Every year a specialized event is organized in different countries. A special attention is paid to the occasion in the USA. Different educational establishments provide meetings and contests devoted to any historical theme. The day is annually devoted to a separate topic. Every country makes its own huge contest. When is National History Day in 2020? How can people participate in the occasion?


The problem of historical knowledge is rather impressive because of many uncertain events. Lots of meanings and opinions sometimes make history a very disputable subject. The necessity of the observance’s appearance rose many years ago.

The event was initiated in 1974 in Cleveland. The main idea was created in the Case Western Reserve University. The History Department made a decision to initiate a contest which could carry the scientific matter. The participants called the day “National History Day”. The day wasn’t a great event that year. Its location was in campus. Later the occasion expanded into other cities of Ohio and later it occupied other states of the Western part of the USA.

History Day

The next yeas the popularity of the day grew and it became obviously that it needed to expand. The National Endowment for the Humanities helped to make the occasion a national organization in 1980. Twelve years later it moved to Washington.

Nowadays the event isn’t a local occasion. It supports several educational programs. Lots of universities take part in it. Nevertheless, the contest still sets the most important place in the program. Though, the main event takes place in spring, its final part is set in June. It lasts for a week. The final is held at the University of Maryland. “What day World History Day in 2020?” The contest starts on the 3rd of March.


What does National History Day mean for educational establishments and students? The main task of the day is to involve active and purposeful young people into studying past events. The occasion helps students to get new knowledge and make their own point of view on the events which took place many years ago.

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The approach of critical thinking helps the youth to analyze the past events and to form their opinion concerning modern events and situations. The skill to think critically is a very useful ability for every person. Many historical events raise so many doubts and arguments that sometimes it is very difficult to elicit the main idea of the event and to analyze it according to the wise sense.

An independent point of view has always been the index of every intelligent person who understands the source of any historic event and situation. The occasion is to develop the youth’s skill of making logical solutions.

Every year the organizers of this occasion propose a new theme. It should be discussed in order to get a concrete answer on the problem and to find other meanings which are different from the habitual conception. The groups of students from many US universities are proposed to make various researches and to elicit a general idea.  The winners of the program are granted many prizes and privileges. When is International History Day 2020? It starts from the 3rd of March and lasts for two weeks till the 17th of March.


The day is understood by the majority of people as the occasion when every person has to pay tribute to this branch of science. It has to be taken into account that such an event is held in many educational establishments throughout the world. Nevertheless, the event has got a certain period of time in the USA.

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If a person visits the USA during this period of time, he should understand that people are paid attention to the most important dates in their history. They can join the holiday or just stay aside and watch the event. This kind of contest is connected to certain knowledge, so if a visitor feels strong in the American history, he should take part in the observance.

The term “history” has got its roots in Ancient Greek. Then it had the meaning “inquiry, and knowledge from it”. Later the word transmitted into Latin. It also used the same meaning. People used the term to describe “narrative, written account of past events,recorded knowledge of past events, investigation, historical narrative, story”. The word had many transformations in different dialects and languages. It went through lots of meanings, though the main sense stayed unchanged.

The people of the Middle Ages used the meaning as “story”. Later in the 15th century the term got its modern meaning. It described the part of science which main aim was to describe past affairs and events. What is the date of National History Day 2020? The contest starts on  March, 3rd.


Every year a topic is proposed to the participants. It’s a sentence which has an alliteration which is used in the concept of the subject. It obligatory has to be a research on a historical issue. Its organizers usually choose the topic according to modern problem situations among the countries. In accordance of the current international situation it was proposed to proclaim a certain topic. “Conflict and Compromise in History” was set as the main topic for the competition in 2020. This topic is expected to make the youth analyze the previous situation and make a perspective solution for future relationships.

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History Day Exposition

The participants of the competition are proposed to make a professional research which to be judged by the competent jury. These researches have several marks. They’re rated by thepresentation’s clarity, relations to topic,historical quality. The works are done according to main academic demands. Students should use main and additional sources. Cites are necessary for these researches.

The creators of the best researches take part in the next level of contest. Winners of the regional competitions compete in the state contest. The main winners compete in June.

Participants usually have a serious preparation. They use exhibits and performances to present their works to the judges. Besides, there are several categories of researches. Students can choose a paper, an exhibit and a website category.

The prizes are various. The main prize is $1000. The program shows that the participants usually don’t have any problem with other tests. For tutors this experience also has a great impact. It makes them become more attentive to their profession. If you want to take part in this research, find the data using “When is History Day in 2020, calendar of contests?” The first date is on March, 3.

International History Day Facts

  • The contest’s organizer is a Massachusetts non-profit association.
  • The first holiday was held in 1974 in Cleveland.
  • The contest’s organizers worked in the History Department.
  • Students are to make a research on the exact topic.
  • There are three judges that give the proposed points to every research.
  • The best researches are judged in the national contest.
  • The biggest prize for the best work is $1000.
  • Junior students also can take part in the contest.


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