“Mummy, I want this puppy! Or this kitty!”, probably that is the most widespread conversation in a family before they decide to let a new friend in the house. According to the stats, every fifth family in the world has a pet. And it’s not only the cats and dogs.

When is National Pet Day in 2020 and what are the sorts of pets you might not have heard of? Let’s find it out together!


The furry (and not so) fellows live with the human since the ancient times. And even today there are more and more kinds of the previously wild animals are turned into the favorite creatures living in the apartments.

The holiday we’re talking about is not that old. It was invented just eleven years ago by a noble American woman who’s dedicated her life to the good vocation of helping our four-legged fuzzy sisters and brothers. Yet she claims that the observance is not only about the owners being extremely nice and caring for their pets but also about the extra attention to those creatures who live on the streets or are kept in the shelters. Besides, she calls upon the whole population of the Earth to watch for their favorites as well as for the flatmates of their neighbors.


Sometimes, it happens that you friend is ill and looking after their pet is quite difficult, considering their state. Be compassionate and extend a helping hand easing the period of time for your friend and pleasing their fish/cat/dog/hamster with the long-awaited attention.

When is International Pet Day 2020? The more people know, the better the world is!


What does National Pet Day mean? It means spending this joyous day in the total harmony with your favorite buddy.

You can choose any of the houses on your street and the truth is you’d get into the house with the four-legged creature. We love the animals, don’t we? Be it the kitty, the doggy, the parrot, everyone goes for the pet they’d prefer most. Someone may like the fishes that serenely swim in the crystal clear water, another is in love with a bit more active fellows like hamsters, running happily in their round wheel, the other is inspired by the deep purring of the cats or the ringing bark of the dog. Of course, before meeting a new friend we think ofthe responsibilities we take on. Yet there would be hardly anyone who’d confess in their regret for starting keeping the pet. It warms so much – knowing that something waits for you at home! On top of that, you can always watch the TV together with your furry friend or go shopping.

The life with the pets can’t be boring at all. But it can be a bit perturbing. This is because of the responsibilities you embrace and the commitments you make to those balls of fur or scale or feather. Probably, instead of the long-awaited episode of your TV series you can watch the saddest eyes of your puppy that desperately wants to go out. Moreover, thesecreatures, unfortunately, cangetill. Thus you are ought to see the vet at least two times in a year. And we don’t mention all those vitamins and healthy add-ons to their daily food!

What they give us in return? They create the atmosphere of the warmth and comfort. You may have noticed that you feel calm near the buddies. That is because they influence on our nervous system in the most positive way. Even the worst day can be brightened up by the soft touch of the delicate paw. Regardless of what day World Pet Day in 2020 occurs on, the power of the little friends over us is never overestimated!


Do you know why we should fulfill the wish of our child to have a pet? In fact, they bring much more positive moments (in terms of self-development and health) for the young ones than for the adults.

The animals contribute to the intellectual and spiritual growth of the children. They are the very first source of knowledge about nature. Watching these creatures, the kid learns how to distinguish them, notice the characteristics of their behavior and finds out their habits. On top of that, the fellows teach them to develop the sensory abilities. And it can’t be compared to any of the toys. Through the sense organs, the kid learns their buddy’s shape, size, smell, positions, movement, the softness of the fur and the like. Also, thelogicworksoutwell: if the kitty is meowing, that means it wants to eat; if the polecat jumps high, it wants to play; if the weasel is hiding, it is on a hunt.

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There are so many sorts of the pets that some of them might even surprise you. For example, did you have any idea that you can keep the raccoon right in your apartment? The twenty kilos of the fur is so fun to live with! Its main entertainment is the bowl with the water which it sinks the toys and fruits in. Andsometimes, plungeintothewater,too. Whatelse? It actually desperately needs the human’s attention. If you abandon it even for thirty minutes, the vengeance will be merciless. It would crawl up your neck to your head or tear the new wallpapers in the attic. But the love the raccoon emits is certainly heartfelt – it greets you with the warm grip of your nose.

Another interesting fellow is the hedgehog the dwarf. This African aborigine is the specially bred sort of the animal. Itissmall, don’t stamp and don’t emit the unpleasant odors. And it doesn’t hibernate which means that you can play with it all year long. But mainly, during the nights as it still prefers to sleep in the daytime. It is interesting: the hedgehogs are not the vegetarians and love the meat and the insects. Andthecatfood (butthat’sasecret).

By the way, we almost forgot to tell you what is the date of National Pet Day 2020! It annually happens on April 11th.

Woman with her pets

We’d bet that you claim that the crocodiles are not the ones who live at homes. Andwe’dsaythatyou’rewrong! One big fellow lives in the real flat and the owner doesn’t complain. Its sizes are impressive – one hundred and seventy centimeters long and twenty-five kilograms heavy. Interestingly, it’s not the end of its growth. It is just four years old – the whole life is in front of it. The crocodile spends its time by lying on the sofa and looking in the mirror on itself. Probably, it thinks of the happiness its owner caught when he first let it in the house.

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What about the fox? Although it is a truly wild animal, people tend to keep as a close friend as well. Thecharmingredballprefers to eat explicitly the dog food and demands the fruits for the dessert. Do you like that description? Then drop by the local zoo or the wild animals’ shelter – there you’ll definitely meet the fox.


How can you celebrate this joyous date? Just give the warmest and most sincere hug to your pet and thank someone over there for bestowing you with such a treasure. Stock up on the favorite treats of your fellow and feed it up for the whole day – that will definitely make it happy.

Going a bit further, you can organize the real pet party! Everything is simple, invite your human-friends with their animal-friends and have fun together! Yet don’t forget to buy the different snacks and drinks, don’t let the invitees down.

You remember that this day is also about the animals that are neglected or lack attention? One of the most heartfelt ways to observe the date will be signing up for the volunteer program at your local shelter. But even saying hello to your neighbor and treating their dog to the tasty bone would be good.

International Pet Day Facts

  • By the way, the founder of the holiday is also the animals’ advocate!

Mark in your calendar, when is Pet Day in 2020, and appreciate those little balls of happiness for the love and warmth they give us.


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