When is National Tell a Story Day in 2020? Do you have something interesting to mention about this fascinating event? Have you ever found out about this event and about its occurrence in the contemporary calendar? As a rule, most people answer these questions negatively. That is the main explanation why we want to investigate this matter today. Are you with us? It is going to be really amazing.


Talking about the direction what day Tell a Story Day in 2020 is, we should represent our followers some things which are planning to become really interesting. All the matters concerning the historical past in particular and background in general of the event are of the greatest demand as comparing to the others.

Unfortunately, we haven’t managed to find any facts available about the launchers of this day and about the explanations why we have to keep this event on April 27th exactly.

All in all, storytelling is believed to be a powerful tool through which modern people can deliver messages or get some knowledge. Men and women learned to talk about 100 thousand years ago, which means that approximately all that time they started to tell each other stories. Since that moment, it has become an integral part of human nature and our natural needs. Spiritual teachers, philosophers, poets and writers, orators used oratory to increase the effect of their words. Today, the film industry, literary activity and branding are built on a good speaking. But above all, this is a classic technique in marketing and communications.


What does Tell a Story Day mean? โ€“ Well, frankly speaking, we are not able to reply this direction instead of you. You see, we donโ€™t know you personally, and this simultaneously means that we canโ€™t even predict you personal attitude to this type of leisure activity. Of course, among the representatives of the modern society there are a lot of masters of impromptu who, in order to tell something interesting, do not need training. Perhaps, these people will celebrate the holiday under the condition they have heard about the occasion existence in the calendar.

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They know how to make things stories interesting, almost from the moment of their birth. They always have what to tell in any sphere. What do they need more is to find a grateful listener. Most of us, in order to give something truly entertaining, it is advisable to rehearse in advance.


Discovering the direction โ€œWhen is International Tell a Story Day 2020?โ€ we concluded that we need to represent our followers something amazing. Telling a thing to your friends, relatives, mates or just colleagues from work, you usually share something persona: memories, experience, a lesson that life has brought to you. In so doing, you inspire other people. Storytelling is a possibility of dialogue with your audience, excluding unidirectional communication, intrusive advertising and zombies.

Neurophysiology explains how it affects the brain. This activity activates areas in the human brain, which allows the listener to โ€œtry onโ€ it to the own ideas and experiences. This is due to a process known as โ€œcoupling,โ€ or neural coupling. Mirror neurons, in turn, help to better experience the speaking and the emotions that the speaker is experiencing.

The story is good because it pushes us to change. It affects us at four levels – feelings, thoughts, individual actions and behavior in general – and, accordingly, it requires an emotional response, holds interest, gives energy and encourages action.


When is Tell a Story Day in 2020, calendar will for any case remind you and if you wantย  to join it wonโ€™t be a serious problem indeed. The only thing you have to remember is that this day is kept on April 27th every single year.

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As you, perhaps, understand, there are no official events devoted to this holiday. Local authorities establish something really seldom.

From time to time the libraries or literature clubs initiate the period of various competitions or contests in reciting the works of definite epochs or even the small masterpieces, written by the guests themselves. If you are able to visit something like this, do it. You will be really amazed to be involved into another world. And, of course you can meet April 27th differently. What about trying something new? โ€“ Have you already tried to tell the stories? Do people find them interesting or boring?

No matter what your answer is, today we want to give you some essential recommendations. Never forget to paint the plot details in the course of the thing. There is such a cinematic device – to load paints and special effects on boring fragments and uninteresting details. So do not hesitate to add colors to those moments that in your opinion can not be but mentioned. The final part of the story should be the most effective one. That ending makes it clear to the viewer why he/she was forced to listen to all this. Of course, these rules are not suitable for all plots, but they are guaranteed to be effective.

In fact, the most interesting stories are those in which the narrator is sincere and does not hide his/her vulnerability, stupidity and strangeness. The truth is because much more fun and interesting, so do not try to decorate it with unnecessary fictional details. The simple pieces of advice will definitely help you to become a perfect storyteller in future. Try to use April 27th for improving your skills and you will get one more hobby.

National Tell a Story Day Facts

You have already known the answer to the topic โ€œWhat is the date of Tell a Story Day in 2020?โ€ and we hope you want to celebrate. If yes, it simultaneously denote that you’re fascinating and the following information will be interesting for you.

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All in all, there are some rules of public speaking and here is our list:

  • The main thing is content

Thinking about future performance, follow the principle of usefulness. What new will your target listener or reader know? The story should fit into the โ€œpyramid of informationโ€: first you make a statement, after that add some arguments, and donโ€™t forget about the ending.

  • Be brief

According to average estimates, the speaking should fit in 5-7 minutes. This is about two printed pages. Such volume minimizes the risk of loss of attention of the audience, inclined to be distracted already in the tenth minute of the story.

  • You are easy to perceive.

Use everyday language and, if it is possible give up slang. The conclusion may be philosophical, but the story itself is simple and clear. Do not overload the history with scientific and technical terms, dry facts and abstract reflections.

  • Rely on living facts

Dry facts sound boring, no facts at all – even worse. A good story is represented by events, supported by data, statistics, and does not go deeply into the theory. In other words, you need practice. Giving a real example of success, failure or an amusing situation, you will surely be able to gain trust from the audience.

  • Be honest

Emotions are the core of your telling. Of course, to tell a good story, you need it to affect you personally. Then you will have access to the hearts of others. Remember that the main goal is to touch the viewer and to show him/her your attitude.

  • Make the final strong

Having established a trusting relationship with the audience (as far as possible in five minutes), think up a turn that will make it return to what you have said and rethink. The final part should clarify what you have shared, and help the story to gain a foothold in the consciousness, โ€œstickโ€.


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