When is National Jelly Bean Day in 2020? Well, can you, please, answer this question? – We are almost sure that you will give us a negative reply. Unfortunately, despite of the worldwide popularity of the product, only a few people know about the special day devoted to it. To make the situation clear, today we are going to investigate this tasty holiday in details. Are you with us?


We are sure that such matter as what day Jelly Bean Day in 2020 is needs some special clarifications and explanations. As a rule, our readers are very curious and they want to know everything about everything. The questions concerning the historical background are usually of the greatest demand.

All in all marmalade is considered to be a French invention. Indeed, in the XVIII century, which was called gallant and “golden”, France showed everyone what a wonderful delicacy should be, when it was made from quince and apples.

In Europe, the locals learned about it in the XIV century, but in the East thousands of years have known about it. Some researchers suggest that the type of sweets was Turkish delight, which is a delicacy that was cooked from fruit, rose water, starch, honey, and other natural ingredients.

Jelly Beans

Unfortunately, we don’t know the names of people, who were the establishers of this special occasion. However, there is a belief that initially it was nothing but a successful marketing decision. – Somebody (one person or many people) wanted to sell as much of their production as it was possible. So they agreed to organize a holiday devoted to this treatment and the date of the first celebration was on April 22nd.


What does Jelly Bean Day mean? Well, we are almost sure that it would be unfair to answer this question instead of you. In the modern world every person is free to choose what holiday to celebrate and which one can be quite forgotten without any troubles.

By the way, not everyone knows, but before the crusades in Europe there was not even sugar. So it is not a great surprise that those people didn’t cook any jelly. Later, American cane sugar, which was grown on slaves by plantations, appeared and people started to prepare fruit confectionery, jams, and confitures.

In the course of time, the local in France learned how to make jelly, which was first called “hard jam”. The pastry chefs noticed that the solidifying was obtained by boiling not from all fruits, but from certain types, for example, apples, quince and apricots.

It turned out that there is an astringent in these fruits. It is called pectin and about the beneficial properties of which the sweets manufacturers have learned already in our peroods. At the same time, French pastry chefs simply singled out these fruits as a base, and the rest of the fruits and juices were added to the marmalade little by little.

In the XIX century, artificial pectin was obtained, and then marmalade began to do more using different fruits and berries. Apple, apricot, quince, or prepared from a mixture of these fruits was still considered to be the real jelly.

Then the same French pastry chefs began to prepare marmalade using natural gel-forming substances: cartilage and beef broth – meat and cartilage of young animals were used, and this is natural gelatin, sturgeon glue and various vegetable gelling components.


The question “When is International Jelly Bean Day 2020?” is not so easy as it may seem at the first sight. It has an interesting background concerning the past of this popular treatment. By the way it is not as harmless as it may seem.

You see, in the XX century, when production became widespread, they learned to use cheaper substances: starch, bone gelatin, synthetic dyes and flavors.

The most popular is marmalade in the UK: there and now more than half of families cannot do without a toast with marmalade for breakfast. But English marmalade is not what we imagine: as a rule, it is a thick, gelatinous mass – orange or lemon, which can be spread on bread.

In the US, jelly candies with hard covering are often called marmalade or jelly beans and children especially love it. Jelly Beans appeared precisely in America. It happened in the middle of the 19th century. Consumers liked them not only for taste, but also for the fact that it is convenient to keep and carry it with them: it did not melt or stick to their hands.

American manufacturers understood quickly how profitable the product was, and organized its deliveries to the army – as an addition to the soldering of the military.

Soldiers liked the new product, in the course of time these tasty things became popular with the civilian population, and spread in trade widely. Many generations of Americans have grown on them, and today many varieties of it are produced in the USA.


When is Jelly Bean Day in 2020, calendar will remind you without any difficulties. Why not? It is not a secret piece of information at all. The holiday is celebrated on April 22nd and it happens regularly. Of course, there are no any official events devoted to this special occasion and organized on the state level by local authorities.

boy looking at Jelly Beans

However, certainly you are always free to invent something extraordinary for you as well as for your close or even far surrounding. What about having a great jelly bean party? – You may invite as many people as it is possible or vice versa celebrate in the close family circle. – The contests will be a successful decision. – Buy many kinds of this sweet and organize a tasting with choosing a real champion. By the way, you can ask your future guests to bring the things of their favorite taste. It will be really amazing! Can you guess, for example, what your friend’s favorite is?

National Jelly Bean Day Facts

The question “What is the date of Jelly Bean Day in 2020?” is really amazing, however, the matter needs so additional clarifications, so today we are going to represent you something interesting.

Modern jelly beans are distinguished by its elasticity, and are produced in the form of small figures painted in the brightest colors. They attract people of different ages, especially children. And parents often buy them these small things, for example, instead of chewing gum, which are considered to be much more harmful.

What are jelly beans made of today? Manufacturers claim that this delicacy is not only attractive and tasty, but also very useful. Is it really true? – In fact, the composition of the product includes many components. These are pectin and agar-agar, which are the most typical jelling substances, and pectin is usually artificial; sugar, molasses, dyes, preservatives, flavors and flavorings.

Manufacturers are trying to explain that marmalade is low in calories, and the calories in it are really not as many as in sweets containing fats — about 321 kcal per 100 g. However, it is not always true, so the buyers should be rather careful if they don’t want to gain some weight.

Many contemporary sellers honestly explain that there is no reason to talk about the benefits of dyes and flavors, but they claim that there is nothing terrible about their use. It also explains what the term “identical to natural” means: that is, the properties of the product are the same, but the price is lower. However, it is only up to you to believe in this or not.


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