Canada day is an annual holiday, observed, of course, by Canadians, which honors the significant and important day of enactment of the Constitution Act. After it was initiated, Canada gained the long-awaited independence and finally seceded from both British and French Empires.

As known, for every country exists something, that is valued far more than everything else – the freedom. As nation develops its own traditions and forms history, filling it with grief and jubilation page by page, it gains national consciousness. And when this thing is fully accepted and well-understood, folks start to fight for their right in one way or another.

Canada Day fireworks

Canada day is often referred to as “Canada’s Birthday” and it’s not an accidental name. The sacred moment of gaining power and freedom, of achieving recognition in the worldwide geopolitical arena is priceless and matchless by any means. Though, it’ll be more accurate to call this day “Canada’s second birthday”, as this glorious country existed for a pretty long period of time within other countries even before constitution ratification.

When is Canada Day in 2019, then? It’s always observed on the 1st of July, just a few days before the same American holiday, so this year it will be pretty much the same date.

Canada Day worldwide

One interesting thing about Canada Day is that it’s observed not only in Canada, but in every country that has Canadian part of population. Although it’s of course not an official holiday in those countries, it is celebrated with chic. Canadians gather in open areas on the day of the feast or near its date and settle all kinds of public activities, such as parades, open-air concerts and parties filled with national attribution. These events can get pretty epic, as thousands of people march side by side, praising their beloved country. Red and white colors prevail among the gray patterns of big cities and the sound of anthem tears through the noises of traffic and human congestions.

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In Great Britain, for example, Canada Day annually celebrated since the 2006. People gather in Trafalgar Square directly on the day of this holiday or the next day after it. It depends on the availability of the Trafalgar Square itself at the moment.

Of course, not only Canadians can join the fun. Anyone who respects Canada is welcome. They only need to remember what day Canada Day in 2019 is. As was already stated, it’s first of July. So, if you feel strong inexplicable desire, or even need to commemorate this important historical date, gather information and just do it!

Celebrating of Canada Day

In the beams of hot summer sun people of all races unite to celebrate glorious day of Canadian independence, or, simply put, Canada day. They bring flags with red maple leaf and settle parades.

On this day a lot of public activities are held, such as fests, carnivals and even military parades. Due to the fact that considerable part of Canadian population is French, this day is also known as “la Fête du Canada”.  But no matter what language they speak and what religion they confess, everyone knows answer to the common question: ”What is the date of Canada Day 2019?” It’s first of July and that’s for sure.

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There are no strict rules about the ways of celebrating Canada Day, so every year brings something new to the commemoration of Constitution Act. And different regions of Canada celebrate this day differently because of how decentralized Canada is.

Of course, all the greatest events take place in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. After the speech of prime minister there are large concerts and cheerful flash mobs.

Canada Day 2017

Scholars are resting this day. Not only due to the Canada Day, but also because it falls on summer holidays period. While most of public services, shops and organizations are closed during this holiday, some of the bookshops and gas stations remain open. Drugstores are opened, too.

History of Canada Day

Let’s take a closer look on one of the mains holiday of Canada. It all started with British North American Act in faraway 1867. This act, which nowadays is called Constitution Act, established the majority of Canadian constitution and lead to the creation of a federal dominion. It’s also established the principles and course of the work of Canadian Government.

Later, it was followed by a series of same documents. They were less important and considered additions more than discrete acts. This acts extended capabilities of the Government of Canada, regulated bills and money transfers etc.

Official history of this holiday begins in 1879. But even after settling of the date, this holiday still wasn’t considered national and mainly was mounted by local communities. Today, if you ask yourself “when is Canada Day in 2019”, calendar can help you find out the answer. But that’s not how it worked in nineteenth century. Even the name wasn’t same – earlier this holiday was called Dominion Day.

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Canada Day

Few facts about Canada as an independent country

Even if Canada exists for not very long period of time, it already has a lot of interesting and unique characteristics. Worldwide it’s usually considered as calmer neighbor of the United States of America. In America itself there are lots of stereotypes, which are not particularly positive, but rather funny and filled with mockery.

The name of the country comes from a word “Kanata”, which translates into settlement or village. The border between America and Canada is officially the longest International Boundary on the planet Earth. Its length is bigger than 13 thousands kilometers. Also, with more than twenty millions of square kilometers, Canada is the second largest country after Russia.

Average Canadian lives for 81 year. That makes Canada eighth country in the world for average life span. Its neighbor America, for example, takes only 46th place in this rating.

So, if you are truly impressed by this glorious country, keep in mind when is Canada Day 2019 and celebrate this holiday, praising the independence and respecting numerous achievements.


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