Can you answer the question “When is Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day in 2017?” immediately and without any thinking? As a rule, it is very difficult to do it, except the cases, of course, when you are working as an ice cream vendor and celebrate this event as your professional holiday. But at the same time ice cream is considered to be a product, which is appreciated both by children and by adults. This fact allows us to confirm that the answer to the question mention above will be rather important.

So let’s discover this matter in details.


All in all, when is National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day in 2017, calendar will tell you without any problems. It will be on Friday, July 1. But there are many people, who want to know the historical background of every event.

Unfortunately, in this case it is rather difficult to discover the information who and when established this occasion once.

Most researchers believe that its appearance was nothing much a successful marketing decision. You see, it is celebrated just in the middle of the summer, when the weather is especially hot and stuffy. It means that initially the inventors wanted to draw the customers’ attention to their production, creating something new and unusual. The public get bored of ordinary tastes.

National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day 2017

By the way, it is not known when, where and by whose recipe the ice cream was initially invented. But it has been discovered that the berries and fruits in the snow were frozen even in the times of Alexander the Great. In order to bring some snow slaves were sent to the mountains. Those people were specially trained for fast running, as the snow did not have to melt away.

Of course, we can’t call the ancient Hellenes’ delicacies by the word “ice cream” in the modern sense. Those desserts reminded low-fat frozen desserts, represented by chilled fruit with finely chilled sweet ice, frozen syrups, decoctions and juices, sherbets and fruit ice.


What does Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day mean? – Of course, the meaning of this event should hide something unusual or even terrific. But as it concerns this product the situation has been amazing from the very beginning.

The dessert has always changed. For example, in 1295 Marco Polo brought to Europe a recipe for an unknown dessert. For its cooling not only snow and ice, but also nitrate were used. The product in the special vessel had to be placed in water with dissolved nitrate or into the ice mixed together with the salt. After this, the inner and outer forms began to be rotated, which provided a more rapid freezing of the product without the formation of large crystals.

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Most of us haven’t known for sure what day Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day in 2017 is, but for about 900 years ago people couldn’t even imagine their life without these delicacies.

This dish immediately became popular, and without ice cream, there was not a single dinner, both at the palace and aristocrats. Every cook kept in secret the recipe of the ice cream and that is why unusual ice cream often became the reason for arguments and the most cruel intrigues. It was rather popular to have personal ice cream flavor, not less important than to go to individual hairdressers or dressmakers.


So you have already known the answer to the question “When is National Creative Flavors Day 2017?” Do you like trying the original dishes travelling all around the world? – If the answer is “yes”, start with an ice cream. As you know all tastes differ in various corners of the contemporary world and it simultaneously means that their portions of ice cream (of course, if there are any) are not similar either.

Visit a local café, not obligatory this day, and discover something really unusual or even amazing for you.


Frankly speaking, unfortunately, there are no any special traditions for this event celebration. But on the other hand you can invent something by yourself.

Of course, it is a real chance to try a new sort of ice cream together with your family members, friends, relatives or even colleagues from the office.

If it is impossible to find out creative flavors, you can try to prepare your own ice cream at home. Nowadays you can do it without any problem. In the grocery all components are available.

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As soon as you know the answer to the question “What is the date of Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day 2017?” it is high time to organize the huge and cool party. Invite as many guests as you would like to meet. You may choose a special theme for this event, for example, in Japanese style. What about ice cream from octopus then? Ice cream from octopus is an interesting and incomprehensible combination, invented by the Japanese. To prepare such an octopus ice cream, you need to boil it for about eight hours in black tea.

Your guests may also appreciate eel ice cream. Eel in Japan is considered to be a real delicacy, so the Japanese decided that it is quite suitable to making ice cream. The taste of this ice cream is soft, unlike anything.

National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day Facts

Nowadays it is not a surprise that the ice cream can be rather different, but some of them are really astonishing. Here is a list of the most amazing ones.

  • Golden dust ice cream

The name of this the most expensive ice cream speaks for itself. One portion of such a miracle costs about $ 1000! Only the most elite restaurants in the US metropolises can boast of variety. For its creation, the most delicious components are chosen. They are represented by layers of gold foil, exotic fruits and berries, which are put in a special dessert glass. The gold foils are so thin that it is possible to eat ice cream together with them. They are absolutely not harmful to the body. We are sure that there are many people who want to try this ice cream.

  • Chicken wings ice cream

In this case you will find chicken wings in ice cream instead of sauce. The city of Nagoya is famous for such a dish, in which there is a lot of poultry. Inventive Japanese decided to use such a quantity of birds.

National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day

  • Ginger ice cream

Ginger ice cream is not very complicated as to the manner of its preparation. In a blender it is necessary to mix marinated ginger with sugar and that to add some filling. Such ice cream, poured into the molds, looks very appetizing, but the taste is a bit specific.

  • Potato ice cream
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The food company “Aunt Bessie” is trying to diversify the types of ice cream, adding to it various new components. Potato taste is a novelty from the company “Aunt Bessie.” This is a new type of ice cream, which consists of mashed potatoes, sauce and green peas.

  • Corn ice cream

Another unusual ice cream is corn. Young corns are cooked in milk and cream on a very small fire. Due to milk and cream, the corns acquire an original taste. According to the lucky ones who managed to try such a miracle, the taste is simply delicious.

  • Carrot ice cream

Undoubtedly it is worthwhile to try, if you find a carrot ice cream on sale. It consists of cream, some ordinary milk, coconut milk, a few yolks, some sugar and spices. By the way it looks very appetizing.

  • Fish ice cream

Frankly speaking, it is not easy to prepare this kind of ice cream. A strong fishy smell is killed by soaking fish in milk, egg liquor, brandy and whiskey. After that almonds and chocolate nuts are added. But mind that the fish becomes very hard when frozen, as it contains a lot of water. The first creator of fish ice cream use some alcohol to solve this problem.

  • Ice cream from black sesame

Japanese black sesame also became a popular ingredient for ice cream. Despite the black color of the dish it is quite edible.

  • Ice cream with bacon

Ice cream expert Devid Lebovitz decided to please a huge army of bacon fans and proved that bacon is also quite suitable for frosting. He came up with ice cream based on glazed bacon. And this dish is still gaining its popularity.

  • Ice cream with charcoal

It’s scary to imagine what ice cream with charcoal is like! It is of a dark gray color and, probably, the cheapest of all available.

  • Garlic ice cream

Probably this is the most exotic dish is garlic ice cream. Pre-freeze garlic should be mixed with mashed potatoes. Further, when the mashed potatoes are thawed.  The producers usually add cream, milk, a yolk and some sugar. Then all this mixture should be frozen. Also it is not clear who wants this exotic.


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