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When is National Anthem Day 2019

When is National Anthem Day in 2020? This a perfect question, the answer to which is unknown for many people all around the planet but not for those, who live in Canada. There people like, love and appreciate this holiday. Even the smallest ones know its traditions and celebrate it very year. Are you among them? – If not, please, don’t be upset, as today we are going to investigate it in details. Are you with us?


Of course, we understand quite well that it would be quite stupid to discover the question “What is the date of National Anthem Day 2020?” without paying attention to the historical background of this event. Our followers are usually interested in this. Are you among them?

Unfortunately, this time we haven’t managed to find out any facts available about the reasons for celebrating this event on March 3rd as well as about the establishers of the holiday.

As a rule, people prefer to associate it with the same occasion in Canada, but they are quite wrong. Why? – The matter is that the citizens of this northern country hold their festive day in summer, not in spring. That is why it is something quite different.

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What does National Anthem Day mean? All in all it is up to you to decide, whether to celebrate this special occasion or to complete completely about its existence. In general nowadays there are a lot of people, who don’t remember the words even of the local anthem. We don’t know why, perhaps that is because they are not very patriotic.

At the very beginning we would like to remind you that all in all national anthem is considered to be a solemn laudatory song, which is dedicated to the motherland of the certain person. In general it is exactly the same symbol of the country as, for example, as the coat of arms or the flag. But unlike the last ones it can not only be seen or touched. But at the same time it can also be heard or sung by yourself.

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Have you heard the Canadian Senate has already approved all the changes set into the worlds of the national anthem? What have they done it for? – In accordance with the specialists’ points of view, they wanted to make it more neutral and contemporary. This piece of information was reported on the official website of the local Parliament.

So, the adopted modern law replaces in the hymn English version the words about the patriotic love of “your sons” to “all of us”.

In fact, in this way, parliament returned to the original version of the hymn. The thing is that the well-known words about “sons” were added by the author of the poem Robert Weir in 1914.

It should be noted that the debate on this bill continued in the upper house of parliament for 18 months. Finally, the senators from the opposition refused to support it and left the courtroom, but the votes of pro-government and independent legislators turned out to be enough.


Talking about the question “When is International Anthem Day 2020?” we have to discover a great amount of various themes, topics and direction.

Of course, you have already heard that many large enterprises have their own corporate anthems. Note that the corporate song is considered to be an integral part of the corporate culture. The corporate melody and words gives the company the opportunity to be recognizable, while it excellently raises the working spirit of the employees. Sometimes some corporations apply individual elements of the melody of such a song as a musical logo.

Most people perform corporate anthems at the beginning of the meetings and conferences. It should be noted that the presence of a corporate song raises the prestige of the company, inspires employees and impresses outsiders.

Write a solemn song for your company can not only single poets, but also record studios. They will try to reflect the merits of your firm to the maximum, the desire of your colleagues to work for the prosperity of the common cause. As a rule, a melody for a solemn song is picked up memorizing. It’s only through music that you can create a unique atmosphere of pride for your company. Ordering a corporate anthem from professionals, you can safely continue the active movement to success.

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The style of the text and the melody can be picked up given the direction of your business. For example, for the Fast Food Network, it is advisable to select light, relaxed texts, and the same music.

In order to produce a good corporate anthem, the head of the company should compile a detailed briefing, where it is necessary to tell the history of the company, to emphasize all the merits and goals. In addition, you must specify for what purpose you want to record your song.


When is Anthem Day in 2020, calendar will surely remind you. So you don’t have any serious reasons for being worried about. This special occasion can be celebrated both on state and individual level. On March 3rd on TV there are a lot various programs and documentaries, devoted to it. You can always find something special and interesting personally for yourself.

But what about the inventing something amazing? – We propose to devote this day to your corporate anthem creation.

singing anthem

Who can you entrust this case? – Yes, the question is a bit complicated, because there are so many recording studios and individual poets. But there are record studios where composers and copywriters work with a large team, who has quite a long record of experience and a huge baggage of creative ideas. Turning to such studios, you can be sure that the anthem written for them by your company will be successful and useful.

If you do not want to order a corporate anthem from those who do it professionally for one reason or another, then you can ask your employees. For sure in your company there are a couple of people who can write a good text. In this case, not only employees, but also managers can write a high-quality corporate song.

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International Anthem Day Facts

Discovering the matter concerning what day World Anthem Day in 2020 is, we can’t but mention the latest news of this theme.

Today we are going to tell you something really amazing about this song listening in quite various parts of the modern world. As an example, we are going to take the manner, which is used in three different states.

The special respect to the national anthem can be seen among the people of Thailand. Most of them drop everything and listen to it standing up, twice a day. In connection with such a patriotic attitude in 2007, the Thai authorities even tried to pass a law requiring drivers to stop the car whenever a national anthem sounds on the radio, television or loudspeakers.

Well, the most patriotic in the issue of the performance of the national anthem, of course, are the people of North Korea. Listening to the national team’s hymn by the DPRK team at the 2010 World Championships immediately became an Internet hit, because all 11 players were not only singing hard, which is quite unusual for modern football, but one of them also cried.

In the United States, the “Oath of Fidelity to the Flag” has been sparking controversy for several years already. More than a century of everyday morning ritual American schoolchild has long been a stumbling block for students and their teachers. In the press now and then there are pieces of news of the punishment of adolescents for failure to perform the morning ceremony.

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