Do you like eating something really tasty, fresh and especially juicy in hot summer days? If the answer is yes, it can simultaneously mean that you are ready to reply the question โ€œWhen is National Watermelon Day in 2022?โ€ immediately and without any thinking. But donโ€™t worry, in the case you are not able to do it, this article will help you as we have decided to discover this situation in details.


Of course, it is impossible to answer the question โ€œWhat is the date of Watermelon Day 2022?โ€ without mentioning the historical background of this matter.

In fact, watermelon is not a fruit at all, but something like a vegetable or even a berry that is a relative of cucumbers and zucchini. Its native land is the Kalahari desert, where this wild big things can still be found. To the ancient China a sample was brought in the 10th century on merchant ships that plied the Mediterranean Sea and was valued so highly that they are still celebrating their Watermelon Day. To date, more huge berries are grown in China than anywhere else, and it is customary to bring it as a gift if invited to visit. In Europe the first watermelons appeared in the 12th century.

National Watermelon Day

About 5,000 ago, they were grown in ancient Egypt and this fact was reflected in the inscriptions inside the Egyptian tombs. The ancient Egyptians left some in burials so that the dead could not eat on the way to another world.


What is National Watermelon Day mean? It’s no secret that big berries are not only delicious, but also a very useful delicacy. They have more than 90% of water and only about 6% of sugar from the total weight.

This delicious thing is an excellent source of vitamin A, contains a complex of B vitamins, vitamin C and folic acid. It is one of the leaders in the content of lycopene, which is a very strong antioxidant.

All this not only helps to strengthen immunity, but also helps the body to maintain normal function of the nervous system and to form red blood cells.

In addition, the salts of iron, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, magnesium, contained in the pulp, have a beneficial effect on the activity of the organs of hematopoiesis, digestion, cardiovascular system and internal secretion.

Watermelon is often used in medical nutrition for anemia, cardiovascular diseases, liver and urinary tract diseases, having a diuretic and choleretic effect.

It prevents the formation of gallstones, promotes the excretion of cholesterol from the body, and also helps to control the heart rate and regulates blood pressure. The juice quenches thirst well at a feverish condition. And, of course, these berries can be used not only as a source of vitamins and microelements, but also as a tool for raising the mood.


As it was mentioned above the answer to the question โ€œWhen is International Watermelon Day 2022?โ€ sounds like August 3, and this berry is considered to be rather popular all over the world. Especially it is appreciated by people who have Latin American origin. But how is it really possible not to love large, sweet, fresh and so juicy berry, which is able to bring happiness to every home and turn ordinary day into holiday?

Sugar represents 6% of the total mass, however it is allowed even for diabetics, on the contrary to melon, by the way.

Another amazing thing is that it, like a cucumber, has more than 90% of water. For those who are concerned about the diet, it is better than nothing: you can eat and drink at the same time without any calories.

All in all there are 1200 different sorts of them. However, in order to facilitate the classification, the representatives of this type are usually grouped into four main categories: with seeds, without seeds, a small one and a yellow one. There are, for example, varieties with dark red sweet flesh with seeds, or those that turn yellow when ripe, or the items with cream inner part.

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When is Watermelon Day in 2022, calendar will certainly remind you, but do you know, how to celebrate this day properly? Frankly speaking, there are no any definite traditions, but the rules are so simple to be invented. – Just buy this beautiful berry and eat with friends, or please children, for whom this huge berry is always a desired treat.

In addition, we can’t but mention that there are many different dishes, which can be successfully prepared from juicy and so fresh watermelon.

Of course, as a rule, it is simply eaten fresh. But in the case you want to surprise your friends or family members, you may use this berry in desserts (for example, in so popular in summer fruit salads) as well as in drinks. It sounds a bit crazy, but some people adore grilled ones and can’t even imagine this holiday without them.

National Watermelon Day

Nowadays in the American south locals often prepare the so-called “nardek”, which is an exclusive “honey”. How do they do it? – Just evaporating the inner juice and boiling it to the honey density.

By the way, in some cases even the skins are used. The people take them for cooking jam or marinating. Believe you or not, but the first recipes of their preparation were published in distant 1796.

It is not a secret that Americans love picnics in the open air. On August 3 they usually eat a great amount of them. But that is not everything. – The people of this country often organize various competitions, the most popular of which is to spit the seeds to the long distance. You can also try yourself in carving the figures from this fruit.

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Watermelon Day Facts

So you have already known what day National Watermelon Day in 2022 is, but would you like to find out some very interesting facts about this berry?

China is the contemporary leader of these big berries cultivation. But Japan has no equal in the number of the strangest varieties of watermelons. They brought out square samples, items in the form of a pyramid, varieties with yellow flesh and baby ones of 10 cm in diameter.

And the heaviest watermelon in the world was American, it weighed 122 kg, but its shape was not round, but oval, like a melon.

Although we have been already accustomed to pay attention mostly to the juicy inner part of it, the skin can be eatenย too and moreover, it is considered to be rather rich in useful nutrients. For example, in China, it is often fried or stewed, and there are also some unbelievable recipes forย pickling. By the way, we also can’t but mention that in the Middle East and China, the seeds of this fruit are dried and then fried. After that they may be eatenย as a light snack.

There is a global mistake about watermelons without seeds. Many people all over the world consider them to be genetically modified. Fortunately, it is not true. Contrary to popular and rather common belief, berries without seeds have nothing in common withย genetically modified production. They are created as aย result of hybridization. White “seeds”, which you can find in these items, are just empty seed shells that are unable to give the new items.

Have you ever heard that an ordinary watermelon is able to prevent cancer? This fact has been already proven by contemporary scientists. The matter is that it is an excellent lycopene source, as well as an antioxidant, which is able to reduce the risk of several types of this terrible disease, including the cancer of stomach, lung and prostate.


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