When is National Weigh-In Day in 2020? Are you ready to answer this question? Unfortunately, only a few people are, even among those, who always mind their shape and are on a diet from time to time. Would you like to be among these known-alls? If your reply is yes, read our detailed article and you’ll find out a really great quantity of amusing facts.


Certainly, we understand that the detailed investigation concerning what day Weigh-In Day in 2020 is, is in practice almost impossible without mentioning and taking into account the past  of this event. However, unfortunately, we haven’t been able to find out any facts available about the establishers of this memorable period, as well as about the reasons to spend this day in another way. Why do we have to mind it on the first Monday in January? It is a pity, but the reply are quite unknown.

Some specialists are sure that this is a perfect method to organize something like a healthy moment to take a pause after the huge meals of Christmas and New Year. Frankly speaking, it is a wise decision from the dietician points of view, as almost all of us need to lose some weight and to start a new life beginning for the very first moments of the next year.

Weigh-In Day


What does Weigh-In Day mean? Oh, unfortunately, we can’t give the proper reply to this subject to you. Why? You see, this topic seems to be rather delicate and personal for each of us. As you can understand, nobody can dedicate you what holiday to celebrate and which one should be forgotten without any troubles.

No matter what your decision will be, we’ve to inform you that excess weight is often the cause of many problems of the body. Initially, with excess weight, the risk of cardiovascular diseases increases greatly.

Excess body weight has a negative impact on the musculoskeletal system, causing deformation of the foot, osteoarthritis of large joints and other disorders. Also, excess weight leads to various metabolic disorders, resulting in the appearance and development of atherosclerosis and diabetes mellitus.

There are about a milliard of overweight people on the planet, of whom 350 million are obese. Annually 2.5 million people die from trouble and its consequences worldwide.

Only in the US, obesity is the cause of about 300 thousands lethal cases per year. In general, in order to prevent this trouble the American government shares the costs (both direct and indirect), the sum of which exceeds 100 billion dollars per year.

Especially alarming is the fact that almost 18 million children under the age of six are suffering from overweight worldwide.


Trying to give the proper explanation to the set above subject  “What is the date of Weigh-In Day 2020?” we can’t but mark and notice that people with a tendency to overweight should balance the amount of food consumed and the level of physical exertion.

In this situation the diet should be balanced. The most effective thing you have to do is to increase in physical activity and your exercise should follow the diet.

It is important to understand what exactly served in your case as the main factor in weight gaining: a change in diet or a decrease in exercise. Then you can find the best solution, which will be ideal for you. Another indispensable element of prevention, which is often overlooked, is represented by regular examinations and tests. Such measures will help to identify and to solve the problem at the earliest stages of its appearance.

When people were questioned in different countries, why they are trying to lose some weight, among the listed reasons, doctors’ prescriptions were by no means the first.

  • 95% of those, who are called Filipinos confessed that they don’t mind to eat deliciously, and 82% said that they lacked the strength to resist temptation.
  • The French most often call American fast food the significant cause of obesity. However, the Americans do not deny their guilt either. Almost 3/4 admitted: “Without fast food there, of course it did not.” Overweight may dangerously affect the promotion of the service

So we can understand that people all over the world are more or less preoccupied with the problem of excess weight.


When is Weigh-In Day in 2020, calendar will without troubles remind all people. In fact it isn’t a big problem. The only thing you have to pay attention to is to remember about January 6.

Frankly speaking, in some cases it is much more difficult that it may seem at the first sight. Why? – The explanation is that this is the period of a long chain of various winter holidays and that is the reason why some people begin to forget about the data changing.

Do you know how to keep this special occasion properly? All in all there are no any certain traditions, rules and customs. But, as a rule, it isn’t a problem for people with perfect imagination, as you can surely invent something terrific and special for yourself and all your surroundings.

We recommend you to spend this day as healthy as it is possible. Try to eat good and low-fat food, giving preference to fruit and vegetables. Some people prefer to have so-called vegetarian parties, cooking veggie dishes for the occasion.


You can also watch a lot of documentaries or read periodicals devoted to this topic. The received information can be helpful for your future being.

We advise you to check your weigh on January 6th and to consult the skilled specialists about its data. Perhaps, this is a new opportunity to start a new life.

National Weigh-In Day Facts

So you’ve known that the reply to the set above subject “When is International Weigh-In Day 2020?” sounds like January 6th, as it’s celebrated annually, without any exceptions, on the first Monday of the year. Taking into account of everything mentioned above, we’d like to give our readers some interesting parts of information.

In the 1970s, Finland had the highest mortality in the world from cardiovascular diseases, usually associated with obesity. Thanks to a public company whose goal was to inform people about the benefits of physical activity and the smoking dangers, the number of deaths decreased by 80% over the past 3 decades, and life expectancy increased by ten years. 83% of Finns in average at least once in their being tried to lose some odd, as you may think, weight.

Brazilians are more than others worried about a slim figure. It is understandable: wherever the Brazilians would go, to the beach or carnival, they have to manage with a minimum of clothing. But the need to always be in good shape is stress. This was stated by 83%.

More than half of married American ladies would like their husbands or just partners to lose weight. However, this does not prevent the Americans from believing that modern society is too fixated on weight. Obviously, they are not against extra pounds, unless these kilograms belong to their spouses.

In Indonesia, 48% of men admit that they are unhappy with the figures of their wives. 46% of Indian young ladies say the same about their husbands. At least, both sexes are equally unhappy.

Hungarians, in their turn, are less likely to believe that the society looks at their extra pounds with disapproval. Only 11% of men and 14% of women in this country believe that their spouses should not be so inclined to goulash.

But the Chinese believe that fat shape is not a problem at all, but in China in fashion pills for weight loss. Tablets are also widely distributed in Brazil, Russia and Mexico.


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