Do you know guys when Build A Scarecrow Day 2024 is? Those people, who have been browsing their Holiday’s Calendar, do. If you look through your Calendar you will come across July 5.

Build a Scarecrow is a holiday when people gather to see off one season and meet another, in our case, it is summer and autumn. Are you on time picking your fruits and vegetables in your garden before it is eaten by birds and other flying beings? If not, that is a perfect solution for you to repel them. Make your own scarecrow and personalize it in your personal way, by giving it some clothes, pins and so on.

There are many traditions and habits of this holiday, and all of them are different in many countries. People will tell you in details about Slavonic way of celebrating, but anyway you will get a lot of interesting information.

Build A Scarecrow Day


Historically, exactly scarecrows helped all the people to save their cereals, plants and all the crops from crows’ raids that destroyed everything. Moreover, the history of scarecrows has many descriptions in various parts of the world. Let’s plunge into historical details and then turn to when Build a Scarecrow Day in 2024 is. Thus, ritual dolls in ancient times did not only resemble the human body but also necessarily emphasized the characteristics inherent in this or that sex. The female character was with big breasts, and the male character had obvious male characteristics. The most important ritual action in creating such characters was their “dressing up” in clothes. Suits, for example, in the stuffed Carnival had to be old, shabby, tattered, and sometimes it was worn with a sheepskin fur trimmed outward. With all this, like the straw for the sheaves (torso and arms, or only for the torso) Maslenitsa, and clothes are necessarily collected in different houses. For stuffed mermaids, people cut branches of birch or maple. Sometimes they were even bought in a warehouse, counting a scarecrow as a ritual symbol of the whole village. In most cases, the character was also given the personal name Kapitolina Nikolaevna, Avdotya, Dunya, etc.

And the population of the central provinces of Moscow, Kaluga, Vladimir made, in addition to the common household stuffed thing, “family” small Pancake puppets. Home dolls, also emphasizing the signs of sex, had an attractive appearance. Eyebrows, eyes, nose painted it with coal, lips, and cheeks-beets. Usually, they dressed in a bright, elegant suit. Residents in the Kaluga province produced on up to 7 different figures on Maslenitsa, corresponding to each day of the Shrovetide week. The girls took it with them, going to gatherings, walking with them through the village, rolling on sleighs, singing tormented love songs. Basically, such a character was created where there was a girl for marriage. Often such a doll after the celebration became a simple toy, and it was, like the motanka doll, a kind of amulet.

Among the peasants from the Perm province, the main symbol of Pancake week was not a straw doll, but a wooden statue. They dressed up either a wooden pusher or rolled a snow woman, put her on a sled, and rolled her up the hill and through the streets of the village.

The rite of burning the effigy of Maslenitsa is the culmination of the feast. The action takes place on the last day of the week to say goodbye to the winter. Such a tradition can only mean one thing – the early arrival of spring. Before burning, they dance roundelays, arrange fun games, and eat pancakes.

Such way this festival was celebrated about 200 hundred years ago, but what way it will be in 2024?

The first option — the doll is set on fire immediately. The second – the scarecrow is taken out on the sled, set in the center of the future fire, people say goodbye to the winter with jokes scolds her for the frost and thanks for the winter fun. After the scarecrow has only ashes left, the youth jumps through the burning fire.


Knowing What Build A Scarecrow means will help you to understand the sense of the holiday. So, when Build A Scarecrow Day in 2024 will be held, the main principle is to build a scarecrow (a ritual doll), gather all your friends and relatives and enjoy the coming of a new season. Thus, this festival was made to turn to a new season, autumn and is told that after burning it up, you will get the confidence and happiness in your new life, because you have repelled all the evil forces from your land.


When is Build a Scarecrow Day in 2024? The calendar has helped us with it and now we can turn to another issue. For full understanding, let’s imagine that you are staying in the middle of your garden, with all your friends and relatives around. The picture of a ritual mannequin is in front of you and all your thoughts are aimed at the question of how to dress this scarecrow to get the best variant. Thus, you are thoroughly discussing this problem until you come to a compromise and begin collecting your own puzzle. After these carefully thought out actions you switch to the final stage of the mission. You begin scorching your masterpiece and seeing off the summer.

For example, many experienced participants want to share with you what a day Build a Scarecrow in 2016 was when some things went crazy. The day began at 6 am when Tom was awakened by a strange smell that was dry wood. The friends of him came to his house to pick him up and continue the festival trip. By 10 am they were all standing and dressing up a doll. But for the rain that began exactly at the time friends started burning it up, everything would be nice so that they needed much more brushwood to get it burned.

Build A Scarecrow Day

People told you this story in order to explain how does it happen, but the plot of your preparation depends on interests and hobbies of yours. So, they strongly recommend not missing such an opportunity to get lots of crazy emotions, feelings, and memories.


To tell the truth, each American Holiday has its own tradition of celebrating. The most appropriate way to celebrate this perfect holiday is to come up with the best way of dressing your scarecrow. After these actions, you may participate in any kind of activity whether playing your favorite card game or going to the cinema, baking or cooking your best products. So, whatever you want to do, this day is a good chance to feel yourself freely and completely connected with nature.

In the USA, many farmers put the mannequins on margins, wearing them like in the farmer films and many other businessmen can check it on the Internet.

Build a Scarecrow Facts

Generally speaking, some interesting facts about Build a Scarecrow 2016 were committed, but their significance is not so high to be mentioned. People participated in previous ones would tell you some anyway.

Firstly, it is highly recommended celebrating this event with friends due to the fact that there is a tradition: the more friends you gather – the more evil forces will go away from your life and lands.

Secondly, despite the fact it is “party of burning”, you mustn’t forget some people still have an ordinary life, and it’s not recommended making an enormous due to the fact it can cause a lot of problems.

This holiday isn’t rather a new one, but lots of people will assure you that participation in this activity on 5th of July, which is the date of Build A Scarecrow Day 2024, will bring unforgettable moments and memories to your life and you will turn to the tendency of celebrating this holiday every year.


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