When is National Dress in Blue Day in 2020? Can you answer this question without any serious prompts from our side? โ€“ Well, we are almost sure that you are going to give the negative reply. As a rule, people donโ€™t think of the matters like this one. But it is in vain, of course. And today we are going to investigate the matter for you in details.


Certainly, it is of common knowledge that the question like โ€œWhen is International Dress in Blue Day 2020?โ€ requires some clarifications as to the history of its appearance in the calendar.

All in all the symbolism of color takes its beginning from ancient antiquity. From time immemorial, people endowed colors with a special semantic meaning, which was reflected in various religious and mystical teachings, myths, folk tales and legends.

Unfortunately, this special occasion has a rather sad background. The special occasion is considered to be relatively young. Everything happened in 2006. Initially the idea came to Anita Mitchell, who was the girl, who was lucky to survive a stage IV colon cancer.

Dress in Blue Day

She became a small founder of the so called Colon Cancer Stars organization. In order to raise colon cancer awareness she established a special day in her school. After her father and her friend death the young lady asked everybody to wear blew in order to draw attention to this disease.

Initially it was nothing by a local school program. However, Anita decided to bring it to the world and as a result the well-known today Colon Cancer Alliance was launched in 2009.

Nowadays it is a nationwide program.


What does Dress in Blue Day mean? Are you really sure that we can help you in deciding this matter?ย  Of course, not! You see, it is only up to you to find out what holidays to celebrate and which ones can be quite forgotten.

In general for many people of the world, this shade symbolizes heaven, eternity, continuity and fidelity. It is considered to be the color of stability, peace of mind and deep thoughts. In heraldry, this representative of the palette is used to denote chastity, honesty, good fame and fidelity.

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Contemporary residents of the east believe that the blue color frightens evil spirits, protects against negative effects, silence and spoilage.

In general symbolism of blue color began to manifest itself in ancient times. In Egypt, this color had a special meaning. Sacrifices and gifts to the gods were depicted in its shades. The same color was used to depict the wigs of the gods, pharaohs, queens, in order to emphasize their higher, divine origin. During various ceremonies, blue wigs were worn.

In the ancient Mayan blue was the color of sacrifices. The goods of wood and ceramics, wall murals, aromatic resins, everything that was associated with ritual sacrifices, were painted and covered with these hints.

In the Christian tradition, the blue symbolizes the eternity of divine power and the greatest sacraments. At the same time, many Slavic people were blue in color of sorrows and sorrows, associated with the demonic world. In ancient folk legends black and black demons are mentioned.


Investigating the matter concerning what day Dress in Blue Day in 2020 is, we want to show as many facts concerning the significance of this shade as it is possible.

Sometimes people choose their clothes without taking into account the fact that they are able to influence our mood, behavior and feeling. Have you ever thought about it?

In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, this shade is able to cause positive as well as negative aspect. The good meaning is spirituality, life wisdom, incredible patience, loyal truth, calmness and total pacification. The psychologists are sure that this color can inspire great accomplishments, soul cleanses, inner intuition and desire for higher knowledge.

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The bad manifestations are represented by weakness, emotional coldness and unbalance, malice and self-esteem. Also it can lead to a loss of feeling of reality, addiction and depressive states.

The richness of the shades turns it into versatile selection for all occasions. Depending on the combination of blue with red, green, and yellow, different shades of color are obtained. Many of them have got their individual names, which are often very original.

Here are 8 main shades of the hint mentioned in our article:

  • dark/light;
  • midnight;
  • navy;
  • sapphire;
  • ultramarine;
  • cobalt;
  • electrician.


Of course, when is Dress in Blue Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. This is not a problem certainly. However, you should be careful if you want to be involved. Why? โ€“ The matter is that the date is not fixed. It is usually celebrated on the first Friday in March and this year it would be on March 6th.

People Dressed in Blue Day

The holiday is considered to be unofficial one that is why you have to invent your own tradition if you are going to celebrate. In fact, it is not difficult. โ€“ Just bring the fresh notes and tones to your everyday style. It is not so easy as it may seem at the first sight. Today we are going to give you some recommendations as to the introduction of this hint into your day.

All in all this representative of color palette is considered quite official. That is why in modern stores you can find business suits, uniforms and working overalls in it. In accordance with some specialistsโ€™ points of view, this is quite easy to imagine a colleague in a dark blue, but not in red or in salad. At the same time, the dress of this sky shade seems light and airy, romantic and very feminine in summer.

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It is believed to be universal. With cold facials, it will be combined in accordance with the principle of similarity, and with warm on the principle of contrast, as the coldest color of all.

Also it has a unique ability to give the cold to any adjacent shade. Nevertheless, it is possible to highlight the tones. The colors of the spectrum such as yellow and green will add warm to the main tone.

So, please, donโ€™t worry and try to celebrate this holiday. You can share this idea as well and draw attention to the events brought by its appearance.

National Dress in Blue Day Facts

Investigating the question โ€œWhat is the date of Dress in Blue Day 2020?โ€ we want to tell our followers about the idea, which can be shown by this color, when we turn it into the main or additional component of our wardrobe things.

In general if clothes in these shades prevail, it simultaneously means that you are smart enough and rather independent, but at the same time you often feel the need for warmth and attention. You are distinguished by patience, exuberance and restraint in emotions.

Psychologists recommend using blue in clothing for those people who are subject to frequent mood changes and inconstancy. It helps to focus on important issues and to tune in to making decisions.

Those who choose blue and coral shades for their wardrobe are considered to be dreamers and romantics. They believe in true love and try to show themselves and to be noticed by others around. These clothes emit freshness and coolness that is why they are ideal for hot summers.

If you prefer to wear jeans, know that jeans wear an impression of nobility and quality.

Image-makers also advise both business ladies and businessmen to wear a dark blue-colored suit more often. It not only bristles the shape but emphasizes your reliability as a business partner.


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