Do you know what day World Hot Tea Day in 2020 is? Are you ready to answer this question without any tips or surfing the net? Unfortunately, we are almost sure, that you are going to reply negatively now. It is a real pity, but most contemporary people have never heard about this special occasion existence.


Of course, we understand that it would be rather difficult to explain our readers the subject “When is National Hot Tea Day in 2020?” without taking into the account the past of this interesting event.

Initially, this drink was used only as a medicine, but during the Tang Dynasty in China, this drink became rather popular for daily use. In general, we can’t but mention, but there are many myths and legends, which are associated with this direction.

According to the Chinese tradition, it was invented by Shen-Nun, one of the deities that created all arts and crafts, who accidentally got several leaves of a bush in a kettle with medicinal herbs. From that time he drank only tea. The appearance of the legend dates back to 2737 BC.

Serving Hot Tea

A later legend is the story of the preacher of Buddhism Bodhidharma, who accidentally fell asleep during meditation. When the man woke up, he was so angry with himself that he cut off his eyelids in a fit. In place of the fallen eyelids, the bush grew up the next day, having tried its leaves, Bodhidharma felt vigor and a burst of energy.

Into Europe, this drink  came in the 16th century. For the first time it was brought to France by Dutch merchants. A great lover of this drink  was Louis 14, who was informed that eastern men drink it for the gout treatment. That was an illness that often troubled the king.

From France the leaf mixture has spread to all countries of Europe.

It was especially loved in Germany, Great Britain and the countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula.

Nowadays the top ten countries with the largest volume of its consumption are: England, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Japan, Russia, USA, India, Turkey.

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What does National Hot Tea Day mean? In fact that is a perfect question, but as you can understand we are not able to answer it instead of you. Why? You see, it seems to be rather personal or individual. We can’t dedicate you what drink to have in the morning, as well as what events to celebrate.

All in all, tea is a non-alcoholic drink obtained by brewing or cooking specially processed leaves, which are harvested from shrubs of the same name, growing on extensive plantations in warm and humid climatic zones. The most favorable are the weather conditions of the tropics and subtropics of the territories of the contemporary China, Africa and India.

It would be interesting to mention that nowadays hot tea is often used as a basis for making cocktails and other drinks: egg nogg, grog, mulled wine or Russian kissel. Powder is taken as a spice in the preparation of dishes in combination with garlic.

Also, natural dyes (yellow, brown and green) are produced from it, which are used for the production of confectionery (dragee, caramel, marmalade).

The oil of the bush is physically and chemically very close to olive oil and is used in the cosmetic, soap and food industries, as well as a lubricant for high-precision equipment.


In our attempts to give the wide answer to the subject “When is International Hot Tea Day 2020?” we would like to meet our readers with the process to its obtaining. All in all it is considered to be rather interesting in fact.

Collection and sorting of leaves is done exclusively by hand. Most of all, the upper two leaves of the shoot are valued and the unpaired buds that adhere to them. From such raw materials elite and expensive grades are received.

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Mature leaves are used for cheap sorts of tea. Mechanization of this drink assembly is economically not profitable. It has been already proved that using the devices in harvesting leads to huge losses, as a lot of dried leaves, sticks and coarse shoots fall down and spoilt.

After the assembly, the production has several main stages:

  • drying of leaves. In order to soften and to allow them to lose moisture, the leaves are spread out in a uniform layer and left for 4-8 hours at a temperature of 32-40 C;
  • sheet twisting. The process can be done manually or with the help of mechanical rollers. At this stage, juice is extracted from the leaves and thus most of the moisture is lost;
  • Under the influence of oxidation processes, the starch contained in the sheet turns into simple sugars, and chlorophyll – into tannins;
  • In order to stop the oxidative reaction and to achieve leaf moisture of 3-5%, it is dried at a temperature of 105 C (green) or 90-95 C (black);
  • sorting according to the formed tea leaves;
  • application of aromatic additives or collection of herbs, if such is provided by the recipe of the finished product;


When is Hot Tea Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and there are no reasons for being worried about. However, are you ready to celebrate this day, when February 12th comes? From our side we want to propose you to spend this date discovering various traditions of this drink consumption.

Woman drinking tea

In China, tea is used to drink hot, in small sips, without sugar and any additives. The process of sharing a drink is an act of showing respect, cohesion or apology. People, who are younger as to their age or status, always give this leaves mixture to the senior ones.

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In Japan, as well as in China, it is not customary to change the taste of it with anything, and people drink it with small sips either hot or cold. Here people prefer green tea, which is usually consumed before, after and during meals.

In the mountains of Tibet, nomads and monks prepare a brick green drink, which is mixed with butter and salt. The drink is very caloric and is able to restore strength after a long journey in the mountains. Reception of long-awaited and desired guests is always accompanied by tea. The owner of the house constantly pours it to the guests, as it is considered that the cup should not be empty. Only before leaving, the guest must empty his/her bowl, thereby showing respect and gratitude.

International Hot Tea Day Facts

Talking about the subject “What is the date of National Hot Tea Day 2020?” we would like to give our curious readers some small pieces of amazing information.

Believe you or not, but the Uzbek tradition of drinking is diametrically opposed to Tibetan. Here it is customary for the desired guests to pour as little tea as possible in order to provide an opportunity to turn to the owner more often for an additive and express their respect to the hospitable house. In turn, the owner is pleased and not a burden to pour more liquid  into the bowl.

The English tradition of drinking has a lot in common with the Japanese. In England, it is customary to drink it with milk at least three times a day for breakfast,lunch and dinner. However, the high degree of urbanization and the pace of the country’s life led to a significant simplification of tea traditions.

Basically, most people have begun to use bags, the preparation of which saves time and does not require a large number of devices (necessarily a set, cutlery, napkins and fresh flowers in the tone of the tablecloth, table and snacks).


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