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🥂 When is National Mead Day 2022

At the beginning, everyone may raise a question when is National Mead Day in 2022 and what do exactly present a beverage called “a mead”. Among all alcoholic drinks, there is a huge number of them made of honey. Original mead wine was one of the most popular beverages some time ago. Men and women chose their taste and aroma delighting the freshness and flavor. They rightful accompanied the biggest events in human’ history. The further text should tie loose ends and throw light on its interesting story and amazing facts.

The meaning of the holiday

What does National Mead Day mean for Americans?

Living in the modern world, everyone is taking to off-the-peg products. It is easier to get out of the fridge some prepared food, put it in the microwave, wait for a while and enjoy the delicious pizza or pasta. Nowadays Earth’ citizens are always in a hurry, they need a lot of time but they do not have any.

The present holiday stops the world’s rhythm and makes all of us take a break while tasting wine. The life is the most precious thing we possess and every second, minute and moment will not return. To live a happy and wonderful existence is to take pleasure in it. One does not want to push you to go to the bars and get drunk. Delighting means talking, laughing, sharing some beautiful moments.

National Mead Day

Concerning the problem of a ready-made lifestyle, the gala of mead remembers wine-makers’ talented and devoted profession. Do not forget about one of the beekeepers. The thirst quencher cannot become perfect without two essential components that are wine and honey. Nevertheless, two above-mentioned jobs risk giving off because a specific wine is not at a high ebb of popularity the recent time. The feast aims to preserve the rights for existence and well-being of both creators and creation and to respect people’ enormous job. That is why tell your relatives what day is National Mead Day in 2022 and try to admire the art of producing this liquor.

The definition of the date

The description hides in a fact that honey and wine, joined together, make a special effect of a body. Despite the beverage contains a little volume of alcohol, it betters a work of cardiovascular and nervous systems. The sweet product makes calming effects, people fell a bit relaxed drinking it.

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Meanwhile, mead wine remains a purely natural invention without made in the base of spring water after antique recipes. The basics for honey are wild mixes herbs that is why it smells delicious. Professional beekeepers try to maintain its transparent structure for better taste and it is highly qualified if the product is maintained almost one year round. All these factors influence the future drink.

For this very reason, you should not miss the chance to discover when is National Mead Day in 2022. In American calendar, it is honored each first August Saturday. This year it falls on August 1st, the time when summer begins to finish but the period of harvest is in its very beginning. The true fans of the potion ate not very numerous but they are still in every town or city so you can find them anywhere and unite to the celebration.

The history of the feast

It is interesting to lay stress on the origins of the world «mead» or honey as we used to pronounce. Its roots are found in c as Ukrainian and Russian. There it sounds like [med] or [mɜd] and notably the history of the wine mead begins from these territories. As one can see, the languages help even to create new drinks.

Due to historical researches, some ancient European tribes like Slavs, Greek, Scandinavian people and Germans already knew the potion preparation. One can find some honey production techniques in VII-VI century before Christ. Old nations considered it the beverage of Gods and kept the formula in secret. In XI century Eastern of Kievan Rus could not do without it. There it was named “medovukha” based on the principal part and it was used at weddings, funerals, anniversaries, birthdays – in short, it followed all the life events.

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From XVI-XVIII century, the production of beverage partially declines but it was renewed in Europe in the years of XIX.

Nowadays people like to celebrate it. However, there is even a special organization created to reunite all home brewers in the USA. It is the America Homebrewers Association and it wants to underline the importance of honey for people and gather the professionals and amateurs of the art. Introduced in 2002, they work all year round for skills improving and there is even an international status of the anniversary. The body regroups members of all countries in American continent that is because one may ask when is International Mead Day in 2022. The International gala festival is the same date with the national one though think about a party, which commemorates both important dates.

What are National Mead Day in 2022 facts and traditions?

In fact, many people will deny the necessity of such a party and celebration. Though, the Association preserves the rights and obligations of its members. Is tries to maintain the popularity of the wine beverage mixed with mead. Annually, the true devotees gather and enjoy the sweet and tasty drink.

National Mead Day

There are a lot of possible manners of data celebration. One may choose upon his or her will and possibility:

  • If you have not tasted the liquid – try it for sure! It is worth to ask for it and has a little drink. Be sure you will never forget its unbelievable impression on your body and soul.
  • You will surely ask for some more drink. Buy some bottles for you and for your relatives, invite them to your place and spend spare time together while delighting this amazing nectar.
  • Many people still do not know what is the date of National Mead Day in 2022. Share some useful information between colleagues and friend. Ask those who already know to transmit the news further. It is a great chance to promote the party time, the holiday itself. Such an act will greatly help the promotion of the Association.
  • Visit some occasional events done by professional vignerons and thank them for their work. The smile for these people will enlighten all the soiree. Try their products and start doing it too. It is a little difficult at the beginning, but there is nothing more pleasant that enjoying to the full your own products.
  • Donate some money to the developing of the affairs of Association.
  • Ask local journalists to write an article or a short essay on the day celebration and help them in the news preparation.
  • Many old and retreated people may not even guess about this occupation. It may be interesting for them to start their own business or to distract oneself because this category of people do not work anymore but still have plenty of free time. They adore cultivating fruit and vegetables and give them to all the family. Propose them to become real winemakers.
  • Introduce your family tradition to visit the annual fair or wine markets. Spending some time in couple always get us closer one to another. It gives a piece of warmth and sincerity. Ask somebody to pick up the children, leave alone life difficulties, hold your beloved husband or wife’s hand while drinking a wonderful potion. Believe you will forget about all the problems but you will never forget this beautiful romantic evening!
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Happy National Mead Day in 2022!

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