Millions of people live in megacities with an extremely fast pace of life. Work, family, hobbies, problems, sport are influencing our life and take our time. Under this influence, we stop controlling states of our body and hygiene. We can stay at work more than 10 hours a day, then go to a gym and the only thing we have after all these actions is a critical need to sleep. Thatโ€™s why some holidays were invented to recall us about our body. Today we are discussing probably the main part of the body โ€” our feet. Letโ€™s define when is National Measure Your Feet Day in 2020.

The celebration is held on 23rd of January yearly. An author is unknown but its main purpose is clear. We need to pay attention to our โ€˜means of movementโ€™ on this day in order to have healthy feet. The holiday is new and not many facts are given but we still have considered some of them.


As it was mentioned above, the author remains unknown. Truly, this day is obviously extraordinary one and completely different from others. The history of the M.Y.F. has 2 stories, each of them is connected with North America. Letโ€™s begin with the first one.

In 1998, American therapist Joe McClelland was interested in a tendency of his patients. 7 people per day came to him with feet problems and injuries caused by not taking care of their legs. He made a research and revealed that a society needs a holiday dedicated to different parts of a human body to recall them about taking care. Thus, in 2001 the National Holiday was created.

A Small foot and a big foot

The second story is about David Killer, the 26-year-old PR-manager of a big company specialized in soft drinks. He made a unique advertisement which led to an increase in profit. He connected a reason of buying his company products with feet measurement and people got excited with that idea. In 2000, his subordinates told to patent the holiday and thus it was created.

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What day Measure Your Feet Day in 2020 was several years ago? Over the years, the M.Y.F. has been becoming more and more popular within the global society and in 2006 the first global event dedicated to the holiday was held. That year, about $50.000 were collected and transferred to hospitals. Moreover, it remains unclear who is the real inventor of the festival. When both creators came to the 2006 festival, they were surprised about each otherโ€™s existence. In an hour, they became friends and decided to lead the history together.


What does Measure Your Feet Day mean? Itโ€™s not so hard to define the meaning of the holiday. The first purpose is to take care of your feet. Put your business offย  and spend some time and money for this action. In case you have some problems, visit a therapist who will help you to solve any problem. The day is popular among an old population. So, take your grandparents to the nearest hospital to check their feet condition. Furthermore, you should pay close attention to your footwear. Having convenient boots or shoes will help you to forget about any problem connected with your legs. According to English scientists, 70% of feet illnesses are caused by inconvenient footwear. So, keep in touch when is International Measure Your Feet Day 2020 to take care of your feet in time.

There is an interesting fact connected with footwear you should get familiar with. At the beginning of the 20th century in China, a process of bandaging feet for girls was practiced. All their toes, except the big one, were attached to the foot, and gradually their feet were deformed so that sometimes a woman could not walk at all. This was considered an enviable dignity since a lady from a high society was considered shameful to move on her own, and the big feet unequivocally testified to an origin of a woman from the lower classes.


M.Y.F. is a day when you have to choose correctly fitted shoes. Donโ€™t be aware of spending hours in malls choosing some footwear as it is the main requirement of the day. Majority of people spend dozens of hours sitting in their office or doing sports so the comfortable shoes can be a key to your success.

How often do you take care of your feet? M.Y.F. will tell you how to maintain your legs condition and how to treat them. You need to visit seminars dedicated to National Measure Your Feet Day with your friends. You will gain invaluable knowledge and have a good time.

There are 4 main problems caused by inconvenient footwear:

  1. Hammer Toe
  2. Bunion
  3. Ingrown toenails
  4. Corns

Bunion looks like a bulge put aside of its normal position and is the most popular illness among adults. The orthopedist treats valgus deformation of the foot. To consult a doctor it is necessary at the first signs of the disease, as correction of deformation in the early stages can save from surgery:

  • Selection of orthopedic insoles;
  • An appointment of a complex therapeutic physical training, which hinders a development of flat feet.

Measuring feet


What is the date of Measure Your Feet Day 2020? Turn back to the beginning of the article to refresh your memory before we consider next topic. Well, the history of the day is long and interesting. Since 2006, dozens of M.Y.F. festivals have been organized and 2020 is not an exception. One of the main traditions is to organize competitions with flip-flops. All the youth around the world like this day as they have full freedom in their actions. The fastest, the most creative, the most extraordinary flip-flops are examined on this day. Grab your friends and relatives to spend time with pleasure and benefit.

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In 2010, the biggest flip-flop festival was held in California. Approximately 15.000 people came to celebrate and support the day. About 38.000 photos and videos were posted in 2 hours and it beat the record of 2009. All the money were transferred to hospitals for the foot treatment. Yearly, we need to support national holidays by posting photos and videos with the #M.Y.F.2020 hashtag.

National Measure Your Feet Day Facts

  • Most women all over the world wear shoes that tighten them.
  • 10% of people of the whole planet have an unusual structure of the foot, called โ€œMorton’s fingerโ€. The second finger on the leg is much longer than the first one. When walking, this does not cause any inconvenience, but the improper selection of shoes can cause unbearable pain and formation of calluses. For ancient Romans and Greeks, such a foot was a standard of beauty. Sculptors tried to reflect this in their works. This foot is also called Greek. The Statue of Liberty in America has a Greek foot.
  • For the whole life, each person bypasses the globe 4 times. This indicator is easy to calculate. Throughout a day, every person does almost 10 thousand steps.
  • The first footwear was invented during the glacial period about 5 million years ago. To produce it, you needed a skin of various animals. And in ancient Rome, they began to divide the leg into right and left.
  • In 2012, the biggest feet man was found. His name is Matthew McGrory from North Carolina. His shoe size is 65 and height is 218 cm.

In conclusion, look after your feet and keep in mind when is Measure Your Feet Day in 2020, through the calendar.


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