In the history of mankind existed people whose doings, thoughts play a significant role on other people’s lives. They make a lot for scientific, cultural, political, social aspects of country’s wellbeing. These people marvel us. Every country is proud of its outstanding people. And the USA is not an exception. King is one of the most prominent personalities in this country.

 Martin Luther King Day

Facts about Mr. Luther’s life

Before we actually get to when is Martin Luther King Day 2021, let’s take a brief look at this man’s influence on the modern history.

He used to be a militant, who fought on behalf of Afro-Americans. Luther was a head of the organization which fought against discrimination in the USA. MLK was born on the 15-th of January in 1929 in Atlanta. He came from a family of pastors. He studied at Morehouse College, graduated from in 1948 having a Sociological degree. Later he got a Bachelor’s of Deity and then received a professorial degree from the Boston’s College. In that city he found his future wife Coretta. They gave birth to four children. His most important speech was “I Have A Dream”. He always maintained pacifist protests, became youngest person awarded Nobel Peace Prize. Martin was murdered in 1968.

Historical precondition

The thoughts of the celebration of the holiday appeared very soon of his assassination in 1968. The representative of the Democratic Party in the USA whose name was John Conyers and Senator Edward Brooke proclaimed a bill about this Day as a red-letter day of the USA.

Despite this fact the bill was voted in only in1979. But there were not enough votes for ratification of this bill. The opponents showed some arguments against the holiday. They said that it would cost too much money to pay a holiday for federal employees. They considered Mr. King to be a private person who had never occupied the public post. And the holiday of honoring his birth wouldn’t be a long lasting tradition.

In 1979, a well-known American singer Stevie Wonder made a presentation of a track called “Happy Birthday”. That suggested making a case for holiday to convince everyone who was against the idea. As a result, six million signatures were picked up for an official letter to Congress to proclaim the law. In 1981, Ronald Reagan, The President of The USA went to the office and reversed the holiday.

On the 2-nd of November in 1983 Mr. Reagan, accepted the law. The signed variant of the bill was showed by Katie Hall from Indiana. It was proposed like a federal red-letter day to honor King. This is the key moment to keep in mind when you think of when is Martin Luther King Day in 2021 calendar. The other states looked out this holiday only in 2000 at first time.

 Martin Luther King

Traditions of a high day

Mr. Luther’s Day is used to be a young governmental banner day, despite you can see some deep-seated customs. Its traditions are based on a concept of declaring the equal rights for all citizens, in spite of a color of their skin, financial situation or origin.

When you have an idea of what is the date of Martin Luther King Day 2021, you can attend a lot of peaceful marches during a red-letter day. Many educational centres celebrate the day by telling their pupils about the activity of Mr. King and his great contribution which he made for a fighting in opposition of racial discrimination and racism. As usual, Americans avoid their free time as free-paid workers to help people who need their help.

Finally, what day is Martin Luther King Day in 2021? Martin Luther King Day is always commemorated on the 3-rd Monday of January (this date is near his birthday, will come to 18-th of January). As usual, the celebration of the Day is not constant, it changes every year but invariable is on a Monday. In 2021 it’ll be on Monday, the 18th of January.


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