When is National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day in 2020? Well, are you ready to answer this question without any hesitations or prompts from somebody’s side? To tell you the truth, we are almost sure that your reply is going to be negative. This is the reason why we want to investigate it today.


Frankly speaking, it is quite understandable that the matter concerning what day Chocolate Covered Cashews Day in 2020 is needs the representation of some additional facts. Historical background is believed to be in the list of the most demanding ones. Unfortunately, we should inform you that we could not find any pieces of information about this holiday history. However, some specialists are sure that in the modern calendar it appeared due to the successful marketing decision. So perhaps initially somebody created this day to sell as many chocolate covered cashers as it was possible.

The only thing we know for sure is that at first the cashew tree was first found in northern Brazil. The local population (the Indians of the Tikun tribe) paid attention to the fact that the tree could safely go without water for up to six months and grows where no other tree would grow.

Chocolate Covered Cashews

Indians called cashews acaju i.e. “Yellow fruit”. Then the word was transformed first by the Portuguese, and then by the British. And so the name popular today sounded like cashew has become popular all around the planet. The fruit of the tree is called the cashew apple.

Imagine a tree with a spreading crown 12 meters tall, with a short and incorrectly branching trunk. The fruit of this tree is a juicy stem of pear-shaped or oblong shape. It is small – from 5 to 11 cm long, but bright red or yellow. Under the skin of the fruit is hidden juicy, sour and slightly knitting pulp. And at the very end of the stem, the nut itself develops, which is covered by two shells. The outer layer has a green color and contains a caustic resin (phenolic). The inner layer is similar to the shell, resembling cell cells. Here is the edible cashew nut under it.


What does Chocolate Covered Cashews Day mean? Frankly speaking, we don’t know for sure whether you will want to celebrate this special occasion when we introduce it for you.

In the ancient Arab countries people noticed this feature of the nut a long time ago. Here it is called “ouja”, which means “gyrus”. In order to get all the benefits of the nut, one handful of cashews for children and two for adults is enough.

Depending on imagination, people compare a nut to a boxing glove, a human kidney, a comma, and even an embryo. One nut weighs only 1.5g. Because of the caustic phenolic resin and the cardol substance, which causes severe burns on the skin and edema, cashew is sold only in a purified form.

Shells are used to make oil that impregnates wood from rotting and makes ink for tags on linen. In food, cashews are eaten raw and fried. Roasted nuts are preferable because they taste better. Raw nuts are tasteless. Cashews are added to various sauces, salads, snacks, pastries, and pastries. Excellent sweet taste, ease of use and a special kind of cashew turned into walnut.


Discovering the question “When is International Chocolate Covered Cashews Day 2020?” we found out a great amount of amazing facts. Today we are going to introduce some of them to you.

Cashew is a beautiful kind of snack, which is famous for its rich composition of nutrients. In accordance with some specialists’ points of view, it contains a lot of protein and fat with a large amount of useful polyunsaturated fatty acids. In them there is a long list of essential components, for example, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, vitamins, fiber and many other components. They are not only necessary for our body’s nutrition, but also help in the prevention of many diseases.

Cashew kernels have strong antiseptic, anti-bacterial and tonic properties. A natural stimulant of the brain helps to expand its capabilities. And although humanity has not invented a medicine that promotes the emergence of brain activity, nature has taken care of the development of our mind by presenting cashew nuts.


When is Chocolate Covered Cashews Day in 2020, calendar will tell you without any problems. The holiday is celebrated on April 21st. The date is fixed, so it won’t be difficult to memorize it and to be involved any year you would like to do it.

Of course, there are no any special traditions for this event celebration. But we can propose you to buy this snack and treat yourselves with pleasure.

All in all cashews in chocolate covering are a wonderful and tasty product that can be enjoyed by both adults and children. These products combine the benefits of cashew nuts: lowers cholesterol, promotes metabolism, strengthen the immune system and a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

And also, thanks to the chocolate shell, this nut improves brain activity, improves mood, dulls the feeling of hunger and lowers the risk of a heart attack in men. Thus, a wonderful combination of cashew and chocolate will bring not only double delight, but also double benefit.

So, April 21st can be turned into the holiday with the benefit to the health.

Chocolate Covered Cashews in a bowl

National Chocolate Covered Cashews Day Facts

The matter “What is the date of Chocolate Covered Cashews Day in 2020?” discovers some amazing points of view. Even being covered with chocolate it contains some important ingredients for our body.

  • The benefits of cashew nuts for men
  1. The balanced content of microelements and the high availability of vitamin E make cashews a potent aphrodisiac: sexual activity and libido is improved.
  2. The male body develops better in adolescence.
  3. Cashew nuts prevent the formation of subcutaneous fat that interferes with testosterone production.
  4. Prevent hormonal failure.
  5. Positively affect reproductive ability.
  6. Cashew has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
  7. Nuts have a tonic and regenerating effect.
  • The benefits of cashews for women
  1. Cashew nuts preserve youth and beauty of the skin. Useful monounsaturated fats, a lot of copper contained in cashews, form collagen, which maintains skin elasticity and prevents it from aging. Participating in the production of melatonin pigment, copper and collagen will delay the appearance of gray hair.
  2. Prevents menstrual pains. The use of cashews nourishes the body with plant phytosterols, which reduce the frequency and duration of pain.
  3. Cashew is beneficial for its healing and moisturizing properties.
  4. Keeps blood vessels resilient. Reduce blood pressure by improving blood circulation.
  5. Nuts do not contain cholesterol, prevent the appearance of stones in the gallbladder.
  6. Cashew nuts reduce inflammation. Studies have shown that regular consumption of nutritious nuts reduces the content of inflammatory biomarkers in the blood that contribute to the onset of diabetes.
  7. Cashew is an indispensable nut during pregnancy. It stabilizes the work of the heart of the mother and the fetus, forms the strong bones of the baby.
  8. Prevents anemia.
  9. When feeding a baby does not cause allergies.
  10. The high content of healthy fats strengthens the immune system and keeps the body in good shape.
  11. Restores the nervous system.
  12. Strengthens reproductive ability, sexual desire and makes women beautiful.


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