When is National Cubicle Day in 2020? Do you know the answer to this question? Can you share this piece of information with the people around? – Frankly speaking, we are almost sure that your reply to the both questions will be negative. That is an explanation, why we are going to investigate the direction in details today. All in all, we find this holiday to be an amazing one and that is why it deserves the followers’ attention.


The question concerning the matter what day Cubicle Day in 2020 is, is not as easy as it may seem at the first sight. It needs a great amount of various clarifications and explanations.

As a rule, our readers are interested in various directs and the historical background among the most requested ones. Unfortunately, under these conditions we haven’t managed to discover any facts available, devoted to this direction.

However, we are sure that initially this person or these people thought carefully about the working place, which has to be designed properly in order to make the day productive and to guarantee a pleasant atmosphere.


What does Cubicle Day mean? All in all, we don’t know for sure how to answer this question instead of you. In order to predict which holidays you are going to celebrate and which ones doesn’t bother, we have to know you personally. As you perhaps understand, it is almost impossible to meet all the readers in person. Actually, it is only up to you to decide, which occasions to pay attention to and which ones are not important for your life circumstances.

Have you ever had to work in a big noisy office, which is represented by just a pile of tables, or vice versa perhaps you are working in your own isolated office? We are sure, that both options for the organization of the working space have their pros and cons. The lack of zoning in the room often negatively affects the staff working capacity, since it is very difficult to concentrate in such conditions. 

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By the way, we can’t but mention that office partitions, if they are the transparent ones, create a favorable environment for the friendly work of the team as a whole and the high productivity of each employee individually. With their help, the company saves money on electricity due to the fact that daylight spreads freely throughout the room, and the need to include lighting fixtures disappears.

Also in our personal workspace, our favorite colors must be present. In the most part of American companies, the usual thing is when at the interview the manager asks the candidate about his color preferences, and in the case of hiring, the new employee on the first working day discovers that the workplace is decorated taking into account what he/she said about himself/herself.


Investigating the question “When is International Cubicle Day 2020?” we came to the conclusion that this direction needs some additional clarifications as this theme is really amazing.

By the way, not so long ago, psychologists from the University of Exeter, which is located in the UK, found that in an open space office a person’s well-being deteriorates by 32%, and the work efficiency – by 15%. In fact, open offices were invented in the 1950s, and their main idea was to create a freer and more creative atmosphere. And only nowadays it has become experimentally proved that such offices only harm, both the work and the health of workers.

A separate types of office sometimes creates something like a vacuum, an atmosphere where a person is always in his/her own thoughts, losing at the same time the sense of command and the integrity of the project he/she is working on.

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It means that the best thing to do is to find the average position. Under these conditions, it should be a space, which unites the collective into a single whole and at the same time gives everyone the necessary share of isolation. In accordance with some specialists’ points of view, transparent partitions are able to help to create such space. Being stationary or mobile, they do not restrict the view. This construction is not an obstacle to daylight, but it usually creates noise insulation and gives a comfortable feeling of personal space.

In 2010, psychologists from University College London conducted a special survey concerning the workplace comfort among office workers. The results are as follows: 56% of office workers suffer because of the “lack of personal space”, 55% because of the “not comfortable temperature”, and 60% because of the “constant extraneous noise at the workplace”. Another 30% of respondents complained of discomfort due to the lack of daylight. As you can see, transparent office partitions solve almost all the listed problems.

Actually the normative area of a person’s personal space in most offices is 6 square meters. Even if, in fact, this figure is somewhat smaller, the workplace formed with the help of a transparent partition does not seem cramped due to the fact that it does not visually create the sensation of a wall.


When is Cubicle Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you and we have already mentioned that it will happen on April 28. This date is fixed, that is why as a rule our followers do not have any problems with its memorizing. However, as you perhaps understand there are no any special occasions, organized on the state level and devoted to this event. But, despite this fact, you are certainly free to create something special by yourself.

What about devoting your next April 28 to rearranging of your working space in the office? First of all, pay attention to the fact that it’s best to sit with your back to the wall. This is the position, how we feel protected. If this is not possible, a high-backed chair will save the situation. Sitting facing the wall is an unfortunate decision. In accordance with the Chinese specialists’ points of view, this variant restricts perception and possibilities. Secondly, it is not very good to sit with your back to the window. But if this is the only possible option, you can hang blinds on the window and place tall indoor plants on the windowsill.

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This holiday is an additional possibility to look around and to understand how comfortable it really is, how much it affects your productivity, and what it is possible to do today to improve the existing situation.

National Cubicle Day Facts

Talking about the question “What is the date of Cubicle Day in 2020?” we have already given our readers the answer. Our followers have known that it happens on April 28th annually. And this year won’t be an exception. However, today we are going to draw the people’s attention to the office organization. 

A well-designed modern office is a hybrid, where everyone has their own place, but at the same time every person’s area is structurally combined into one whole. As a rule, this is achieved through partitions, which partially isolate each employee. By adjusting the height and transparency of the partitions, making them mobile, you can maintain the right balance and create the desired level of isolation and comfort.

On the desk of each office employee it is desirable to find personal items: photos of loved ones, souvenirs brought from vacation, gifts from friends. Someone puts on the desktop a photo of a favorite actor, someone hangs a mask from Goa on a wall. The main thing is that it should be something unofficial, homely, intimate, allowing you to feel like a unique person, and not just a cog in the car.


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