Nowadays, the problem of gay marriage is not a problem because it’s now supported by the majority of the planet. Of course, each country has its own attitude to this issue but our aim today is to find out the history and key positions of the most powerful community LGBT. So, let’s shed the light on what and when National Coming Out Day in 2022 is?

Well, National Coming Out Day is organized this year on 11th of October to support this movement and show one’s respect to some sex issues. It’s not difficult to guess the author is the whole LGBT Community which was created not so long ago in the 1970s.


In February 2016, the British National Archives hosted events timed to the Month of the History of the LGBT History Month (LGBT History Month). The month itself is held for years and is socially significant for British society. For activists, the participation in the project made it possible to demonstrate their openness and tolerance in practice, as well as to show the story from the other POV and to give impetus to new social studies.

National Coming Out Day

Past events are not a tribute to fashion. They are part of the overall concept of increasing the effectiveness of activities, which is mainly understood as the qualitative performance of their social obligations to society. Recall that one of the items of the business plan of the National Archives of Great Britain was stated: “to ensure greater openness and relevance of documents, as well as to ensure that they will not discriminate against the interests of individual groups.” Thus, participation in the LGBT History Month was a confirmation of the fact that the stated goals and tasks can be implemented.

By the way, it’s hard to define the history itself as it was gathering up from many spheres. Hundreds of LGBT Community Centers formed the whole history and the term.

It’s not a secret that the history of the LGBT movement had problems when its members became heterosexual. Why is it happening? According to scientists, homosexuality is an ordinary deviation from the norm, a kind of disease that can be cured in principle. So why do people become gay and lesbian?

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There are several reasons. Let’s start with the psychological factor.

Education plays an important role in human life. It is exactly what his parents taught him or her, and it will become the norm afterward. If some mistakes were made in the process, then later, this person can change his orientation. Also, the gay movement has many participants who came to them because of some injuries. Sometimes breaking up relationships with your beloved or loved one can leave an indelible imprint and cause hatred towards the opposite sex. Persecution from peers in educational institutions, rape, etc. – all this can affect the attraction of a person.

The second reason is the personality itself. Why do you think that designers, fashion designers, hairdressers and other representatives of creative professions frequently refer to non-traditional orientation? The thing is that they are accustomed to thinking outside the box, and to receive a kind of pleasure from this. For them, there are no restrictions, moral foundations, and other nonsense; they feel completely free and unrestrained.

Well, the third reason that an ordinary person enters into a gay movement is the lack of any kind of morality. Unfortunately, the modern world is capable of corrupting anyone. Disordered sexual relations lead to the manifestation of bisexual. A new experience can scare, or vice versa.

The first association of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people was organized in Massachusetts (Concord City) by a student K. Jennings. Later, following his example, the history of the LGBT movement was supplemented by associations of people of unconventional sexual orientation in North Carolina (the city of Winston-Salem), and again in Massachusetts (Newton). In this process, participation was received, both by young uneducated students and by experienced teachers who did not hesitate to tell the world about their orientation.

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In 2006, authorities tried to close an LGBT organization at the University of California, but after protests by the Association of American Students and the Lesbian and Gay Medical Association, such attempts were discontinued and the homophobic movement stopped. In 2006, American students with non-traditional sexual orientation celebrated their victory.

It is much easier to organize such associations in the UK. Here, LGBT groups are given the opportunity to freely develop and function outside the walls of the university or school. The British authorities sometimes even finance such organizations or simply support local laws, health and, education regulations.

The first LGBT organization in England was founded by a lesbian – a student of the Putney School for Girls, Charlotte Leicester. The girls had the opportunity to meet on the school grounds, but they were forbidden to communicate with other gay and lesbian youth groups, to maintain the association’s website and to join the association of girls who were under 16 years old. All the efforts of Charlotte Lester and the work done by her did not remain unnoticed – D. Henry from Manchester supported the topic and together they founded the “Youth Queer Alliance”. It was in 1999. The Youth Queer Alliance is still helping to form LGBT groups in British educational institutions.


What does National Coming Out Day mean is mentioned above and now we can change our subtopic. Well, when International Coming Out Day in 2022 is organized, the main target is to support this event if you are the LGBT Community member and uphold the rights of same-sex marriage. Dozens of festivals are held all over the world. You can participate and feel as a part of them. In case you are not an adherent of this movement, it’s recommended not to interfere their day and just continue your routine life.

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National Coming Out Day


The issue what is the date of National Coming Out Day 2022 has just been discussed with the help of a calendar that assisted in getting information.

It’s worth to be mentioned that the path of becoming a holiday is going on from 1999 when it came out to Congress. Since that every year is marked by a separate theme which is in trend. Many participants often wear symbols that emphasize their role in the whole society like rainbow flags and pink triangles. Since 1999 the themes were following:

  • Coming Out Still Matters
  • Come Out. Vote
  • Coming Out for Equality
  • Conversations from the Heart


It is obvious that each country has its own attitude to our today’s topic and traditions if they exist are different as much as possible. In the USA the biggest LGBTQ Community is organized and traditions depend on the members themselves. So, if you want to join this movement then you’re welcome to the whole world of new feelings.

Day Facts

  • Homosexuality is more common in the wild than among humans;

For example, every fourth married couple among black swans consists of homosexual males. The most interesting are that for the formation of offspring one of these males begins to flirt with the female, receives an egg, and then the second male expels the female from the nest.

As for mammals, homosexuality is common to many dolphins, as well as to giraffes.

To sum up, you should not miss such an opportunity to develop yourself comprehensively.


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