t tell this for sure.

But the fact, that the milkshake immediately gained a huge popularity, is undeniable.

In addition to delicate taste and stunning flavor, this drink is an excellent source of energy. It is caloric, but it does not have much fat. The cocktail is rich in microelements, proteins, minerals and vitamins, so it is ideal for breakfast or a child’s afternoon snack.

And, of course, it will be the highlight of the program in the merry company of your offspring’s friends! And it does not really matter, whether it will be a celebration of a birthday or the spontaneous party, organized by children have just decided to wait out the rain in your house.


When is Milkshake Day in 2024, calendar will really remind you, of course, if you donโ€™t forget the moment, when September 12th comes. It doesnโ€™t seem to be rather difficult in fact, does it?

However, are you sure that you know how to spend this day in an interesting way?

Certainly, the date can be devoted to this drink consumption. But we propose you to turn this event into a real holiday!

As with any dish, the milkshake has a classic recipe, but you can always change it a bit. – A glass of milk is taken with a vanilla ice cream ball, 5 strawberry berries or half a banana and 1-2 teaspoons of syrup. Then everything has to be beaten in a blender at medium speed until a uniform mass is formed. But there are rules for breaking them!

You can dream up with any ingredient: vanilla ice cream to replace with pistachio, banana – to peach, and syrup – to grandmother’s jam.

Girl drinking Milkshake

Drinking blueberry cocktail you will be amazed because of pleasant purple color, and raspberry will make it gently pink.

You can make megamix by taking a strawberry and a coconut. โ€“ This will be a divine combination. But the contemporary specialists recommend to remember, that the fruit ingredients in the cocktail, prepared for the baby should be soft, not tart, not acidic and without bitterness.

In order to save time you can use ready-made fruit and berry food from jars. In some situations it is even better. As you can see, many exotic fruits are brought to us immature and not of very high quality, but the producers of baby puree guarantee safety.

Frankly speaking, it does not matter in what order you will add all the ingredients, but you will have to take into account some of the finer points of whipping. If you have fresh whole fruits in your drink, first grind them all together in a blender. Then strain the resulting mixture through a sieve.

Donโ€™t forget to cut off the small particles and whisk the future yummy for 15-30 seconds, so that the beverage gets air. – Only then will you get a really airy elixir.

It is even better to do this with a special nozzle in the form of a smooth ribbed or wavy disc: it can be found in special devices for cocktails, hand blenders or food processor, which are a kind of cups with an engine top.

International Milkshake Day Facts

Talking about the subject, what day World Milkshake Day in 2024 is, we should give our readers some useful recommendations.

As a rule, the milkshake is served immediately after cooking, so take care of setting and serving your table in advance.

Put the egg yolk in a separate deep dish. Then take high glasses and dip their edges initially into yolks or water, then into colored sugar. As a result you will get a cheerful and delicious edging.

After pouring every drink into a glass, you can make on each portion a nice “cap” of whipped cream and decorate it with fresh berries, such as blueberries or blackberries.

For example, some people prefer to put the cut in half strawberries onto the edge. And do not forget about the colorful (necessarily thick) cocktail straw.


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